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WAPO: FBI Investigated Basketball Legend Bobby Knight Over Alleged “Groping”

There may be a perfectly legitimate reason why former James Comey and his gangbusters at the FBI have never been able to dig up proof that the Trump administration colluded with Russia, let alone conduct a proper investigation into the “hacked” DNC server and Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

They were busy.

In what has to be the most ridiculous story published on Friday – considering that it is a huge news day with President Trump meeting Vladimir Putin at the G-20 – the Washington Post has broken the earth-shattering scoop that Comey’s intrepid investigators were hot on the trail of a college basketball legend.

Bobby Knight, who endorsed President Trump prior to the critical 2016 Indiana primary was the target of a federal investigation over accusations that he sexually harassed female employees during a visit to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

This story alone is the embodiment of the paper’s ominous new masthead slogan – Democracy dies in darkness – which is the same place that bullshit flourishes.

According to the WAPO “FBI investigated complaints that Bobby Knight groped women at U.S. spy agency”:

Even before he started cursing from the podium at a U.S. spy agency, Bobby Knight was an unorthodox choice to deliver a lecture on leadership.

Employees at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) complained in advance about their boss’s decision to invite the Hall of Fame basketball coach to give a speech at their headquarters, given his history of bullying players, demeaning women and throwing furniture. But that was nothing compared with the troubles triggered by Knight’s July 10, 2015, visit to the agency at Fort Belvoir, Va., near Washington.

Four women who worked at the spy agency alleged that Knight had groped or touched them inappropriately in brief encounters before and after his speech, according to investigative documents and interviews with more than a dozen NGA officials.

The allegations, which have not been previously made public, led to criminal investigations by the FBI and the U.S. Army. The Pentagon, Congress and other intelligence agencies in Washington were alerted.

The women accused Knight of a range of boorish behavior: from touching them on the shoulder while commenting on the attractiveness of their legs, to hugging them too tightly around the chest, to hitting them on the buttocks, according to documents compiled by investigators and Washington Post interviews with three of the women.

You can read this masterpiece of crapola in its entirety HERE.

It’s an epic hit piece that will surely dominate the cable shows to suck the air out of Trump’s Reaganesque diplomacy in Hamburg. Hey, what do you expect the Trump-hating weasels at the Washington Post to do?

A more fitting story for the WAPO would have been how Comey’s gumshoes squandered taxpayer money on this ridiculous witch hunt.

Both Knight’s attorney and his wife have claimed that there is no evidence to support the charge.

Kind of like the Trump administration and the Russians.

A tale like this should make Americans glad that a power-abusing fiend like Comey got his ass fired, his conduct is more befitting of an official in a police state than a free country.

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