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Aging Rocker Neil Young Releases Subversive Fourth of July Video

Crotchety old rock and roller Neil Young has released a new video to commemorate the Fourth of July but it’s hardly an ode to Old Glory, the Constitution, and traditional American values.

While “Children of Destiny” isn’t an overtly anti-Trump video, Young wears his political beliefs on his sleeve and sappy images of flag-waving kids are interspersed with footage of George Soros backed rallies like so-called “women’s march” on Washington as well as what appear to be color revolutions in foreign countries.

One of most sleazy and cynical of all political tricks is using children as a hook, it worked wonders for Mrs. Clinton right up until she lost the election last November.

It’s obvious what the Godfather of Grunge is selling and it isn’t an acceptance of the results of a legitimate election.

This will be quickly snapped up by the so-called Resistance as a protest song.

Old Neil has had his better days and it’s been a long time since he produced anything even remotely resembling a hit record, you’d probably have to go all the way back to the early 1990’s for that.

I was always a Neil Young fan – up to the point where it all started sounding the same – but outside of a few live albums, he has drifted into the same fog that other aging hippie rockers have by putting out the album after album of reheated crap and living off of their past laurels.

It is notable that Young and the POTUS had it out during the early days of his presidential run when the aging rocker demanded that then candidate Trump stop using his song “Rockin’ in the Free World” during campaign rallies.

The Donald was quick to respond to the aging Young by calling him out as a “hypocrite” for denouncing him after having shown up hat in hand to beg for money to finance his overpriced Pono music system – and he had photographic evidence too.

Trump also had a license agreement to use the music, Young quietly relented several months later.

He’ll get some love from the left and sell a few albums but the dude’s best days are in his rearview mirror.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. I used to like Neil Young but he finally shows his true colors a true Blue POS. He’d be black and blue if I could get a hold of his ugly mug.

  2. Um, Neil is a Canadian, has always been a Canadian, though he lives in California, he has never been an American. So much for the author’s whining about traditional American values.

  3. Neil Young is a famous Canadian Rocker because we yanks buy and LOVE

    the message; children, mothers, learning WAR no more. Canadians know where

    the money is, why do Canadians do so well. They work very hard, much harder

    Than Mormons who are thought to be smart cookies.

    Katy Perry says it is the rhythm, nor is it a lost shaker of salt, it is always a

    relationship. And though Neil is not master of relationships he is a master of

    Attitudes; children, women, the future, breathing, regenerating while learning

    war no more.

    Those who are no longer fans of the Neil may not have listened back in the

    day, just a Canadian caboy wanting to save Geronimo’s Cadillac.

    Ming the merciless, not a Canadian

    1. Uh… some of us buy the message! Some of us don’t!!

      Ol Neil has been THE poster child CRY-BABY of Rock and Roll since well before “Ambulance Blues” (Cry-Baby; one who takes himself way too seriously – even for MONEY!)

      Destiny; the resignation to Fate! (NO SUCH THING AS FATE)! Destiny; FALSE HOPE! Utopia; a pipe dream based on the unhappiness of the soul! Liberal; NEVER happy with their circumstances because they mis-place the source of their happiness IN their circumstances! Boo-Hooo-Hooo-Hoooooooo; Neil Young.

  4. He looks and sounds horrible in this video.Like he is on his last legs.Like David Bowie’ s last video beofore he died.

  5. Well I heard mister Young sing about us, Well, I heard ol’ Neil put us down, Well, I hope Neil Young will remember, The American People don’t need him around, anyhow!!!

    Don’t need no advice on Freedom from a Canadian!

    1. I came here to post exactly what you posted. Thanks. I think its about time we all heard some “bullwhips” crackin’! There are a bunch of immature CRI-BABIES out there that need a good lickin’!

  6. Hey Neil! I hear ya, cry-baby! I AM standing up for what I believe.

    I believe in the Principles set forth in the 1776 Declaration of Independence! That;

    All men are created equal with un-a-leen-able RIGHTS endowed by our Creator to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of Happiness! That I have the RIGHT to give or recent my consent of the Government!

    I AM standing against the Evil powers that be, that ; believe they are superior to me, that they are the rightful heirs to the entire planet, and that they are justified in whatever means (Lying manipulating and murdering) to attain their planetary Theft!

    I am standing against the collective mentality – “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs! (puke!!!). I am standing against the LIES I’ve been taught all my life that “EXPERTS” need to take care of me. That Rugged Individualism is dead. That we are all just fly-over, deplorable, stupid voter because we think for ourselves and don’t just buy into the LIES of the Leftist Experts! I Stand against BIG Government because big government infringes upon the Unalienable rights of all individuals!

    I WILL (pay attention here, cannook hoser!), if I’m still breathing and can still move, be STANDING with my rifled musket (Minute Man) at the New Concord – count on it, Cry-Baby! Hope to see YOU there…

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