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President Donald Trump slams “The Resistance” in his weekly address 6/2/18 [video + transcript]

President Donald Trump lambasted Senate Democrats who have held up his nominees and border security agenda under the illogical idea that they are “the resistance.” “They’ve blocked every effort to close deadly loopholes, to keep out vicious criminals, and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs,” Trump says in the address. “These actions are endangering our citizens, threatening ...

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Michael Moore’s Broadway Show is Biggest Blimp Disaster Since the Hindenburg

The high-water mark of the resistance against the legitimately elected President of the United States may have been reached and now the tide is pulling out and pulling out quickly. The sheer intensity of the left’s collective temper tantrum after Hillary lost the election has truly been something to behold but at some point, it was bound to burn itself ...

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Judge Approves Warrant for Data from Anti-Trump Insurrectionist Website

The Justice Department has been trying to get information on the 1.3 million visitors to the extreme leftist website that encouraged rebellion during the weekend of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. In a victory against those who have been hiding behind the First Amendment to carry out acts of violence and sedition that have the objective of overthrowing the legitimately elected ...

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Pathetic Washed-Up Old Fool Keith Olbermann Promotes New Anti-Trump Book

The latest leftist nincompoop to try to cash in on those who can’t get over it that Hillary Clinton was beaten in the 2016 election is the pathetic old man Keith Olbermann who has become an anachronism as well as a cartoon version of what he used to be. His animosity should instead be directed at the identity politics obsessed ...

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Pack Your Bags Fatso: Michael Moore Refuses to Live in a Country Where Trump is President

Unhinged liberal propagandist and self-styled resistance leader Michael Moore continues his jihad against the legitimately elected President of the United States. One of the left’s biggest hypocrites (literally), the porcine Moore oozed into a chair on one of the sets of the late-night talk shows that have become the Democratic party’s useful tools to poison the minds of their armies ...

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Aging Rocker Neil Young Releases Subversive Fourth of July Video

Crotchety old rock and roller Neil Young has released a new video to commemorate the Fourth of July but it’s hardly an ode to Old Glory, the Constitution, and traditional American values. While “Children of Destiny” isn’t an overtly anti-Trump video, Young wears his political beliefs on his sleeve and sappy images of flag-waving kids are interspersed with footage of ...

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Pucker Up and Resist With New F*ck Trump Lipstick

Showing that there are some enterprising folks who see an opportunity to cash in on the left’s blind hatred of President Donald Trump, a new lipstick line is being promoted as a way to express defiance as the so-called Resistance drags on. A California college student launched Lipslut to promote the “F*ck Trump” cause by promising to donate half of ...

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ANTIFA Fanatic Attacks Police Horse With Spiked Club

Absent of condemnation from Democratic Party leaders, marauding leftist goose-steppers are taking to the streets to shut down rallies that don’t fit their narrow-minded worldview. The attacks by the Alt-Left and specifically extremist/domestic terrorist group ANTIFA are becoming increasingly violent and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed. The latest disgusting incident of menacing leftist goons acting ...

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Some Democrats Getting Freaked Out Over Increasingly Unstable Hillary Clinton

As if the Democrats don’t have enough of an image problem with their hordes of unruly protesters, foolish Russian conspiracy theories and foul-mouthed deranged celebrity spokespeople, some are becoming increasingly worried about Hillary Clinton who is the political equivalent of a case of incurable genital herpes. Instead of just adhering to the long American tradition of election losers dropping out ...

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Underwhelming Anti-Trump Tax Protests May Be Last Gasp for Zombie Resistance

Shortly after hordes of brain dead zombies marveled at the military might of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un during a Pyongyang missile parade, their brainless American counterparts marched on Washington and in other cities to demand that President Trump release his tax returns. The left’s heavily promoted “Tax March” didn’t turn out hundreds of thousands like the great inauguration weekend ...

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