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Now Republicans Are Hunted Down And Shot In City Parks

First, the leftist violence and burning were excused because we were told that we had to understand the frustration and disappointment of liberals who had just lost an election to a Republican candidate who had colluded with Russia to win the election.

Then we were told that we had to understand the feelings of expression when we saw the severed head of our president being displayed by a nutty leftist actress.

Then we were told of the artistic expression when we saw a play depicting a Caesar Trump being stabbed to death.

But now this uncontrolled violence, coming exclusively from the liberal left and encouraged by idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, finds Republicans being hunted down and shot while at baseball practice. When is too much enough for liberal Democrats to demand a halt to the violence they support?

Democrats are only attacked by citizen voters at the voting booth, while Republicans are attacked by insane Democrats while minding their own business. Why are Democrats not seeing the fascist/Nazi tendencies of their party?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Time to Criminalize the Criminal organization led by the-lawless and the criminal bitch, and trumpeted by the LIARS called the Main Stream Media! The Democrat MOB!

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