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CNN’s Van Jones Admits Russian Story is ‘Just a Big Nothing Burger’ in New Project Veritas Video

CNN’s week of woe continues as the latest release from Project Veritas gets the truth out about the network’s endless parade of fake news stories on President Donald Trump, collusion with Vladimir Putin and Kremlin-sponsored election interference.

While the media is still trying to stuff the toothpaste back into the tube over Monday’s Project Veritas bombshell recording of a CNN producer acknowledging that their Russian conspiracy mongering is “mostly bullshit”, a new video is out as of Wednesday afternoon.

This one features a familiar name that won’t be so easily dismissed by the leftist spin machine.

This one is SHOCK AND AWE baby!

That is none other than former Obama official turned television pundit Van Jones admitting on video that the entire Russian narrative put out by the network is just a “big nothing burger.”

This is not going to go over well in the executive suites at CNN which must be in a state of panic right now.

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Donn Marten

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