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Trump’s Problems Are Necessary For The Liberal Press And Their Democrat Pals

An ABC news report Friday stated that Trump is in trouble over the firing of FBI Director James Comey. The commentator said that Trump must solve and resolve the problems hanging over his presidency because the controversy encourages the press to criticize, ridicule and question him. He claimed this deluge of negativity is alienating the president’s base and hurting his standing with the voters who put him in the White House.

But the liberal, Democrat-supporting press has it wrong – as usual.

The truth is that the Democrats and the liberal press are gratuitously attacking anything and everything President Trump does. They say because they need this constant barrage of unfounded attacks on him in an attempt to discourage him, throw him off message and hopefully knock him out of office. Democrats are losing elections one after the other and their liberal supporters are desperate to see some action from their dwindling cadre of elected officials.

On the other hand, Trump supporters see only confirmation of why they voted for him in the first place. Trump is retaining his supporters in the face of a barrage of fake, lying news about him, and they fully support him in his herculean efforts to remain on track while being pummeled from every direction by the anti-American, leftist press.

The unceasing attack from the establishment press is typical of an entity that fears for its demise and will do anything to halt a force of nature, like Donald Trump. This calculated abuse of our president is exactly the swamp Trump was elected to drain. His supporters are not going to abandon him, and in fact, accept the fact that President Trump is making inroads on the liberal bastion of Washington, DC. We pray that the President will double-down on his resistance to the unwarranted liberal attacks launched against him every day.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. I have to admit it; the Mainstream Media DOES tell me what to think. When they say something – anymore, ANYTHING – I know that the Truth is exactly the opposite of what they are telling me.

    It’s all very simple. When I hear something, the first question I ask is; “who is telling me this?”

    If the answer is anyone even vaguely tied the Council on Foreign Relations – which is ALL of the Mainstream Media (Look them up. Look up membership to the CFR. You will find Rupert Murdock, owner of “FUX” News, along with Tom Brokaw, Paula Zahn, Charles Krauthammer, and a host of other MSM names!).

    The CFR is the head of the Snake! Forked Tongued LIAR!!! Every Day I pray for its DESTRUCTION!!

    So it is very easy to know the Truth. Thank you, LIARS, for making life a little simpler for me. You are destined to FAIL! How can I say that? Very simply; you cannot tell a LIE except that there is Truth to tell it about… and the TRUTH DESTROYS every LIE!

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