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Does the Minimum Wage Prevent Poverty?

Does the minimum wage help Americans who are in financial straits? No. In fact, it makes their lives worse. Learn why in this short video.

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  1. I worked minimum wage at 15 to 18 but worked two 8 hr. jobs to make up the difference. Then experience kicked in and life was good ever since. Nothing was ever handed to me.

    WORK PEOPLE it wont kill you.

  2. Democrats (and probably a fair share of R’s, too) have NO CONCEPT of Finance or Economics. They make no connection between Income, Expenses, or Net Profit, and truly believe ALL businesses (whether a 5-Star restaurant or a Burger King) get to keep at least 50-60% of what they take in. If you don’t believe it, take your own survey among friends, family, neighbors. Our country is basically, “money-ignorant”.

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