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The Real Unemployment Rate Should Be One Of Trump’s First Efforts

Inheriting the job of running the government from the likes of Barack Obama and his leftist stooges will likely keep Donald Trump busy for months, but one of the first things his administration needs to do is get rid of the phony five percent unemployment rate that Obama is currently bragging about and has politically manipulated to stay low and hide the fact of his economic failure, and in its place post America’s actual, much higher unemployment rate.

This raising of the real unemployment rate to the actual and realistic fifteen to twenty percent would shock and amaze liberals at Trump’s audacity and daring, and would be a good way to convince doubters of Trump’s honesty and sincerity and his assuredness that his administration can lower the rate and keep it low without using trickery and false figures. And the sudden increase of the rate would draw attention to Obama’s lies and his underhanded mal-direction of the government and the economy for the last eight years.

Later, as the new president explains the sudden increase and why it’s occurring, he would be making a fool of Obama, and through his explanation he would assure the nation that under his leadership he will have the actual rate back down to a true five percent range before his first term ends. From that point on as the unemployment rate actually declined, he would be able to discuss the steadily improving figures, explain to the public why the high rate of unemployment was inevitable with a dedicated leftist like Obama in the White House, and rub the facts and figures in Obama’s cold, smug face.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Thanks to the feckless Obama I fear that a ‘real’ President has ‘firsts’ stacked all the way to Mars….In addition to the so called ‘unemployment rate. I understand they have 2 formulas for figuring it, the actual and ???. Trump’s keeping and bringing American companies back will go a long ways. Carrier is just the first example. Tax reduction will be a natural boost.

    With all of his faults and unconventional ways, Trump loves this Country and that puts him miles ahead of the Kenyan. I’m likely to disagree with some of his Cabinet selections but think that the idea of successful business people with expertise is a smart move….we’ve had enough wannabe’s & crooks.

    PATIENCE is our key to helping him…none of this will be done overnite….after all, it took a decade to make this mess.

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