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WaPo uses fake newser to disprove Trump supporters claims

A media critic for The Washington Post interviewed a ‘fake news’ writer and used the interview to dispute claims that anti-Trump protesters are paid and to reflect blame for losing the election away from progressives.

Fake news has been in the headlines lately as Google and Facebook pledged to change their policies concerning inaccurate and/or hoax stories. In this interview, WaPo’s  Caitlin Dewey used Fake Newser Paul Horner to paint Trump supporters as gullible and refute the claim that anti-Trump protesters are paid.

Just ’cause his supporters were under the belief that people were getting paid to protest at their rallies, and that’s just insane. I’ve gone to Trump protests — trust me, no one needs to get paid to protest Trump. I just wanted to make fun of that insane belief, but it took off. They actually believed it.

Horner did write a fake article citing a non-existent anti-Trump protester claiming to have been paid to protest. His fake news story was believable because leaders in Democratic PACs and activist organizations had been caught on tape admitting that they paid protesters – not, as Paul would have people believe, because Trump supporters are gullible.

Dewey then leads Horner into claiming that he helped get Donald Trump elected.

Trump supporters — they just keep running with it! They never fact-check anything! Now he’s in the White House. Looking back, instead of hurting the campaign, I think I helped it. And that feels [bad].

This follows a narrative in the media that Google and Facebook affected the election by allowing fake news to propagate across their ecosystems. The media wants Americans to believe that hoaxers and fakers cost Hillary the election. It certainly could not have been due to a voter rebuke of their liberal ideology…

The left finds it inconceivable that Trump was elected due to his ability to connect with blue-collar America – a segment of the population that used to be loyal democrats.

They are both wrong and right.

Donald Trump didn’t win solely because he had the right message. It was also because progressivism has managed to craft a slew of wrong ones.

When Americans are working two jobs to make the mortgage because health insurance costs have gone through the roof, they aren’t really all that worried about some millennial’s deep concern over the latest trigger word or whether someone who is gender-confused can use whichever bathroom.

Real America is holding down two part-time jobs to replace the good job they had a few years ago. They are worried about their families subsistence, not whether “America, the land of opportunity” might be a micro-aggressive phrase.

Progressivism has become the ideology of the very poor and very wealthy, the oligarchs and serfs, the tyrants and debtors that see themselves as neither. The rest of the country can’t fathom why ‘he’ and ‘she’ are offensive terms that must be replaced by a made-up asexual ‘zhe.’

If the leftist media wants to believe that fake news got Trump elected and that blue-collar working families are gullible, I say push that narrative right into another set of election losses in 2018.

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