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Save the Republican Party: Vote for Clinton??

220px-James_K_GlassmanG.W. Bush executive director James Glassman has thrown his hat into the ring for Hillary as the only way to save the Republican party. His New York Times  (yeah, that’s a bastion of conservatism) article assumes most of us are focused on saving his party …

I’m voting for Mrs. Clinton because, despite her deficiencies, she will make a better president. But I have another reason. Defeating Mr. Trump soundly will help save the Republican Party.

Save the GOP? Uh, we’re a bit busy trying to make ends meet after Republicans failed to stop Obamacare, repeal Obamacare, replace Obamacare or in any palpable way limit Obamacare.

We’re trying to save our overwhelmed small businesses from the government over-regulation and over-taxation that Republicans have failed to reign-in or remove.

We’re kinda’ busy keeping food on the table after years of the crappy economy we’ve been living in.

We have not seen any reductions in the national debt.

We really aren’t interested in saving a party after it has failed to accomplish much of anything for everyday people in the last few decades!

Americans aren’t going to go to the polling places to cast a vote based on how many elitist, establishment politicians they can save – it’s quite the opposite this year.

Mr. Glassman, we aren’t going to vote for Hillary and allow her to pick between 1 and 4 lifetime appointed supreme court justices. We understand and value our freedoms much more than you do –  apparently.

We aren’t going to vote for Hillary to save a bunch of establishment politicians that aren’t willing to use the power of the purse to accomplish the goals for which they were elected.

We are NOT going to vote for Hillary … at all! Get over yourself.

We are hard-working Moms and Dads, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. We are factory workers, law enforcement officers and firefighters. Mr. Glassman, we are not Republicans first and Americans second as you would suppose. No sir, we are Americans first who sometimes caucus with the Republicans. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

If you vote for Hillary Clinton to “save the Republican party” you are voting yourself into a life of slavery by means of debt, regulation and a lack of representation. Feel free to vote that way if you like Mr. Glassman, the rest of us are apparently a little smarter than you.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Vote Hillary …

    The former presidents G H W Bush, Bill Clinton and G W Bush, the diabolically empowered, New World Order law firm, completed half the “fundamental transformation ” before The Obama Nation even arrived in the Oval Office.

    If Donald Trump loses the coming election, President Hillary Clinton will have the treasonous pleasure of introducing the United States of America and “We the People” to The Progressive New World Order.

  2. Living where ‘the boys’ grew up and where GW & Laura had their first home….I am disappointed and saddened that the Bush family and surrogates have retreated to the corner to suck their thumbs. To have spent all that time in ‘service’ to do dis-service is disgraceful. B UT WAIT!!! Looking back there were strong indications of ‘left leaning’ and associations like the Bilderburg Group and Daddy teaming with the Clinton Foundation on ‘charitable outreach”…..I ‘knew’ it all the time. Suppose I wanted another Camelot….

    Hillary leave NO doubt the road she’s on…..Trump, we aren’t so sure…seems our BEST BET is to gamble on Trump…We don’t have to like him in order for him to work for us.

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