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Hey Conservatives You’re Doing It Again

I have always said and I believe 100% that it was Conservatives fault that we have Obama for 8 years. Staying home because McCain wasn’t Conservative enough, likewise with Romney gave us the mess we are in today.

I belong to about a dozen groups and receive almost the same in news-letters. Lately I have been browsing over the content and going directly to the comment section, and what I see scares me. Comment after comment repeating the same things again, it’s like Yogi Berra said, “It’s like Déjà vu all over again.”

Doesn’t matter who it is, Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, (It doesn’t matter about him anymore) It’s all the same; there are those that say they are staying home if one of them wins the nomination. If they stick by what they say, that lying piece of crap Hillary will be president, unless she gets indicted, (and she should) in that case Commie Sanders will be running the country, and if that happens we won’t have a country much longer.

I consider myself a far right leaning guy; I am hard right on most things. But you can rest assured that I will be voting for who ever wins the Republican nomination. Because there is not a Democrat out there that would be good for this country. The Democratic Party should change their name to what they truly have become “The Liberal-Progressive-Socialist Party.” They are a far cry from the Party of J.F.K.

I am writing this in hopes it will wake-up any narrow minded Conservatives out there that think a candidate must agree with 100% of what they believe in order to get their vote. If you can’t vote for someone, than get out and vote against someone.

I was told something long ago, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.” And if you don’t vote and one of those Socialists’ wins, I better not find out where you live.

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  1. It occurs to me that those swearing to stay home on election day as much LIKE OBAMA and think that they are the only lily pad in this pond that knows anything.
    The term ‘conservative’ has more definitions than a dalmatian has spots….and all have merit and should be respected….respect begins with self, given to others it seems to return …..

    VOTE FOR AMERICA….FIRST !! You are important, but no more so that a few million other voting Americans

    1. Actually, I would rather vote for someone with CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES AND POLICIES than someone who compromises them all the time, which is a form of appeasement.

      I am a Christian who will never compromise my principles. WHY SHOULD I DO ANY LESS FOR A CANDIDATE? BOTH ARE THE SAME. Either you have grounded Constitutional principles or you are living on something made of sand.

      1. Tom we all have certain principles that we live by, but we all don’t have the same principles. I will stand by who ever the Republican nominee is. Anyone one of them is better than Bernnie Sanders. Keep voting. Thanks

        1. I’m with you Chris.I’m hoping for Trump. I use to like Cruz,but dont thin khe can win. He doesn’t strike me as that strong and he supported amnesty before switching over.I prefer someone who is not a politician.They got usi into this mess to begin with.I don’t think a true conservative can win in today’s culture. The establishment doesn’t care if Hillary wins just as long as they keep their positions. Trump is an outsider and a businessman who gets things done.He really cares about America. I don’t think any of the other candidates can beat Hillary and her criminal machine but I will vote for whoever is the candidate.

  2. Here’s the problem I have with your article: you claim that we stayed home instead of voting. I DID NOT. Like the fool, I voted for the lesser of 2 evils and I voted for the Republican and you see where that got us all. WHEN YOU HAVE 2 PARTIES THAT DIFFER VERY LITTLE, THEN WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU MUST DETERMINE THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS? Your summation is bogus. People do not vote because they KNOW that to place someone less evil, will end up with the same policies. Romney and McCain may have SAID OR CLAIMED they were conservative, BUT WE ALL KNOW THEY WERE NOT AND ARE NOT, just like everyone thought that Paul Ryan was conservative. HOW DID THAT TURN OUT? And McConnell? Is he conservative? I DON’T THINK SO BY HIS HISTORY IN COMPROMISING WITH THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Conservatives who believe in the Constitution SHOULD NEVER COMPROMISE ON RIGHTEOUSNESS – NEVER. You may as well just vote WITH THE DEMOCRATS FOR THE POLICY, LAW, OR BILL. It changes nothing because you have compromised your PRINCIPLES. YOU ACTUALLY THINK GOD COMPROMISES HIS 10 COMMANDMENTS? HUH?

    When will Americans start looking at the HISTORY of the candidates and their consistency? CONSISTENCY MATTERS, NOT THEIR WORDS. Actions speak louder than words. For example, everyone seems to be applauding Trump, but all they are doing is BELIEVING HIS WORDS and NOT his actions. TRUMP SUPPORTED THE DEMOCRAT PARTY WITH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, ALLOWING THEM TO FURTHER PROMOTE THEIR POLICIES, WHICH ALLOWED THIS COUNTRY’S CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES TO FALL BY THE WAYSIDE for their brand of evil, masked to look like “GOOD”. It is s a slick way for the devil to fool all of you. You will see it soon enough if you allow this charlatan Trump to win the nomination. Without Congress, Trump won’t be able to do much UNLESS he abuses his Executive power, just like Obama did.

    We are a doomed nation because Americans will not adhere to a candidate’s consistent history. And YES, I am a Ted Cruz follower BECAUSE his history is consistent with his talk. TED CRUZ HAS PRINCIPLES, BASE ON OUR CONSTITUTION. Trump does not.

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