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Bernie’s Free College Scheme: Just Another Way To Screw The Middle Class By Promising Something That Is Not Really Needed

Bernie Sanders should be ashamed of himself for his elitist, lying scheme to give young people in America “Free College”. The idea that young people believe this ridiculous idea proves that our children need a higher value of education that will teach them how to think and reason when a con game is being presented to them, because anyone with average sense knows that college cannot possibly be “free”: it must cost someone, something. Just wait until the recipients of Bernie’s “free college” become graduates, get a job and then have to pay for the “free” educations of every new college student for decades to come and they’ll realized their error. A college loan will eventually be paid off, but a government obligation to provide a “free” education to all future high school graduates will never end.

Here are some of the ways “free college” will hurt middle class, working Americans, and favor the upper class, where Bernie lives and thinks:

For any family that has just put a child through college and either paid the bill outright or taken out a college loan to pay for it, the taxes that Bernie will have to levy against this family and all other American families will be sheer totalitarian punishment meted out against them: they have paid for their child’s education, now they have to pay for their neighbor’s child’s education, and all other students that attend college thereafter.  Sounds rather punitive to me.

The problem is not only that the taxpayer will, via the new higher taxes this free stuff will require, never be able to spend their own money the way they want it spent (perhaps on a long anticipated vacation, investing for their eventual retirement, or maybe on an education for their own children at a private university of their choosing), but if the middle class taxpayer never attended college, and if the children of the taxpayer don’t attend college, then we have a situation where the elites attending college are taking from the high school-educated middle class to support the college-educated upper class, and the middle class taxpayer will never get the benefit returned to him/her for the money he/she paid for various other people’s children’s educations. It’s sort of a Robin Hood story in reverse: take from the poor and give to the rich. Typical liberal/progressive/Democrat, unintended consequences stuff. And still, after all is said and done and the newly graduated college students are unable to find jobs equal to their “free” education, and middle class families remain even worse off than they are today because of the punitive taxes the government is demanding they pay for all the free college Bernie is promising, the left will once again blame the “rich” for all of the nation’s ills, even though the people who have received all of the free largess the government has to offer will by that time be the “rich” the Democrats/socialists are blaming. This proves the old quote that the truth is stranger than fiction, because no one with common sense could believe that this Ponzi scheme we call a government could make all of this idiotic stuff up.

The sad truth that elites like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will never be able to understand is that not everyone is able to go to college, nor does everyone want to go to college. Most people in their fifties and older remember a time in America when one could make a good living and easily support a family, take nice vacations, eat out often and save for retirement, without ever attending college. But under the current administration, the administration that has killed millions of jobs and virtually killed full-time employment altogether following Obama’s Affordable Care Act takeover and his EPA’s big-government regulations, going to college to become a professional and make big a big salary is essential to living well and supporting a family comfortably in current-day America.  And here’s the rub: the need to make a big executive salary, which most people are not able to do and have never been able to do (and in the past they didn’t need to), is why so many people are having to resort to welfare to support families, and it’s why the average family today makes the same or less annual salary than the same family made ten years ago.

Aside from the harm Obama has done to the average family’s ability to keep up with their bills (and this new college tax will only add pain to that family’s budget), the reality is that Bernie’s free college scheme will provide a benefit to our increasingly socialist country that no one actually needs, but it will be at the public’s expense.

So here we go again. An upper class Senator seeking the presidency promises something that no one needs and bills the middle class for its cost. Typical slime activity for liberal/progressive/Democrats, like Bernie and Hillary. Obama was so successful at selling this kind of bunk that these amateurs think they can do it too. But if we want our nation to once again be prosperous and free, we’d better pray that the voters in America are smart enough to reject this new power grab.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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