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PlayStation Ranked #1 Among Millennials in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2020 Study

PlayStation ranked the most intimate brand among millennials, climbing up from the eight spot last year, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2020 Study, which is the largest study of brands based on emotions, now in its 10th year. Brand Intimacy is defined as the emotional science that measures the bonds we form with the brands we use and love. Among Gen Z, Xbox ...

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Diamonds Are no Longer a Girl’s Best Friend, According to 58% of Millennials

Millennials are ditching bling traditional diamonds, in favour of unique styles and brightly coloured stones for their engagement rings A growing number of millennials are choosing not to shine a bright light on a diamond; instead opting for unique gemstones, eccentric cuts and colors that show off their personalities, opposed to what’s traditionally expected when it comes to today’s engagement rings. Emeralds, ...

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Half of Millennials Have Had Their Go-To Credit Card Longer Than Their Most Recent Romantic Relationship

Half of millennial credit cardholders say that their primary card has lasted them longer than their most recent romantic relationship, according to a new report from CompareCards.com. With Valentine’s Day approaching, CompareCards asked credit cardholders about their most recent credit card breakup – the last time they changed the credit card they use the most. The results clearly showed that Americans don’t ...

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Millennials Don’t Consider Themselves Adults Until They Reach This Milestone

A Georgia Tech University professor found students in her class did not consider themselves as adults until having children. English professor Rebekah Fitzsimmons taught “Adulting: Coming of Age in 21st Century America” in the fall 2016 semester, according to Business Insider Monday. Fitzsimmons found through the essays she had her students write that many did not see themselves as adults even ...

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Millennial Homebuyers Driving 2018 Hottest ZIP Codes in America

Home for sale

A new report out today announced the Hottest ZIP Codes in America. The new list shows high-income millennials are helping to drive a nearly 10 percent increase in how fast homes are sold in the most popular areas of the country, which spans emerging suburban areas near Silicon Valley, throughout the Midwest, and on the East Coast. As millennials get ...

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4 out of 5 millennials can’t answer basic financial questions

Do you think you know the basics when it comes to finances? According to a new nationwide survey released today by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), millennials still have a lot to learn about fundamental personal finance topics such as credit scores, compound interest and investing. Americans age 25-40 were asked five basic financial literacy questions from the MassMutual ...

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Here’s Why Millennials are waiting longer to get married and spending less when they do

Millennials are waiting longer to get married and opting for simpler, smaller ceremonies and receptions once they do get hitched. Too much screen time and social awkwardness might have a small impact on this trend, but the real culprit is the rising cost and questionable value of higher education today. When Millenials graduate – or not – from college,  they ...

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Top Reasons Millennials Enjoy Working in the Skilled Trades: Problem Solving, Working with Your Hands and Job Security

A new survey highlights when and why millennials are entering the industry. The Klein Tools survey also explores how employers can attract the next generation to the trades in order to end the labor shortage that our nation is facing today. Age and Reason Electricians are Entering the Industry Results showed that more than half of millennial electricians, 57 percent, entered ...

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Time to Try Socialism? The Washington Post Thinks So

With millennials increasingly being seduced by the siren song of socialism that has been promoted by crazy Bernie Sanders, the future of America is in very serious jeopardy if the roots of this failed ideology are able to take hold. According to a recent report from The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 44 percent of millennials have embraced socialism showing ...

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Watch: A snowflake job interview

This is exactly how a job interview might go with a liberal snowflake. While the video was originally titled “A Millennial Job Interview” I felt the label overly-broad. Some 20-35 year-olds have a grasp on reality, even those that vote Democrat. It’s these hyper-liberal, too smart for society snowflakes that make this interview less of a parody and more of a ...

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The Current Trouble With America Means Future Trouble For America

As far back as I can recall, or as far back as I’ve been able to determine from reading, parents (American parents, Italian parents, Chinese parents, all parents) lived simple lives and raised families while having limited financial resources, little pleasure of their own and very little time to themselves, but they were able to raise children while sacrificing their ...

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Bernie’s Free College Scheme: Just Another Way To Screw The Middle Class By Promising Something That Is Not Really Needed

Bernie Sanders should be ashamed of himself for his elitist, lying scheme to give young people in America “Free College”. The idea that young people believe this ridiculous idea proves that our children need a higher value of education that will teach them how to think and reason when a con game is being presented to them, because anyone with ...

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Engaging Young Voters on Defense Issues

                    A study released recently by the national leaders of Young Republicans (YRNC) polled young voters on numerous issues, including defense and foreign policy. The study reports that only 17% of youngsters believe that protecting the country should be the government’s top priority; that defense is “the place to start” budget ...

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