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The People Are Speaking, In Spite Of the Hot Verbal Air Of Politics

The establishment Republican’s candidates can’t get any traction against Trump, Cruz or Carson, and for the Democrat leadership, Hillary is looking increasingly weak and threatened against Bernie Sanders. The people out here in fly-over country are speaking via candidate opinion polls and the politicians from both parties are frightened about what is happening to their hand-picked candidates, and they don’t know what’s hit them.

Of course the Democrat-assured candidate may soon be making license plates for her email and national security scandals, along with her financial corruption and influence peddling while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State, and these facts also are certainly shaking up the professional Democrats, as well as the unbalanced and unexpected polling against Sanders is disturbing them.

Then, looking to the future, consider that the professional Democrats and their allies in the liberal media, in addition to and made even worse by Sanders’ own personal far left and anti-capitalist rhetoric, are alienating future Democrat voters by calling Trump prejudiced, racist and divisive for his speeches and positions on refugees and illegal aliens, at a time when many traditional Democrat voters are attracted to Trump’s truth-telling and America-favoring, given all of the lying, abuse of the constitution and political correctness they’ve seen throughout the Obama administration.

So far we only have polling to indicate voter inclinations, with the actual casting of votes to follow later. But Trump and Cruz have been so dominant for so long that it’s safe to assume the votes will follow the polling for these two candidates and take a serious bite from the percentage of the population that votes for any Democrat candidate.

And then one can never ignore the personal appeal of a candidate in a national election: Hillary is so sloppy and unpresentable (especially with her unwashed hair, which unpleasantness has lately been only partly offset with her new habit of wearing a wig) that she makes Israel’s former Prime Minister, Golda Meir, look pretty. Ahh, the good old “pretty in pink” days are long behind us.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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