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Government Shutdown: Armed Security Guards Run from Citizens at Independence Hall

Hired armed private security guards ran away from citizens asking for answers while at Independence Hall

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 9, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Saturday, October 5th marked the fifth day of the government shut down which has resulted in national monuments being barricaded and closed to the public. When political activist, Craig Bergman, from Iowa was visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia when he decided he was upset to find it closed and was determined to find answers.

When an officer from the National Park Service was asked if he was the highest ranking member present he responded, “I just work here.” Then when asked for his name or badge his response was “nope.” Later when an armed private security guard from a company named, “SecTek,” was asked who he worked for, he ran away and faced a wall ignoring the question. Bergman then attempted to cross the street and was told if he proceeded he would be arrested.

As the eventful happenings took place, activist Judd Saul and Jake Dagel began to film the entire event.

Here is a video:

As the events came to a conclusion the security guards where asked who paid for them to be there, the guard’s response, “You are.” When asked what the charge would be for crossing the road to Independence Hall, Bergman was told he would be charged with jay-walking and if he crossed the fence, trespassing, with a possible citation.

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