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Trump Finds A Way To Keep National Parks Open Without Getting Covered In Trash

The Trump administration is allowing national park officials to tap into their revenues to provide basic services. Some national parks were reportedly overwhelmed with trash, human waste and vandalism. The government shutdown meant parks were manned by skeleton crews. Now, more services can be restarted. The Trump administration is tapping into recreation fees charged to provide basic services at national ...

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Democratic Sen Mazie Hirono Questions Bill Barr’s ‘Morality’ After He Showed Support For Trump

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii questioned the “morality” of attorney general nominee Bill Barr on “All In With Chris Hayes” Tuesday, after he showed support for President Donald Trump. “I think he was clearly testifying for an audience of one, that person being Donald Trump,” Hirono said. “Knowing full well that Donald Trump does not contemplate any other attorney general who ...

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Trump invites members of both parties to discuss border funding impasse – not everyone showed up

President Donald Trump invited Democrats and Republicans to lunch Tuesday to negotiate a compromise that would secure the southern border and re-open the federal government, but, according to the White House, it was a one-sided affair. “As Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi refuse to negotiate, President Donald J. Trump and his team are working hard to find solutions to solve ...

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McConnell Says No Time Off For Senators Until Shutdown Ends

Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will cancel its scheduled recess next week unless the partial government shutdown ends and the government is funded Tuesday afternoon. “We certainly will not be in recess next week if the government is still shut down,” McConnell said to reporters on Capitol Hill. His comments come as the Senate has a recess planned beginning ...

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The New York Times Omitted Key Details About EPA’s Shutdown Woes


The New York Times put out a misleading report on the halt in EPA inspections during the shutdown. The Times neglected to mention that states carry out the vast majority of inspections. “Most U.S. environmental laws work through cooperative federalism.” The New York Times’ claim that furloughed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials have not been able to complete “hundreds” of ...

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Union: Give Us Money Or Employees Who Are Veterans Will Kill Themselves

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie is furious after a federal union president said that if politicians don’t end the partial government shutdown, federal employees who are veterans will kill themselves. Edward M. Canales, a local union president with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), told ABC News that he’s received calls from veterans who aren’t able to support their ...

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Trump Again Places Blame For Shutdown At The Feet Of ‘Nancy And Cryin’ Chuck’

President Donald Trump placed the blame for the partial government shutdown at the feet of “Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck” in a tweet Monday. “Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes. At this point, it has become their, and the Democrats, fault!” he wrote. The government shutdown hit day 24 Monday, setting a U.S. record. It was ...

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President Trump Shutdown Differs Greatly From President Obama’s: Here Are A Few Ways How

The OMB has been operating under the orders to cause as little disruption as possible during the partial government shutdown. The response differs greatly from that of the previous administration. Critics charge that acting Directer Russ Vought’s push to keep services functioning may land the administration in legal trouble. Services typically suspended during government shutdowns have continued to operate under ...

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Ted Cruz Calls Out Tim Kaine For Putting Politics Over His Constituency

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticized his Democratic colleague Sen. Tim Kaine on Sunday for holding a large portion of his constituency hostage in order to advance his party’s political agenda. “You’ve got my friend Tim Kaine coming on [‘Meet The Press’] in a minute, he represents Virginia,” Cruz told host Chuck Todd. “There are a lot of federal workers ...

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Partial Government Shutdown Now The Longest In US History

The partial government shutdown that started Dec. 22 became the longest in U.S. history Saturday, after surpassing the record set by a 21-day shutdown in 1995 and 1996. The current shutdown is on Day 22 and was triggered after a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government expired on Dec. 21. At the center of the funding battle is approximately $5 billion in ...

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Republican Senators Introduce Legislation Which Would ‘Permanently Prevent’ Federal Government From Shutdowns

Senate in session

A group of Republican Senators introduced legislation which would permanently prevent the federal government from a shutdown Friday afternoon. Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, Montana Sen. Steve Daines, Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson, Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski introduced the ...

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Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue Pushes Back On ‘Sensational Reporting’ Of Food Inspections Being Stopped

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue pushed back on what he called “sensational reporting” that the government shutdown had put a halt to food inspections. “Want to calm some fears because of somewhat sensational reporting on the shutdown,” Perdue said in a tweet Friday in response to alarming headlines, including those from The New York Times and NBC News, over food inspections ...

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Daines Introduces Bill Withholding Pay From Congressmen During Government Shutdowns, Others Join

Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines introduced a bill on the Senate floor Thursday that would withhold the pay of members of Congress during future government shutdowns. Daines’s introduction of the bill, sponsored by Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn, comes hours after Daines announced he sent a letter requesting the secretary of the U.S. Senate withhold his pay during the ongoing ...

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