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Impeachment Could Shut Down The Government

The ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump could shut down the government because the Senate has yet to pass 12 spending bills, The New York Times reported. None of the bills have reached the Senate floor yet, and a possible impeachment trial “gives added urgency” for the lawmakers to fully fund the government, Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins said ...

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Gravity Is No Longer a Political Issue

Good news for the suicidal or just plain idiotic who plan on visiting one of America’s outstanding national parks this summer. One can now make a mistake and fall befuddled, surprised or screaming to your death off one of our scenic cliffs without any worries that your demise will be drawn into some sordid political drama with lugubrious MSNBC or ...

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Republicans Divided On ‘Agreement In Principle’ Over Wall Funding As Government Is Days Away From Shutdown

Democrats and Republicans in Congress reached an “agreement in principle” on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall funding Monday night, as the government is days away from a potential shutdown. However, Republicans seem divided on the issue. The agreement reportedly includes $1.375 billion for physical barriers, which would be bollard, or basically a concrete-filled barrier that protect office buildings and ...

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Mitch McConnell Says He Would Consider Bill To Prevent Future Government Shutdowns

Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday he would consider legislation that would prevent the government from shutting down in the future, as many others in Congress have come out in support of ending the possibility of a shutdown. “I don’t like shutdowns. I don’t think they work for anybody and I hope they will be avoided. I’d be open ...

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Watch: President Trump’s remarks on re-opening the government [Video + Transcript]

President Donald Trump spoke to reporters Friday from the Rose Garden of the White House in remarks aimed at the re-opening of the government. The president said he had reached “a deal” with Democrats to re-open the government for three weeks during which both sides would negotiate border security funding. Should Congress fail to produce a bill containing funding for ...

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College Kids Blame Trump For The Shutdown, But Are Totally Surprised By The Offers He Already Put On The Table

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips asked students who is to blame for the shutdown. Students tell Pelosi to “compromise, compromise, compromise.” Students were unaware of compromises Trump has already offered Pelosi George Mason University students blamed President Donald Trump for the government shutdown, in a Campus Reform video released Friday. Many called for Trump to compromise with the Democrats to end ...

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President Trump Stabs His Base in the Back

Donald Trump white house video

The longest government shutdown in American history has come to the end with a stabbing in the back of the base that elected Donald Trump as he agrees to the Democrats’ bill to reopen the government, and without a single concession. (Related: Trump got more out of the re-opening of the government than most realize) President Trump addressed the nation over ...

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Democrats Worry Border Wall Battle Is Distracting From Their Climate Agenda

House Democrats are concerned that President Donald Trump’s fight for wall funding and the government shutdown is derailing their attempts to target the administration’s climate agenda, Politico reported Thursday. Nearly a dozen Democrats admit that dealing with the partial shutdown is distracting from their ultimate objective: wrapping the administration in probes and resuscitating a wayward climate push. Democratic Rep. Paul ...

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Pelosi Won’t Negotiate On Government Funding, Will Not Make A Counteroffer

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed on Thursday that her Democratic caucus is not working to negotiate with President Donald Trump on his border wall demands. “That’s not true. That’s not true. That’s not true,” Pelosi replied when a reporter asked her about the rumors that Democrats are working behind the scenes to craft a counteroffer to Trump’s proposal. ...

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Senate rejects both bills to re-open the government

The U.S. Senate rejected two bills to re-open the government, one favored by Republicans and the other by Democrats both of which failed to get the required 60 votes to end debate. The Democrat favored bill, already passed by the Democrat-held House, was defeated largely along party lines in a 52-44 vote. Six Republicans voted for the bill: Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) Senator ...

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Dan Crenshaw Urges Democrats To Pay Federal Workers: Stop Using Them As ‘Pawns’

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed Democrats on Thursday for touting the importance of ending the shutdown so that federal workers could get paid, while at the same time voting against legislation that would pay federal workers. “If [the Democrats’] priority is really federal workers, and that’s a laudable priority for sure, then let’s actually pay them so that they ...

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Nancy’s Wall – A.F. Branco Cartoon

Speaker Pelosi called walls immoral, but she has no problem putting up a barrier to keep Trump from delivering the State of the Union. See more Branco toons HERE Get his latest book, “Make America Laugh Again: Vol. 2 HERE

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Union Lawsuits Over The Shutdown Are Stalled Because Government Lawyers Can’t Go To Work

A federal employees’ union lawsuit against the Trump administration over the shutdown is tied up in court because federal attorneys at the Justice Department have been ordered not to work. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and other labor groups have sued President Donald Trump, claiming that forcing thousands of government employees to work without receiving regular paychecks violates ...

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What Shutdown? 82 Percent Of Small Businesses Are ‘Unaffected’ By Federal Lapse, Study Says

Most small businesses are “unaffected” by the federal government shutdown that is stretching into its fifth week, according to a poll from the Job Creators Network (JCN). JCN surveyed 427 of its members, all small business owners, from Jan. 16-22 and released the results Tuesday. JCN reported that 82 percent of small business owners have not noticed any impact on ...

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