President Trump Stabs His Base in the Back

The longest government shutdown in American history has come to the end with a stabbing in the back of the base that elected Donald Trump as he agrees to the Democrats’ bill to reopen the government, and without a single concession. (Related: Trump got more out of the re-opening of the government than most realize)

President Trump addressed the nation over the crisis along our border, he threatened again and again and again to declare a national emergency and to fund the wall through the powers he has given to him by the National Emergencies Act. He went to the border to meet the border patrol on the ground to evaluate what is happening as the crisis worsens on our border, and here today January 25th, 2019 we have been completely stabbed in the back with a bill that doesn’t even give a penny to the wall or adequate border security.

Now the President insists that this time if the Democrats can’t come to a deal that includes wall funding, that he will declare a national emergency long after the Dem0crats called his bluff.

“If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government either shuts down on February 15th again or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency,” he said. Since you claim you’re serious about it, how about you have one of your State Attorney General allies prepare to sue you for it and take it to a court friendly to conservatives.

Trump took Lindsey Graham’s advice on this question and reopened the government as Lindsey Graham claims that there are enough Senate Democrats who would back a border wall if he reopened the government.

“Many disagree, but I really feel that working with Democrats and Republicans, we can make a truly great and secure deal happen for everyone,” he said. Oh yeah Mr. President a party who the overwhelming majority of members wants to abolish ICE, and break down the barriers we do have on our porous southern border. You never stopped railing against the Democrats for being open borders, and rightly so!!

The President said that a bipartisan (half open borders abolish ICE radicals) to review the requests for border security funds from border patrol would be established and that he wanted them to come up with a compromise deal. By compromise deal, he means going from the original 25 billion to 5 billion and he isn’t even considering Ted Cruz’s proposal to use El Chapo’s seized assets to fund the building of the wall.

What is the point of voting for Republicans when all we get is their capitulation without any Democratic concessions!? Take it with a grain of salt what Jonathan Swan from Axios is reporting but if true this former White House official is completely right saying that Trump ceded the presidency to Pelosi. He capitulated to the Democrats on the Omnibus spending bill, he capitulates again and again on seeking better relations with Russia, even backing down when he questioned the intelligence community during the summit in Helsinki (the same intelligence community who lies us into the war in Iraq), when Pelosi refused to invite him to the State of the Union based on a lie, he stood down and took it, and he capitulates on the government shut down to a bunch of hard left open borders radicals who want to abolish ICE. The President is very naive if he thinks the support from the grassroots of the base in unconditional.


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