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Prevention Would Have Been Better Than Trials

“Politicians brought the Nazis to power and started the war. They are the ones who brought about these disgusting crimes.”

– Karl Doenitz, German admiral and would-be fuehrer after Hitler

On Nov. 20, 1945, the Nuremberg Trials began, bringing Hitler’s Nazi criminals to justice. By this time, several countries were destroyed, and 50 million people, 2.5 percent of the world’s population, lost their lives – including 12 million Jews, German dissidents, political opposition, intellectuals and others who were exterminated in Nazi concentration camps.

The world watched in horror as in the courtroom filled with Nazi criminals video footage was played of famished men, women and children who were mercilessly shot, starved and/or tortured, and then thrown carelessly into mass graves, all because they did not fall in line with the ideology of Adolf Hitler.

During the opening of the court proceedings, it is important to note that the prosecutor said, “The laws of God and man have been violated, and the guilty must not go unpunished.”

Just imagine if the Nuremberg Trials, per se, would have taken place at the first unconstitutional acts of Hitler’s wicked regime. Hitler could have easily been stopped in the 1920s with relative ease by the German people who still had the freedom to do the right thing, and did it not.

Instead, they acted as if Hitler had nothing to do with their personal lives.

Friends, as no one took Mussolini, Mao or Stalin seriously at first, many fellow Germans thought Hitler was an average run-of-the-mill wacko who posed no threat.

Horrifically, they were dead wrong.

One of Hitler’s first moves when he rose to power was to attack his own Reichstag, only to blame it on his political opposition. He then proceeded to eradicate the Constitution of Germany in only six years.

Hitler no longer abided by the law, but instead promulgated his agenda by force.

Where were the 80 million people in Germany to stand up against this monster?

As Karl Doenitz blurted out, it was the politicians (and the people) who were responsible for bringing the Nazis to power.

On a daily basis the crimes of Hitler and his regime were evident. So obvious were the atrocities that after church the Germans were wiping the ashes of the incinerated victims off their cars.

Their lack of action turned them from victims to accomplices.

What does this have to do with America today?


It is clear to see that over the last four administrations, America’s government is emulating many aspects of German history – likewise setting itself at war with God, abusing power and trampling on the Constitution.

Where are the 312 million Americans to stand up and magnify the laws of our republic?

Have Americans today forgotten the price of their blood-bought freedoms, paid for by hundreds of thousands of veterans who laid down their lives, fortunes and sacred honor?

In the 1800s, after much bloodshed through the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson made one wrong move, causing him to be tried for impeachment.

Johnson simply removed the secretary of war from office without the consent of Congress. Americans were so protective over their liberties that they would not tolerate the least offense.

It would do us well to follow in our forefathers’ footsteps, lest we, like Germany, become accomplices to America’s overthrow through our apathy and lack of repentance – to our own demise.

As it says on the Supreme Court Building, “Justice (is) the guardian of liberty,” right under Moses holding the Ten Commandments. We must follow the preamble of our Constitution and “establish justice” (Isaiah 51) in order to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

America: Simply put, prevention is better than cure.

Interestingly, Time magazine merited the murderous dictator Adolf Hitler “Man of the Year” in 1938. Josef Stalin was also declared Time’s “Man of the Year” in 1939 and 1942, who, like Hitler, was responsible for committing heinous crimes against his own people. This brings one to ask what other criminals have been labeled “Man of the Year” by Time magazine. You may be surprised.

Study the past. History tends to repeat itself:

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Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean is an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, and speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International. @BradleeDean1

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  1. A piece about the travesty of the Holocaust, but nothing about the trials and challenges of Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Very interesting.

    1. EMO!!!

      Classic Emo Leftist Progressive B.S. Statement! Instead of even getting the point, you want to draw us down into an Emotional Response; “Oh My Gawd – what about the injustice to blah, blah, blah…” when the point of the article is that our leader is a Criminal by historic standards and we are about lo loose our Constitutional Freedoms! You are the very American Bradlee Dean is talking to!

      1. What I wanted to point out is that many politicians, especially on the right, obsess over Isreal, but don’t realize the Left has a large Jewish support base. I want to understand why conservative news sites aggressively push back against percieved antisemitism, but remains blatantly ignorant to the struggle of all peoples. It is as if the right awards Jewish people’s as the best among “minorities.”Until I see an article about the systematic miseducation of Black people, the history of genocide of Native Americans, history of discrimination of lgbtq people, I will continue to question why

        1. In response to your question of apparent duality within the Conservative press – Why are Jewish issues defended while the issues of other minorities (specifically those that look different from White European Descendants – which, of course, is at the core of your primus) are ignored? Am I right that this is your contention?

          Let’s start with this; “the best an individual can do for mankind is to do the best he can do for himself.” – Ayn Rand (more or less)

          At the core of Conservatism is the Reverence for Individual Rights AND, with it, the expectations of Individual Responsibility to make the best of oneself! Unfortunately the Progressive Left “presents” the first half of the primus but completely side steps the second half thereby creating a mass of dependants (slaves) who will have no choice but to be loyal to them (vote).

          There are millions of minorities Americans in this country that are every bit as average middle class as any white or even Jewish American. That is a fact! And there are just as many poverty stricken white Americans that you never hear of because it isn’t popular to talk about! It is the Progressive Left that tries to continue the crusade for equal rights and equal opportunity for minorities when Average American Middle Class John Doe got IT a looooooong time ago! People like to raise the Race issue over ObAma because they want to exploit the fact that he is our First Black President when, in fact, he is our First Half White President! SO WHAT!? The issue isn’t his racial heritage. It is his socialist agenda that IS destructive that we oppose. What a relief it would be if that were our “only” issue with ObAma – that he is Black – or Chartreuse – or some other meaningless color or feature!!! The man is dangerous because of what he believes and the position he is in.

          But I digress. The Conservative Press doesn’t brood on racial issues because the Conservative press seeks facts in their discussions and the facts don’t add up like the Emo Left thinks they do! The short answer is that Conservatives are not Emo! Conservative Americans are not Racist! We all have trouble. Nothing about your skin color or you heritage makes that unique to you!
          On the other hand cultural differences do matter. I do mind when people of a different background seek to change my cultural background – Conservative Americana! I do mind when we are made out to be the Extreme Right when the fact is we uphold the Constitutional values that have been the normal of our culture for over 200 years! We are the Extremists?! The Left has been working to change that for almost 100 years, now, and they are finally making some dangerous inroads. Only in the last 40 – 50 years have they begun to modify our traditional values. So NOW they have the gall to call us extremists. Why shouldn’t I be mad as hell?!

          1. Quoting delluded, drug addicted, psychopath like Rand just prives more of my points. Oh and to counter some more points, white Americans are better off then Black and Latino Americans, that is a fact. The unemployment rate amongst Blacks and Latinos are higher, as are the incarceration rates, educational gap, poverty index, rate of asthma, heart disease, cholesterol, this is real information you can find every where. The problem is Conservativs try to twist things and say that White Americans some how face equal issues as non white Americans. Secondly, the conservative news media does use emotion, a lot of it, especially paranoia and fear. Hate is also part of the equation, but if you don’t see hatred filled vile on this news site alone, you are delusional.

            I also laugh at your comments about Obama’s socialism. Look, I criticize him a lot, but please.don’t act like the man doesn’t bend over backwards to please the most extreme Republicans in congress. Barely anything he has done would be considered socialists, but of course hebis, on top of that he is also fascist as many conservatives claim, which lacks knowledge of, well, logic, fascism and socialism–communism as conservatives like to scream-are total opposites! What I see in this article is a larg, large, picture of Right bias, obsession, and paranoia. Isereal is not the symbolic of the freedom America gained–on top of slavery and genocide I might add–and the more you try to paint the left as over emotional, the more I see the cracks of your paranoia. Anger and hatred leades the Right now and I see that in this article, Obama is NOT HITLER, White America is not on the smee level of misfortune as Latino and Black America. Please quit trying to prove tp me how White America is somehow feeling the sme difficult situations as the rest of America. The holocaust was.not the worst thing to happen in the world, and the more the Right obsesses over it, the more it legitimizesvracism and ignores reality and history, the history that people of other backgrounds, and that these people must deal with centuries of brutality, Black America is still dealing with affects of 1776, when a bunch of rich white men wrote a that all men are created equal, but they turned a blind eye to mass murder of Natives, enslavement pf blacks, and took centuries to get women the right to vote. So how dare you try to belittle years of oppression by saying the Holocaust was “the worst” act of humNkind?

      2. The right obsess over Jewish issues, it bugs me and confuses me to a point that I get angry, the Jewish establishment in this country does not side with the Right.

        1. That may very well be but that wasn’t the point of the article nor did your response make clear your position that the Jews primarily side with the Left. So? All your response appeared to do was to attempt to evoke an emotional response.

          Even had you at least acknowledged that what happened in Germany – before the Holocaust – is a mirror image of what is happening in this country today there would have been some modicum of rational in your comment. At least to me.
          Furthermore Jews as a specific group of “victims” of WWI were but a mere fraction of the total loss of life. It was (so far) the most horrific period of time in the entire history of the human race.

          1. My replies are based on what I see, an obsesessive attitude towards Jews,. I am not trying to evoke emotions but understandi over Jewish people? Second, your comments, I see, fall in line with the Right’s bias. The Holocaust should not be used as in such context, the wrost atrocity of humankind? I would think the 345 years of Blacks being legal second class citizens, hunted, killed, raped, and miseducated purposly could also be labled a human atrocity. I would say companies paying citizens to kill Natives, after years of oppression and genocide, would considered atrocious, I would carry on but of course, since Obama is clearly Hitler reincarnated, it doesn’t matter does it? And don’t give me a smart comment, if you believe half the stuff here you probably think Obama is a dictator.

        2. Jean, you have come here to make this article an issue about race! Bradlee Deans article was about Totalitarianism
          – about what Dictators do! He used an example that is widely accepted as the Hallmark of Dictatorship and the core reasons why he was able to rise to power and do the damage that he did.

          I don’t deny that Blacks and Latinos and Indians and Jews and Irish and a lot of other groups have suffered. So What? Life on this planet is, above all, ruled by Natural Law, so expect trouble! It is Mankind that is the species that comes along and says, “All men are Equal!”

          Do I agree with that? No. There are men that are more than I am and there are men that are less – and it has nothing to do with race. It is simply Nature on this planet.

          You have the best opportunity to make something of yourself in this country under this Constitution and that is the point of the Rand quote. Truth is Truth and the evidence of that Truth is well represented by Millions of minorities who have done just that! That you would rather grovel in misery and lament over the woes of the minorities is your own personal choice. Your entire diatribe is a waste of good energy that would better serve you as determination to make yourself the best person that you can. But of course that would be hard. That would take work. It is so much easier to just pull the race card and expect the obligatory hand out from guilty groveling Whitie!
          Well I’m not handing out. Not only is it wrong but it isn’t really helping you – it only makes you a slave – AGAIN!!!!

          I’ve offered you, at least twice now, the true key to making your life better. But you are too focused on the “hate” to see that. (Which is exactly what one would expect from an Emo). Stop wasting your time and energy on bitterness and do something productive for yourself!

          What have you brought to this discussion? The same ol’ “you are guilty” drivel I’ve heard all my life! No source of encouragement or edification there. All I could do with that is roll over, give everything I have to you and cry, “oh please, please, please, forgive me for the sins of all those evil white men I had nothing to do with since I wasn’t even born but am clearly still responsible for!”

          Signing off since there is no point in going on with this!

          1. THANKS,Derrell…Seems we saw all of Bradlee’s effort the same….And thank you for bringing this exchange to an end. I could see that you genuinely wanted her to understand. We seem to have a number of ‘Jeans” on this site that are probably sincere but don’t think quite like most of us. BUT, At least they are making a effort to become informed & know there are massive problems that we, as a nation, must unite on…also think there are a couple of ‘trouble makers w/ too much time on their hands.
            Appreciate your participation/contributions

  2. Very Well Put!

    How do we get thru to the American People who have become addicted to Government as the answer to all of their woes that we now stand at September First, 1939?

    ObAma blatantly breaks the Law of the Land and we do nothing!

    Instead we are expected to believe Congress can pass laws that will control violent killings! You cannot expect the government to end violent killings or any other criminal activity without absolute control over every single citizen! And you cannot trust any government, EVER, with that much power!

    The simple answer to this conundrum is to put arms in the hands of a well Regulated Militia – do any of us not know what that means? That means LAW ABIDING and LOYAL CITIZENS!

    If you search really hard you can find a story nearly every day where someone who was armed prevented a crime!

    Clearly the Government doesn’t trust us! Why is that?

    ObAma has more than exceeded Johnson’s “mistake”! Impeach HIM!

  3. Barack Obama is a Marxist Muslim and at this point I am unsure whether he was re elected or fraudently co opted another term. It doesn’t matter cause we’re stuck, at least until he is tried for treason, and if there is any justice he will be. Giving weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization and the jihadists in Libya and Syria is aiding and abetting the enemy and therefore treason.

    We’re out here, we know what’s going on and we’re just trying to figure this thing out. We may be silent but won’t be for long.

  4. Thanks Jan,

    I wasn’t really arguing with Jean so much as I was talking to the audience. Jean is like many of us; she will always be vested in what she believes and no amount of argument will change her minds. You and I are just as vested in our beliefs (which happens to be the truth! and it isn’t a political “Right” stance at all – that is just another Emo tool to vilify those who believe in individual rights). But perhaps there are those readers who are not sure what they believe and are not willing to just accept a line of bologna just because somebody who is good with words said so. Those are the people I hope will recognize the element of truth in what we say here. I appreciate Jean as a good sport and her participation in this exercise.

    I also liken the expressions of Conservative Values to the singing the National Anthem or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or just saluting the Flag! It is encouraging to all of us to continually remember what we believe in and more importantly it catalyzes our understanding of those beliefs.

    And finally it is a type of warfare. For too long us Conservatives have been nice people and we’ve let the Radical Left run roughshod over us. We’ve respect the opinions of others and their right to expression even when we realize just how blind they are. Well. No more. I still respect Jeans right to her opinion and I will defend that right for her. But I’m not willing to let the “Guilt Trip” – that is all it is, after all – go unanswered. Especially when she hi-jacked the Topic of the Article to do it!

    Thanks again.

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