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Epic Rant of All That is Wrong With Obama Administration

The Obama For America “First Time” ad featuring young actress Lena Dunham got my blood boiling. As a woman, I am appalled at the President’s campaign sexualizing the act of voting; an act for which men and women have died. This shameful piece of political garbage demeans all of the struggles in our history fought by very brave women to gain equality, be taken seriously and be given the right to vote.

Beneath the surface of questionable advertising is a culture of immaturity and disrespect not seen before in American history. This president, his campaign staff and his chosen administration has, over the course of 4 short years, belittled the office of the presidency.

Instead of screaming into a pillow or drinking away my frustration, I ranted on Facebook with all of the immature, demeaning, weak and embarrassing moments that have dominated this presidency. Many have asked that I post it here so they can share it with friends.
So, here ya go:

I can’t take it. The “first time” ad pushed me over the edge. Gotta rant…

Pimp with a Limp show, calls Romney a “bulls****er” hasn’t stopped talking about Big Bird, binders and bayonets… And there’s the feet on the desk, the ipod full of his own speeches given to the queen, the White House gift shop gifts to the PM of England’s children, the DVDs that don’t even work, the fake doctors, fake vegetables, fake smiles and a fake recovery. Millions of dollars in taxpayer funded vacations, “in case you didn’t hear, I won…” Beer pong in the White House, Emanuel the F-bomb king, skips 50% of his security briefings and then goes to bed during a 7 hour battle with terrorists while officials watch in real time the death of 4 Americans including the President’s personal representative. But never misses a TV spot, Letterman, The View, Leno, Daily Show, never misses picking his final four on ESPN. “Put y’all back in chains” BFD. Bowling like the Special Olympics, beer summit, “police acted stupidly” Bow, bow, bow again. America sux tour, skips meetings with allies. Serves the President of Mexico s’mores for dessert. Special flights to Chicago for pick up basketball games, golfs more than 100 times. I didn’t say that. You didn’t build that. Bridges, roads, teachers, cops…. Shovel-ready not so shovel-ready afterall. Unlawfully using citizen emails, Cash for Clunkers fiasco, sends his 13 year old without parental supervision to Mexico for spring break (did secret service babysit?). Cue balls. Salahi’s crash the party. All this for a flag? Eye candy and “corpse-men,” Buying votes for Obamacare with rides on AF1. Wears sweatpants in the Oval Office and typically shows up after 9am. Returned Winston Churchill bust. Pick up a mop or get out of the way. “It’s Constitutional, B*****s” Nixes National Day of Prayer, Pay-go is a No-go. Comment on Kanye, leave Bibi waiting. Teleprompter with sixth graders. “JULIA” Meetings and commissions and boards, oh my. Shout outs during tragedy, still won’t call it terrorism. Blame it on a video. “A**kicker of the United States” Green companies out of green. Snitch on your neighbor, “Truth” team, bullying the nation into anti-bullying schools agenda from the bully pulpit. Emily Rosen… 3 of them. Push granny off a cliff. Bush’s fault. Bush’s fault. Bush’s fault. No meetings with jobs council. Private sector is doing fine. Carrying a big stick. Not optimal bumps in the road. Romnesia comedy tour. Flags with faces, bitter clingers, bungles a toast to the Queen. Executive orders, school lunches, the sequester is not going to happen. We are our brothers’ keeper… except for mine. Supports OWS. Mao-rry Christmas, Lady Liberty fly-by. WTF, Winning the Future or WTF?

Brian Terry. Christopher Stevens. Tyrone Woods. Glen Doherty. Sean Smith.

Read about the THREE Denials for Help in Benghazi here.

Watch and read about the voter fraud investigation that has led to resignations and a criminal investigation into VA Rep Jim Moran’s son/campaign director.

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  1. So to be clear, any ad that doesn’t implicitly make reference to the sacrifices of soldiers is somehow un-American?

  2. Man ‘O Man, do I feel better now that you got that off my chest!
    Re: ad…’Sex Sells’ to those that have their underdeveloped brain misplaced below their belt…It leaves no doubt where Obama believes who his supporters are….

  3. Wow, that was amazing. You’re doing something I wish somone would go on tv and say. If Barry loses on Nov. 6, I hope to see more rants like this.

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