THREE Denials for Help in Benghazi

Fox News has obtained information that confirms CIA operatives requested military backup 3 times during the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

According to Fox News Special Reporter Jennifer Griffin:

“They knew that the consulate was under fire and that the ambassador needed help. They were told to stand down twice.”

She explains that the small group of CIA operatives at the annex a few blocks south of the consulate then disregarded orders and made their way from the CIA annex to the consulate building. After searching unsuccessfully for the ambassador and making some “heroic efforts to rescue those who had survived,” they made their way back to the annex.

“At that point, another request for help, for military help, some sort of air cover, was made from the CIA annex but no help was sent.”

Shortly thereafter, another CIA team flew in from the capital city of Tripoli but were denied at the airport. According to Griffin’s report, there was “infighting” among Libyan officials on the ground about whether or not the team would be granted an escort to the compound.

Griffin continues, “According to sources on the ground during the Benghazi attack, they did have laser pointers on the mortar fire team, and that if Special Operations specter gun ships had been sent in, and some were on standby… that they could have prevented those mortars that struck the compound.”

Meanwhile back in D.C., a meeting was held at the Oval Office whose attendees included the President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense. That meeting was held at 5:00pm on the day of the attack, one hour AFTER the initial fire began.

There were 2 surveillance drones present during the 7 hour battle that could have been accessed by a number of US agencies.

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  1. Mr. Romney….when your elected….you will have the means to uncover what happened with Fast and Furious and with the Benghazi coverup….Sir…I plead to you now….PLEASE DO NOT SWEEP THESE EVENTS UNDER THE POLITICAL RUG…Let the outrage at the unanswered deaths of our brave men in Benghazi…begin here on FB…and spread to every account connected to the internet. This is a small thing…yours to carry the outrage forward to the world…and let them tremble at our righteous anger.

  2. As we learn more about this attack on our consulate in Benghazi, we’re also learning just how inept the Obama Administration is when it comes to military matters. Apparently so inept that they are not able to surround themselves with competent subordinates to manage these critical areas.

  3. WHO told them to “stand down” – there is not one whit of evidence in this piece. A comment by a FOX news reporter is hardly proof…on the contrary, I’d be more inclined to think of it as more propaganda. Drones aren’t offensive weapons…help was actually hours away but mobilized…and if the CIA in Tripoli were prevented from reaching Benghazi where was help to have come from?? People who think the answer here is simple – that all the President or Secretary of State had to do was snap their fingers and give an order and within minutes help would have arrived are both naive and intentionally blind to the complexities of this kind of situation. Where was your outrage when far more events like this took place under the watchful eyes of the Bush administration?? Look it up!

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