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Benghazi Biggest Political Scandal in Modern History; Main Stream Media Continues to Set False Narratives

Watergate was a “cover-up” of a group of over zealous Nixon administration officials hiring 5 men to burglarize  the “Watergate” building where the DNC offices were located. Wiretaps and burglarizing the Democratic National Headquarters were the crimes.  This to date, is the biggest scandal and “cover-up” of modern politics.  It pales in comparison to the “Benghazi-gate” cover-up.   Four fellow Americans are dead, and the White House’s “official” statements following the attacks were lies .  Veteran Political “Operative”, for the Obama Administration, David Axelrod took to the airwaves Sunday October 14, and Fox’s Chris Wallace attempted to hold his feet to the fire.  Yet, we are left with the same questions.  From that interview we  learn just what Veep Joe Biden was talking about in regards to his explanation on Benghazi:

WALLACE: But, David, just the day before, several State Department officials testified under oath that there were repeated requests for more security that were rejected. What is the vice president talking about?

AXELROD: I think the vice president was talking about what the White House knew. There are embassies all over the world and installations all over the world, and these requests go into the security professionals at the State Department. And there is no doubt, some of these matters went into the security department at the state security agency at the State Department. But it didn’t come to the White House and that what is the vice president was responding to.

WALLACE: So, we’re now getting into a definition of what the word “we” means. When the vice president says “we” he’s not talking about the Obama administration, because, the question was not about what you knew, it is that there were requests for more security. Biden is not talking about the Obama administration. He’s not talking about the State Department.

He’s just talking about himself and the president?

AXELROD: No, I think, Chris. Again, he was talking about was what he, the president knew because these matters were being handled at the State Department.

What?  Axelrod answers “NO” and then in fact answers the question with a definitive “YES”.    And what he is admitting to is this–that the President didn’t know there were “requests” for more security in Benghazi.  How would he know?  Obama has not been attending these “Security briefings”, in fact the day after the attack, instead of cancelling his campaign trip to Nevada, the President again, skips the briefings.  Axelrod admits to this in the Fox interview.

WALLACE: The reason I ask this is because you say, well, the president made a statement. Yes. The president made a statement, and then he went off to a fundraiser or to a campaign stop in Nevada.

Question, before he went to the fundraiser in Nevada, did he meet with his National Security Council to try to sort out the shifting stories, because State said they never said it was a spontaneous demonstration and intel did, you are quite right — did he meet with the national security council before he went to campaigning in Nevada?

AXELROD: Chris, I assure you that the president was in contact with all those who had information and responsibility in the national security chain about this incident.

As the “spin” intensifies, enter the Main Stream Media.  Watergate had “Woodward and Bernstein”.  We have lost any real journalist on that level who will risk everything in pursuit of truth.  The NY Times editorial on Sunday October 14th entitled “No Shame” cites the Republicans and Darryl Issa as the hypocrites, who cut the budget for security personnel.  That’s interesting, since Susan Lamb testified under oath that “budget” matters had no bearing on the denial of the requests for added security.  In an article by “Time Magazine” entitled “After Benghazi, Is Al-Queda back?” addresses the “Arab Spring” and the Democratically elected new leaders in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia as examples of pillars of “Islamist” who denounce Al-Queda.  This is just plain spin, and the facts are anything but what this article in Time Magazine is implying!  Morsi in Egypt is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has asked for the release of the “Blind Sheik” and here is footage from the rally held the night Morsi was elected.    That video is a Muslim Brotherhood Cleric speaking at the same podium Morsi took to just a few minutes later.

Yet, these Muslim Brotherhood backed Candidates, who are sweeping elections in all these Middle eastern countries, according to Time magazine, are the good guys?  This is what happened as a result of this so called Arab Spring.   Just as in Iran in 1979, we have radical Islamist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood who backs and is in fact the Party in which President Morsi is leader of, taking power and bolstering this radical agenda, which has ties to Al-Queda.  Make no mistake, what is going on in the Middle East is anything but the Democratic process,  as Lara Logan knows too well.

As the spin continues to add up, the headlines on Benghazi are no where to be found in any major “Main Stream” source.  The questions that remain unanswered, are these:

Why did the Obama Administration roll out Susan Rice with a false narrative about a YouTube video?  I myself, link this back to the UN Blasphemy Laws Rice signed onto back in December 2011, and spoke to this in my last article here.    Who within the Obama Administration came up with this false narrative about this YouTube video?  This question goes to the heart of the cover-up, and remains unanswered. 

It is “malarkey” Joe Biden, to think that NO ONE at the State Department , after witnessing in real time that barbaric coordinated attack, that no one called over to the White House?  Yet, that is what you are trying to sell us, right Joe?  You and Barack, just didn’t know a thing!    You didn’t know about any of what was going on in the Security Briefings, you didn’t know about any “requests”,  you didn’t know your own State Department was watching a massacre in real time, you didn’t know 10 days after it had nothing to do with a YouTube video, and you didn’t know what the  White House approved of Rice to say, was not the truth.  May I ask, do you Joe, or Barack know anything about running this Country?

This is and should be the lead story on every paper and website in the US.  There should be journalist outside the White House lining up demanding answers to these blatant lies, and false narratives.  Nixon resigned instead of face impeachment.  Many say we lost all faith in the office of President at that time.  Benghazi is the place we lost all faith in our “Fourth Estate”.   And we must realize its dead and gone.  Carry on my fellow Americans, we will continue to seek the truth, I know we will.

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Rebecca Diserio

About Rebeca Diserio–After the tragic death of her first husband, LA County Deputy Sheriff Stephen Blair (Gang Unit, Compton, CA), in the line of duty, she became a Conservative Writer, Activist, and Speaker. She worked on Star Parker’s campaign, co-managing a district office. Currently, she is the CEO & Executive Producer of FIDELIS RADIO NETWORK, and host of the REBECCA DISERO show. She resides with her 3 sons, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

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  1. When reading this artical,It is hard for most AMERICAN’s to believe they can get by with this!!We are ready to G
    Now you rake this along with all the other things they are “TRYING” to do AGAINST AMERICA and TREASON is the only answer to all the problems they are creating, TREASON IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.should I repeat that again?TREASON IS THE ANSWER.They HAVE to be Stopped NOW, Not next week , after the election , not wait and see, “NOW” It will not be the beat for them if the PEOPLE STEP IN, because we can’t depend the so call POLITITICAN that we put in office to protect our COUNTRY to do their JOB.

    Barack OBAMA as every body is SOROS PUPPET and coulden’t hold a civil conersation with out AXELROD writting his speaches for him to read off the TELEPROMPTER.And we know he is a MARXIST.
    SO I Can see why some people think Barack is the PRESIDENT(NOT MINE) this REGIME are using the The STUPID people to permote them because most of them can’t think on there own , don’t think it imporatnt to do any research on the remarkks they make as to being a lie or truth(pordom me but iI can’t come up with any other explanation as to why people can’t understand what they are doing when voting such trash )They are like a bunch of sheep being led to Slatter.
    This whoke regume are about as CORRUPT as any (with few exceptions)GOVERNMENT we have had.
    AND THEY are SUCH PROFESSIONAL LIAR’S I have ever heard, and I am past 65 (to young to die ,to old to be decieved).I would love to have the opportunity to stand in Barack face and tell him what most American out here think of him and his lifestyle. TRY ME.
    I SAY GET RID OF THEM SEND THEM TO GOD AND LET THEM BE JUDGE, A HIGHER JUDGE than any here on EARTH and can’t be bought off.
    IT’S TIME.
    ONE MORE, and this will be in form of a Question,
    ,IT WOULDN”T TAKE MUCH TO PUT A STOP TO HIM, IF THEY REALLY WANT TO, I am talking about just the ones that haven’t turned SOCIALIST like 70% of the SENATE and 35 to 45 % of the CONGRESS. See what you learn when you research.

    1. This is so very true. Our congressmen and women should be doing something about this… why can’t we impeach the president ?? why isn’t the president talking to the american people on national tv? there are so many more questions for the president to answer…he needs to step forward NOW not after the election.. Is he afraid of what the american people would think of him. He needs to be put out of our White House.. We have four Americans dead.. I pray for the families.

  2. i think this is a disgrace, and all our elected representatives need to be pushing for answers and holding this administration accountable. but it isn’t about america and her citizens anymore, its about their own careers, benefits and salaries. that is what controls their actions

  3. this is a disgrace. our elected representatives in washington should be doing everything they can to bring the truth out and hold this administration accountable for how this was handled. but it isn’t about america, or her citizens, anymore— it is about their careers, benefits and salaries. our country is in sad shape.

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