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Overestimating Obama and Palin

One thing about the world of politics that probably will never change is the bigger-than-real-life quality the press and public often attribute to politicians. While we try to remind ourselves that these are just people, eventually we give in to the idea that these people must be smarter, or better than everyone else. Why else would they end up becoming leaders, right? Wrong.

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Earlier, it was observed by Rich Mitchell that Obama won’t dump Biden. Part of his analysis suggested two things that probably aren’t exactly accurate. It’s also unlikely that those involved would admit it, but it does bear consideration. First, it’s not likely that Obama was considering replacing Biden no matter what. But, not only does Obama think that he carries the Dem ticket, but I strongly suspect that he also believes he can overcome any gaffe Biden makes. Second, it’s unlikely that Sarah Palin is anywhere in this equation, other than where the press has placed her. Palin may as well not exist at all, at least where Obama is concerned.

Initially, when I heard Palin saying that Obama should have Hillary Clinton as his VP for this election, I wanted to reach out and smack her for giving him a relatively good idea. And then I quickly realized that wouldn’t happen, and Palin’s opinion wasn’t part of the equation anyway. Hillary has her own baggage, and arguably, it would only be trading one set of gaffes for another – Biden’s gaffes would be replaced with Bill’s. Of course, it’s unlikely that Obama would want a truly “presidential” VP anyway. No need to be tempting the increasingly violent fringe and crazies out there, right?

And it’s highly unlikely that Palin came up with this one, and intended it to become means to prevent Obama from dropping Biden. I’m not sure she anticipated anyone interpreting it that way, and basically assumed that she was just making yet another flippant remark for the sake of some on-air face-time. I know, that seems a bit harsh, but if Palin doesn’t put herself out there occasionally, she’s finished. She’s a former politician that can’t make the leap to being a true pundit – “folksy” doesn’t make for good analysis, and has a limited draw when it comes to readership and viewers. So, yes, she’ll come out with crazy comments from time to time, just to keep the public interested.

It’s a harsh analysis, but it probably isn’t far from the truth. Obama and Palin simply aren’t that smart. They can talk a good game, but contrary to what anyone might believe, there is no big political conspiracy going on here. Obama doesn’t plan his actions based on anything Palin says, and Palin doesn’t say anything in the hope of doing anything other than keeping the spotlight on her at least a little. If she believes she can influence Obama’s actions, then she’s worse off than even I think! Now, I can just sense all those Palin supporters out there itching to rip on this. Before you do, please do remember, I don’t care – and I’m not alone. My point is that we need to stop putting these people on pedestals. So, stop it!

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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  1. Well Liz, you are not as smart as you think you are and it appears you are not too intelligent when it comes to politics either.

    They were thinking of Hilary… you dolt. And I would bet that Sarah Palin could run circles around you when it comes to politics.

    How about waking up… https://tinyurl.com/988chjw

    1. PhilipJames, thank you for pointing out something that is no longer relevant to the issue at hand because it happened a couple weeks ago. Also, thank you for pointing out something that I intended to point out in a later piece, at length. Obama does not exactly equal “the White House” at this point. Now, hopefully you can recall several years ago, when some people started referring to Karl Rove as “Bush’s Brain.” I would suggest that at some point in the future, either before or after this November, the same will probably said of Valerie Jarrett and Obama. In this, I am referring to Obama the man, not Obama the campaign – the first is obviously the individual, and the latter is the collective thought processes of those that are attempting to keep the man in office. That includes Jarrett, of course. I have no doubt in my mind that someone in the campaign wanted to approach Hillary about the VP spot, but Obama the man probably was not that person. Bill is a wild card, and likely do as much, if not more, damage as Biden. But I think I already pointed that out. As for Sarah Palin, please do tell me – what office does she currently hold? What factor makes her significantly different from someone like say, Mike Huckabee, as far as future aspirations for holding public office of any kind is concerned? Palin’s “political career” is over. She has entered the wonderful world of political commentary, and it is extremely unlikely that she will ever hold public office ever again. Because of that, the rules have changed somewhat for her. Back to what I said previously, if she doesn’t get herself in the spotlight periodically, she will fall into the abyss of irrelevancy. That means no income. She is doing her current job, and no matter what she does, she will never be billed as a great intellectual force. She isn’t one. I am not saying she’s stupid. I am saying she’s no scholar. That’s fine. She doesn’t try to sell herself as one. But, she does have to deal with a relatively limited area to sell herself in, and that is the “folksy, woman of the people” niche. People expect outrageous statements out of her, and she delivered on this one. Why? Because, as you so aptly pointed out, the concept of Hillary being the VP candidate this time around had already been dismissed by Obama the man, Hillary, and finally, Obama the campaign because Hillary said NO. As for your contention that I’m not intelligent when it comes to politics, perhaps you should ask yourself, why are you reading what I write, and why are you bothering to comment if I’m such a bleeding idiot?

      1. You have answered the second part of that question already… because you are an idiot.

        The first part of the question… because you decided to put Sarah Palin’s name in a headline saying she was overestimated… so it is obvious to me you are just like many other virtually unknown yappers out there…. using her name to generate some interest in yourself and get hits on your site.

        Why bother mentioning her if she is so irrelevant? You decide in an article on Obama to take shots at a strong Conservative woman who, if you recall, was a V/P candidate for the Republican Party. What was the friggin point of doing that? Jealous? You are just a bitch and wanted to take a shot at a woman too? Why not Jarret or Napolitano… both lefties and wackos. But, no… you had to take a shot at Sarah Palin.

        That is why I think you are a low life and no better than the far left media out there that does the same thing.

        So, take your so-called genius theories and thoughts and stuff them.

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