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Politics: Today’s Top Ten Oxymorons

The word oxymoron is defined by Bing dictionary as being, an “expression with contradictory words:” a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. “wise fool” or “legal murder”. (fools are not considered to be wise people and murder is never “legal”)

Number 10 on the oxymoron list comes to us via the group of 2012 GOP Presidential candidates, in the form of Rick Santorum. While Santorum is mainly running on the platform of being the non-Romney conservative alternative, an oxymoron has been used to better describe Mr. Santorum’s Senatorial voting record and when we look at that record, Mr. Santorum qualifies for the Number 10 oxymoron of the day: A Big Government Conservative.

Number 9 Small Government Liberalism. This oxymoron is so outrageous that it surely sits right next to the “wise fool” oxymoron on the list of most contradictory statements ever written. Yet in California, ( the most Liberal state in the country) we see that a Mr. Matt Rozee  actually tries to pass himself off as a small government Liberal when running for Congress. He also claims to be an Executive Director at Fox in his bio. That should make those folks that criticize Fox News for appearing to veer left recently feel pretty good.

Number 8 The Public Option becomes a ludicrous example of an oxymoron, when it is being used to promote the Liberal health-care “reforms” that basically forces everyone into a government-run health-care system where the only option people end up with is the government plan, simply because the government has put all the other health insurance companies out of business. A great example of another supposed “public option” is the option to pay taxes to support our current big government debt-spenders. The phrase, “no taxation without representation” comes to mind here.  In that case you have the option to pay your taxes and shut up.. or go to prison. Unless you are a member of Congress of course, such as Claire McCaskell (D-MO), Charlie Rangel (D-NY), or current Treasury Chief Timothy Geitner. We can now add Government Motors to the list of big government tyrants and crony-capitalists who do not have to pay taxes like the rest of America.

Number 7 –  Bureaucratic efficiency. This oxymoron is self-explanatory and would seem to be some kind of joke, if this country wasn’t $16 trillion dollars in debt and headed straight off the Greek-style debt cliff, like the plunge the once-great city of Detroit is currently undertaking. When it comes to big government  bureaucratic efficiency, today’s United States Post Office  serves up a heaping helping of reality as to how efficient a once-proud and stable organization becomes when the big government meddlers of Congress get involved.

Number 6Tolerant Liberal  becomes a great example of an oxymoron when we see this video of Rep Maxine Waters most recent expose’ of Congressional hate-speech and partisanship.

Number 5 – Secret Government Talks becomes an oxymoron when big government media manipulators use it to announce the secret meetings to the entire world, as we see in the article, ridiculously titled,  Afghanistan and US in secret talks with Taliban.  Everything qualifies as a big government secret that needs to be kept from the American taxpayers today, when we look at the recent refusal of the Obama administration to allow White House officials to  appear before Congress to explain how half a billion dollars were given to the bankrupt green energy  firm Solyndra.

Number 4 –  President Obama’s numerous campaign statements that he is working to reduce deficits and debt is a form of an oxymoron that is so far out of touch with reality that it is hard to understand just how he expects the American people to believe it. For the perfect example of this, please President Obama’s Budget Buffoonery. In that article, it shows how Obama’s latest budget proposal adds trillions of dollars of debt, and makes zero cuts to big government spending, all contrary to his thousands of recent [taxpayer-funded] campaign speeches about the need to cut the deficits and lower the national debt. Barack Obma has in fact piled more debt onto the backs of future generations of Americans in 3 1/2 years than G.W. Bush did in 8 full years in office. Obama’s debt chart can be seen in this article. Obama has piled on record debt in 3 straight years,’09, ’10, and ’11 and the 2012 deficit is now projected to once again be a whopping 1.32 trillion, and which the White House underestimated by 138%! Some folks could confuse Obama’s oxymoron about cutting deficits and debt with a blatant lie, designed to win reelection and hide his Liberal debt-spending of the past 3 1/2 years.

Number 3 – Accidentally on Purpose is a good example of an oxymoron that is mainly used as a form of sarcasm today. When looking at the debt-spending of Obama in number 4 above, while claiming that he is “reducing deficits and debt” a lot of Americans have now come to the conclusion that Obama is bankrupting America accidentally on purpose.

Number 2 –  Congressional Ethics has to be considered a flaming oxymoron today, when examining the current crop of corrupto-crats in Congress which include the following “honorable civil servants.”  Rep Alcee Hastings ( D-FL) who is the impeached federal judge who was found guilty of numerous corruption charges, yet has been re-elected to serve in Congress for 19 straight years! How about he above mentioned far left radical extremist and hate-speech generator, Maxine Waters (D-CA) who lobbied the White House for TARP money for her husbands bank illegally? When it comes to Congressional Ethics, the completely discredited former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her profiting from insider trading certainly ranks among the top ten in hypocritical hyperbole when it comes to congressional ethics.

Number 1 and the political oxymoron of the century has to go to the statement that “Barack Hussein Obama is the most gifted speaker in the history of U.S. politics,” while the only speaking the current campaigner-in-chief does in public ever since he was elected. is to read words written by other’s and inserted into a teleprompter.  While Obama might qualify as a “gifted speech reader,” reading from a teleprompter hardly qualifies him for the most gifted speaker in U.S. history award. However, it does qualify him for the oxy-moron ( pun intended) of the century.












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  1. America, Land of the Free is becomming an oxy-moron since liberalism, progressivism, and Obama communism encroachment has taken over.

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