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National Day of "Doing Crap that Actually Matters"

The occupy park benches movement (a.k.a. Obamaville liaison to Big-labor) is planning a “day of action” on Thursday.

The New York local office is planning to start a march from city hall, across the Brooklyn bridge and onward to cause grid-lock near the intersection of Wall St. and Broad St. – the approximate location of the New York Stock Exchange.

The movement is preaching environmental causes, international causes, anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, pro-Palestine, pro-Union, anti-bank, anti-freedom messages – all at once.

This is the group that believes that it’s illegal for law enforcement officers to remove them from private property – that they have trespassed upon.

This is the group that infringes upon the rights of others to get their impossible-to-understand points heard.

What is needed is a counter-protest. A national movement that really matters.

Many in the TEA party have repeated the mantra “Not racist, not violent, not silent anymore”. Well, it’s time to start being less silent.

The Occupy movement is a puppet arm of the Unions and other groups that would like to see our economic system fail. Their approach: to force drastic changes to an economy to one that favors those unwilling to build exemplary skills.

Unions prop-up those willing to only do “enough” to earn a paycheck. That doesn’t mean that all union workers are lazy. It means that union leadership has no interest in making an example of those that are talented – lest it injure someone unable to become an expert. It is much like playing a sport where no one keeps score to avoid having a loser. Entrepreneurial spirit is the answer – the purest form of success due to expertise.

If you knew you would only succeed if you spent the time to learn more about your trade or perhaps invent a new technique – wouldn’t you? What if that was the only way to get ahead in America – as it was in times past. Would that not create a culture of experts or at least reward those trying to build such a culture?

Electricians of great quality can contract out to whomever they want for an above market price. Master electricians can run an entire shop of high-quality electricians and do very well. This is the spirit of America – not those do-nothing, produce-nothing loudmouths in Zucotti park.

It is time. It is THE time.  IT IS OUR time. It is the time for truly productive Americans to say that this cannot go unanswered.  Unlike the characters in Atlas Shrugged we don’t have to learn over the course of 12 years after the brat-like redistributionalists get their way. We can start to affect change today.

Do you live in New York, Oakland or any other city where one of these atrocious affronts to society are taking place? Why aren’t you calling your Mayor’s office, Governor’s office, state Rep, state Senator, police chief, sheriff’s dept or other local group. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and only the incredible minority that are living in city parks are letting city officials know how they feel.

That is why we need a “National Day of Doing Crap That Actually Matters “. On Friday, November 18th, call your LOCAL officials and let them know that you no longer want these anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-work, anti-American people keeping you out of YOUR public spaces. No longer do you want them influencing YOUR children. No longer do you want them messing with YOUR country. Tell your officials that you want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and arrest trespassers – not just push them to the side and throw away their garbage.

Cities (a.k.a. taxpayers) are spending tens of thousands of dollars a day of taxpayer money to police the “Obamavilles” and “Class Warfare Shanty Towns”. That is YOUR hard-earned money that these miscreants are spending. When will you speak up?

It’s fun to ridicule them on twitter or post their most-recent idiocy on Facebook, but that’s relatively ineffective.

Join the “National Day of Doing Crap that Actually Matters” and make a few phone calls on Friday. It won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time to disarm a movement of unthinking, irrelevant, disrespectful and unproductive union puppets.

Join the NDoDCtAM (say that 5 times fast)  and show them that the Occupational forces in America’s parks are NOT the 99%.

Movements that NDoDCTAM is in solidarity with:

Free Wall Street:

We will be talking with John Tabacco, founder of “Free Wall Street” tonight on the Mitchell & Ray show.

John and Derek Tabacco were so frustrated with the disruptions caused by the protesters in Zuccotti Park that they started the “Free Wall Street” campaign.

Mr. Tabacco is asking other Americans to  “rally” in opposition to Occupy Wall Street.

John said that “the way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of freedom fighters to rebel against the unwanted occupiers. Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park.”

You can join the rebellion against the occupiers by following the movement on twitter: @wallstfighters and their soon to be online web page:

Thanks to those providing phone numbers:


Mayor:- 214-670-4054
DPD: 214-744-444
Media Relations: 214-671-4065

San Antonio

Mayor: 210-207-7060
SAPD: 210-207-7273
Media Relations:   210-207-7234

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One Comment

  1. I love this!!! I’m already busy calling San Francisco City Hall, Board of Stupidvisors, newspapers, anyone I can to express my views. I’ve set up a group on Facebook called Anti-Occupy San Francisco, join if you want (!!). I love this! I’ll spread the word and help even more.

    1. You are the spearhead and in California – may mean a lonely existence. Thank you for actually taking the time, taking risk and letting officials hear from someone other than the occupiers.

  2. Let me tell you a little story about “doing crap that means something”. In the story it mentions the fact that, “…unions prop up those willing to only do “enough” to earn a paycheck”. And it goes on to say that not everyone in a union is not lazy. That is true. But here’s the point of working so that you CAN EARN A PAYCHECK. Being in a union does not mean that’s who you work for. But it has become that way, and we see a good example of it in New York. Do the cops NOT enforce the law because the mayor says lay off the protesters? What is their job then? Is it to enforce the local and state laws 24/7, or only when the mayor says they are to? Then the next time you are stopped by a cop ask them, “Is this the day that you are enforcing this law, and I’ve been caught in it? Would you please put out to the public when it is that you are enforcing the law, like when you set up your radar traps, and which laws you are enforcing that day?” Otherwise, the public has to assume that ALL the laws are being enforced EVERYDAY. If they aren’t, then I think it’s unfair for the public to be left trying to GUESS which laws are being inforced and which one’s aren’t. No wonder the public gets mad at the police whenever they get stopped or approached by a cop demanding that they do something that the public knows they don’t enforce all the time to everybody. It *isses people off at the cops and the cops wonder why the public has such a hostile attitude towards them. Who care’s! Then if the people of New York saw the cops not letting the protesters get away with murder they would feel content in feeling safe walking down the street knowing that if anyone gives them trouble a cop could arrest that person.

    But when people see what the cops WEREN’T DOING then what does it matter that we be REQUIRED to obey the law, and don’t give me any crap about the cops were under orders by the mayor’s office NOT to hassle the protesters. BULL CRAP!! You cops don’t work for city hall! You cops work for the people who pay your salary, the people. They wanted you to remove these scumbag Occupier’s and the cops were told not to. What are they supposed to do? They are supposed to enforce the law no matter what. They don’t let us off just because of special circumstances that we may have something going on that we needed to do what we did, and in that case we ought to be let off? See, we have a circumstance where there wasn’t anything special going on which made the protesters remain and mess the place up. No, they were breaking the law after the first day. After that they should have been run out of the city!!


  3. See, back in my day we kept people in their place. That didn’t mean just Blacks. Oh nooooo. That meant us White kids to. You could rebel if you wanted to, to a certain extent. But after that you were reined in, and sometimes it needed to be hard. That is the reason why American Society had social strata, and that was so that people knew where the bounderies were of your class. There was no “class warfare” back in those days. People were free to do as they please, speak as they please, although there might be consequences and the person making some remark about somebodies looks might get the hell slapped out of them, but you were still free to say what you wanted so long as you understood the rules.

    See, when the liberals took over our culture they took all the rules away, they took all the bounderies away, people didn’t know where they belonged any longer. Human beings need rules, bounderies, strata, and social structure. They need that so that people can organize things within the bounderies of where they are. It makes people feel safe in knowing that certain kinds of people won’t be coming over here messing with how we’ve got things organized and mess things up. This is what liberalism does. It comes in and tells people that they don’t have to remain within the bounderies and they are free to invade anyone’s space all they want. But you see what happens when people fall for that crap and go invade somebody else’s space, or mess with how things are supposed to be organized, and disorganize things.

    I’m not talking about “popping somebodies bubble”. I’m not talking about forcing people out of their “comfort zone”, which is a relatively new psychological term. We never knew anything about “comfort zones” when I was growing up. All we knew was somebody was out of place, and where they didn’t belong. No one can tell another human being that they can step out of their strata or go into someother class of people and just do what they want. No, they shouldn’t. But if they do they have to understand that there are consequences if they do. Liberal claimed that nothing would happen to them, and they needn’t fear that something bad would happen like tearing the makers tag off a pillow. You have to be older to know what that means to get the joke.

    People in America need to go back to societal strata, social place, knowing one’s place in society. We never had the kinds of problems we see these days, back when I was growing up. And don’t think that just because you were born in a certain social strata you were doomed to remaining in that strata all your life. No, that’s not what knowing your place in society was for. Knowing your place in society was so there could be ORDER in society, and not to keep people down, as the liberals claimed. Well guess what? They lied!!! The reason for societal place was so that people would know the bounderies of their existance, and how far they could go before they might get themselves in trouble if they were allowed to wander to far. You couldn’t go there unless you had the experience, skills, and knowledge to be able to step up into a better societal place than the one you came from before you could do it.

    That’s what getting an education used to be for, and all about. The more education you got the better you would do outside your social class. Once you rose as high as you could go, you could go back and forth up and down as much as you wanted. But that was the only time you could do that, and not any time you pleased whether you were ready or not. They lied in order to cause DISORDER, NOT BETTER. THEY DID NOT PROVIDE MORE FREEDOM FOR PEOPLE, THEY GAVE US CHAOS AND CONFUSION. This is the intent of destruction of social order, and Communism is the tool that liberals used to pry open the purpose of the bounderies, limits, and place in society. Remember, the purpose of knowing your place in society is so there can be order to how we can move up into a better life. Without having a place in society you can never know if you are there or not, whether you have gained all you need to know in order to be able to use all you find there or not. See, liberalism destroys the natural order of life. That is it’s purpose.

  4. If people want to do something that is worth a crap then we need to go back to doing things in a orderly fashion. That was the purpose of the way American society used to be set up. It was so that people understood what was required of them in order to be able to move up in society. Without those rules, like we are seeing now, we get things happening in our society like the Occupier’s, and out of control government. We didn’t have out of control government back in my day. Even the politician’s knew their place in society because once a person reached the level of a representative they knew the thing that set their bounderies was our Constitution. That was the law, the rules, the bounderies of government and going outside those bounderies had certain consequences, and that was you got voted out of office, you lost your job by violating the laws of the land.

    That is the reason why I say that in order for a society to be orderly you have to have rules, bounderies within society with which people operated by. If the Occupier’s were back in my day, their organizer’s would have had a parade permit with the city. They could have any kind of march they wanted, they could carry signs, they could yell, they could do what they wanted but only within the type of permit they had. Of course the Occupier’s didn’t have any permit, and Bloomberg was intimidated into not demanding a permit from the people who came in later after the first few days. But at first it was just some rift raft who went down to Wall Street and started making a bunch of noise. The cops should have arrested them right away and not let it get out of control like it did. Those people did not have the right to obstruct people’s moving along and going to where they needed to go. They did not have the right to harrass people who wanted to go get something to eat at those cafe’s and resturants. They did not have the right to make demands that no one else had the right to make. Who were they that they thought they had more rights to be on Wall Street than anyone else who was there?

    People wanted to see the police do their job and when they didn’t, it made people feel very unsafe, and threatened. This is the trouble with government that is as out of control as ours is right now. There is no order to what the government is doing, and it causes people to feel unsafe, and threatened. They don’t want to put their money in a bank, they didn’t want to buy stocks, all they wanted to do was hang onto their money until things looked like they were returning to order. Especially after the Socialist Democrats pulled their little “October Surprise” and the stock market collapsed, Freddie/Fannie collapsed, and the government thought it would be a good idea to bail out the banks that claimed they were going bankrupted. We know now that they weren’t. But that is because the government is so out of control and being that way it has a negative affect on the rest of the markets.

    Doing something that is worth a crap is calling Bloomberg and balling him out for letting the Occupier’s get away with violating the public trust between the citizen’s and the police, and city hall. When there is no trust between those groups there can only be chaos, and that’s exactly what liberalism wants and that is insecurity within the populance. This causes people to not know what is going on, and that causes insecurity within society. And back in my day we didn’t allow confusion to be let go like that because the authorities knew what would happen if it was. These days liberals have used the courts to force city hall to allow confusion to be allowed to pray on society in order to please the left. And why? Because city hall has learned that liberal judges would rule in favor with the left and liberals would be allowed to sue city hall for what some liberal judge called a “violation of civil rights”. That was a lie!! But the left was allowed to make a big noise about it by turning their side of what they wanted over to the press. The left made stuff up, they lied about what city hall was saying, and once the left set the stage of events, the public thought that city hall was being unfair to people who weren’t asking for much, so why not let them have it. And once that happened the left got their foot in the door and we see where that ended up, what happened in New York for the past two months. No one knew the filth that could be generated by a bunch of people who didn’t give a damn about how much of a mess could be caused by doing what they were doing. I’ll bet one thing, this sort of thing won’t happen again. This was the Occupier’s first and last chance to disrupt society, cause disorder within society, and cause fear and insecurity within the populance.

    They cannot be allowed to do what these people got away with doing. It was far to much freedom, and I may add, that much freedom has not ever been allowed by any one group ever before, not even during the 60’s and 70’s were people allowed to push the “bounderies” as far as these people did.

    If we see that orderlyness needs to return to our society, not only on the street and what we will allow to take place there, in our government and what we will allow our representatives to do to us and for us. We don’t need a “nanny state” to take care of us, nor do we need a out of control liberal sect to be destroying the best society in the world just because there is a “community organizer” who allowed the Occupier’s to do what they are still doing, to be set upon our country. That is wrong, and you need to let him know about it.

  5. I just heard a news brief on the radio and it was a audio of some Occupier yelling as he was being dragged away by the cops, “This is a public sidewalk!!” Yes, the Occupier was right, except for one thing. For to many years now we haved allowed the liberals to take the rules of our orderly society to be removed from society. That means that certain kinds of people think they have the right to do as they please, anywhere they please. Without rules in society people won’t know what it right and what is wrong in society. I can remember when I was a kid my grandmother would tell me that we are going out “into public”, and when you are in public there are certain rules that people have to follow that gives everyone all the rights they are entitled by our Constitution. That doesn’t mean there are NO rules if you are not out in public, no. What that means is you put on your best behavior and appearance when “out in public”. It’s so that people can see the outward appearance of “orderlyness”, and everyone is obeying the rules of society, and doing that everyone can feel safe and secure being “out in public”.

    That was one of the reason’s why we also had an awarness of “place” in society and that was so that we could show people how worthy we were to be allowed to move up in society. And it was there was no telling who was watching you. You never know who might be interested in you to give you a chance to move up that you may have to wait much longer if you were trying to move up yourself. See. That’s what that was for also, and that is you are always on your best behavior when you are “out in public”. America was a nicer place back then, and that was whenever you were out in public, you weren’t threatened by anyone and if you were, you knew you could go get a cop and let the cop deal with that person. Also criminals knew they couldn’t just show up anywhere they wanted, either. They knew people wanted things to be nice while out in public, and if some guy came out of nowhere and tried to rob you, he might try to get away with it, but he had to worry about the ordinary person coming along and trying to stop you. Or worse a cop might come along and at that point you had better run.

    But these days people are mugged out in broad daylight and no one even stops unless they are taking a picture with their phone of you being robbed. “Oh, thank’s alot, you butt *ole!!” Doing something that’s worth a crap means people want to get back to a orderly society. American’s yern for safety, security, and orderlyness. This is proven in the fact that some cities have actually enacted laws that are like some of the ones that used to exist when American society had societal rules that everyone tried to follow, like the “drooping pants” laws. Remember those? Also to, the proof that people who are to young to have lived in America when I did, when society had places for everyone to be in, thus providing safety and security, and orderlyness for everyone, is many people wanting conservatism to return to American government. People want smaller government so that it is not requiring so much money to operate. People don’t want to happen here what the Occupier’s want, which is what has been going on in Europe for decades, to destroy our society and seriously remove safety, security, and orderlyness which provide pathways to prosperity for everyone. The left would have us think that meant that only Whites would be able to succeed in an society like that. Isn’t that what they told us back in the 60’s and 70’s? The left said, like we hear Harry Reid, Durbin, and Schumer telling us on the nightly news, and in the case of Harry Reid 24/7, is that the Republican’s want to throw the poor under the bus. Well did you know that there were fewer poor back in my day then ever before in our history? Did you know that 80% of all Blacks were married before they had children? Did you know that there were more Black run businesses back before the liberal college commie’s came down South to free, “da po’ Black man”, than there are now? Did you know that life for Blacks in America was better overall than things are now for them, after 45 years of “freeing da po’ Black man”, and 6 trillion dollars worth of social programs to help the “po'”? This is because there are no more places to be in society and no bounderies within which people could operate, and no more requirements to meet so that people know how to better themselves. Now, it’s everyone is hoping to win the Power Ball, or win big at the casino! People want it easy because without bounderies or limits within which people understand the rules by which they need to remain within in order to work on moving up in society in order to achieve success, you get organized gambling paying for cities operation rather than relying on the citizen’s paying for or electing not to give city hall bigger and bigger budgets to operate by. That makes city hall learn to remain within the budget because they aren’t going to get any more if the out spend what’s there.

    That attitude of letting something immoral pay for what used to be the responsibility of the mayor’s office and the city council. That’s how we ended up with Obama giving hundreds of billions of our dollars to cities and states that were financial supporters of a political party rather than it being the responsibility of our elected city officials to do the right thing, instead of getting a bunch of free handouts from a man in the White House who is a Marxist that believes in paying off your friends and destroying your political enemies. Really? I didn’t know we had politician’s who were our enemies. I guess this is war after all. When do we start acting like it’s doing something that’s worth a crap in order to defeat our enemies?

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