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Pro-Life Catholic Charges Labor Union With Forcing Her To Fund Abortion, Interrogating Her On Religious Beliefs

A pro-life Catholic filed a complaint against her labor union bosses for forcing her to fund the union despite her religious beliefs and interrogating her over these beliefs. J&J Worldwide Service employee Dorothy Frame filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) saying that officials with the Laborers Local Union 576 (LIUNA) discriminated against her by forcing her ...

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Old School: Union Officials Plead Guilty to Severely Beating Construction Workers in Effort to Steal Contract

Two officials from the local Iron Workers union pleaded guilty today for their role in a brutal assault on a group of non-union ironworkers in Dyer, Indiana.  The attack, which left multiple workers with serious injuries, was part of an effort to obtain a contract for the union to assist with the construction of the Plum Creek Christian Academy, a ...

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Auto Workers Strike Against GM Come As Union Leaders Face Corruption Investigation

About 49,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) walked out against General Motors factories across the country at midnight on Monday. The workers are demanding fair wages, job security, affordable health care and other benefits. The strike comes as the Justice Department investigates UAW’s leadership for corruption involving more than $1 million that supposed to be put toward worker ...

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FBI, IRS Raid United Automobile Worker Chief’s House, Finds ‘Pile Of Cash’

The FBI and IRS raided the home of the United Automobile Worker Chief President Gary Jones Wednesday and discovered wads of cash. As many as twelve agents enacted a “knock and announce” protocol as they raided Jones’ Detroit home, according to the Detroit Free Press. Authorities also raided the former UAW chief’s California home, Dennis Williams, the UAW Michigan conference ...

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Bernie Sanders Releases Plan Aiming To Double Union Membership

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released a plan Wednesday aiming to double union memberships. Dubbed the Workplace Democracy Plan, the Vermont senator hopes to increase union membership by January 2025. It also promises to make joining unions easier. “A Bernie Sanders administration will make it a priority to restore workers’ rights to bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions,” ...

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Trump Cuts Off States From Skimming Medicaid Payments For Big Labor

The Trump administration finalized a rule on Thursday scrapping a 2014 Medicaid regulation allowing states to divert payments meant for caretakers to unions. The Obama administration issued a regulation that protected a state practice that had, by that time, been practiced for decades. Since the 1990s, states have accepted Medicaid money from the federal government meant for home health service ...

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Union Strike Costs Northeast’s Stop And Shop Supermarket $100 Million

The owners of Stop & Shop, the largest grocery chain in New England, are expecting to take a roughly $100 million hit due to a 10-day strike by workers. About 31,000 Stop & Shop employees started picketing outside roughly 240 stores across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut on April 11. The strike, organized by the United Food & Commercial Workers ...

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Conservatives Push Right-To-Work Laws As Unions Hemorrhage Thousands Of Members

The Mackinac Center, a free-market think tank, is stepping up efforts to promote right-to-work policies and regulations nearly a year after the Supreme Court banned union agency fees in the public sector. Mackinac is expanding its operations from informing public sector union workers and fee payers of their rights secured by the June 2018 decision in Janus v. American Federation ...

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West Coast Union Down A Quarter Of Its Members Since SCOTUS Decision On Forced Dues, Filings Show

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 in Oregon has hemorrhaged more than a quarter of its members since the U.S. Supreme Court banned mandatory agency fees in June, according to state filings obtained by The Freedom Foundation. SEIU 503, Oregon’s most influential labor group, lost about 26 percent of its dues-paying membership from December 2017 to December 2018, ...

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Court Axes Obama’s Pro-Union ‘Joint Employer’ Rule

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that an Obama-era labor law that made businesses responsible for labor violations committed by contractors was too broad, Reuters reports. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in 2015 that companies and franchisers with “indirect and direct control” of employees could be held liable for labor violations committed by contractors or franchisees. The D.C. ...

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Eight Blue States Skimmed Millions Off Medicaid Caregiver Payments For Big Labor

  by Tim Pearce Eight blue states skimmed nearly $150 million from Medicaid payments to caregivers in 2017 to cover the workers’ agency fees and dues to labor unions, according to the free-market think tank The Freedom Foundation. California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington deducted the money from healthcare workers’ paychecks for overseeing the elderly and disabled. In many ...

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Liberal Policy Is Driven By Illogic

At a time when Obama was trying to push the Chevy Volt on the nation as a gas and carbon saver, the EPA was publishing regulations that would cause many power plants to shut down, thereby depriving the Volt of its charging current.  At exactly the time we need gasoline-powered cars the most so as to have transportation during the ...

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Right to Work States Have Healthier Economies

This week Wisconsin became the 25th state in the union to pass and sign into law so-called “right to work” legislation. Despite the pejorative light oftentimes associated with right to Work (RTW) laws, in reality all they do is proscribe the requirement that a worker join or pay dues to a union as a qualification for employment. Unions often view ...

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Bought & Paid For, Part II

National and local unions have taken over the Minnesota legislature. The elections of 2012 saw an unprecedented $100 million dollars spent by large employee unions throughout the United States. More than $11 million of that money was spent in Minnesota. Bought and Paid For… Minnesota Legislature lists some of the powerful democrats who are pushing bills through legislative committees that ...

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Here We Go Again: A Discussion with Numbers USA’s Rosemary Jenks

With the “Gang of Eight” announcing their immigration reform package yesterday, I’m sure many American found the deal sensible, rational, and fair.  It’s a bipartisan deal, which pleases the independent segments of the electorate, and has Sen. Marco Rubio endorsing it wholeheartedly.  Immigration keeps the United States economically vibrant, unlike Europe, which has become older, grayer, and more Islamized.  We ...

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