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China: U.S. Must Pay to Reduce Global Emissions for Everyone

Shell refineryIn a stunning rebuke of Obama and the U.N., the world’s largest emitter of Co2 has basically told the rest of the world to pay up or shut up.

China basically ignored the U.N. meeting on climate, weather, or whatever… , but it did not prevent them from chastising the developed world for not paying their fair share (eerily familiar.)

As no Chinese representatives were present at the typically all-show and no-go event, an official letter was sent instead.

Carbon cutbacks by China and others , the reported document says, will be “dependent on the adequate finance and technology support provided by developed country parties.”

Guess Americans just need to quit whining and start signing checks.

Ok greenies, here’s your chance. If you want to save the world, start sending checks to the Chinese. We have every hope that you will get a result from the money you send to the Chinese government – about the same hope we have for the money we all send to our own government.


Palestinian President Abbas on the Road to Destruction

The Israeli Embassy in DC recently released the following video illustrating the danger of Palestinian President Abbas attempting to get observer status in the U.N. While it is amusing, it points out the folly of trying to side-step meaningful negotiations with the Israelis about the future of a Palestinian state. While the intentions of Abbas to get recognition from the U.N. are fairly clear, the statements from U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon on a two-state solution are not necessarily cut and dry. He has specified that there must be a lasting peace, but was not exactly clear on how to get there – most importantly, he did not seem to specify whether he was for or against the Abbas bus ride to statehood via the U.N.

About That Democracy Plan in Egypt

Two U.S. political activists groups pushing for what is largely an undefined “democracy” in Egypt under the guise of  human rights/ election monitoring [U.S. Government funded]  programs have been told they will not be allowed to leave Egypt recently. The two groups involved are the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute.  (NDI) Their mission statements are as follows:

IRI –  A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, IRI advances freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, democratic governance and the rule of law.

NDI – A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

According to this IRI retread of a New York Times news report, “In addition to Mr. LaHood, four other employees from the Republican Institute, including two Americans, had been barred from travel. Officials of the National Democratic Institute said that six of its employees had been banned, including three Americans.” That would be current Obama appointee and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s son Sam, they are referring to in that paragraph,as he is listed as the current Director of the IRI.

As is always the case when Americans are detained abroad for what has been termed “politically charged” criminal investigations, the devil is always in the details. For instance, this problem didn’t just pop up on Thursday when Sam LaHood and company were detained. As a matter of fact President Obama actually called Egyptian Field Marshall Tantawi on Wednesday, the day before the people were detained. In that call he told the Field Marshall that this year’s American military aid hinged on satisfying new Congressional legislation requiring that Egypt’s military government take tangible steps toward democracy, said three people briefed on the conversation. So apparently, there were concerns prior to this week that there were investigations into possibly illegal political activities in Egypt.

Considering that last spring the Egyptian government had initiated a formal criminal investigation into  foreign financing of non-profit groups operating in Egypt during the now infamous Arab Spring, it seems ludicrous to suggest that the U.S. State dept. and the Obama administration did not see all of this coming. Then again, just this past December, heavily armed Egyptian police officers raided several of these “rights groups” offices included four that were funded by the U.S. Government. Of course the U.S. Gov’t. denounced these raids as attempts to block the human rights and democracy building groups from their stated missions of helping the people of Egypt to install a new government through a fair democratic voting process.

The question here is whether or not the United States government has the right to interfere with the formation of a new government and the creation of a new constitution. Americans were told that Egypt is free from the tyrannical dictator now, and the people can install the government of their choice through free and fair elections. So why is the U.S. still over there trying to manipulate and control the formation of the new government? This is why the U.S is hated in that part of the world. This is also why other countries are now here in America demanding that their religions and laws be obeyed here. Sharia law is now being injected into the American judicial system in many states, causing them to draft legislation that specifically outlaws Sharia law defenses in their states. We have no business influencing the political system of Egypt or any other country through political activist groups that are funded by our very own government. The U.N. is supposed to help ensure fair elections in countries where the government has been toppled like in Egypt. It is one thing to try to help to ensure fair elections, yet it is a whole new ballgame when we are caught trying to push for Western-style democracy  in a country rooted in 7th century Islamic ideology. The detention of these political activists in Egypt is a stiff warning to the American government. Stay out of  Egypt’s business .



Canada Quits Kyoto as Globalists Step Up Climate Change Money-Grab

Two major news headlines came out yesterday, Dec. 11, 2011, that when read separately do not lead the readers to see the complete picture of how one is directly connected to the other. Headline 1, from Business Standard was titled, Canada quits Kyoto Protocol, becomes first nation to do so. The second headline is from Fox News.com titled, >U.N. Climate Conference Reaches Hard-Fought Agreement.

In the first headline from Business Standard we see the following explanation about Canada dropping out of the original Kyoto Protocol, which is explained here from the United Nations Kyoto Protocol/Climate Change homepage as:

The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The major feature of the Kyoto Protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions .These amount to an average of five per cent against 1990 levels over the five-year period 2008-2012
The major distinction between the Protocol and the Convention is that while the Convention encouraged industrialized countries to stabilize GHG emissions, the Protocol commits them to do so.
(emphasis mine)

As the above headline states, Canada has now refused to abide by any further mandates by the globalists in the U.N. that were inserted into the original Kyoto protocol. Canada’s conservative P.M., Stephan Harper and their Environmental Minister, Peter Kent released the following statements as to why they will no longer allow the U.N. Climate Change manipulators to basically charge Canada for carbon emissions, siphon off that wealth to other countries, while the two largest emitters, China and the United States are not covered under the newest U.N Climate Change mandates that were established just two days ago at the U.N. Climate Change Conference held in Durban, S. Africa.( now known as the Durban Platform)

“We are invoking Canada’s legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto,” Environment Minister Peter Kent said, two days after a marathon UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa, at which 194 nations agreed to work on a new roadmap to curb global carbon emissions. Before this week, the Kyoto Protocol covered less than 30% of global emissions. Now it covers less than 13% — and that number is only shrinking. The Kyoto Protocol does not cover the world’s two largest emitters – the United States and China – and therefore will not work” he said.

As the original Kyoto Protocol was shown to be pretty much a lopsided failure, as is usually the case when people try to get many different nations to agree on one set of rules, it has now been proven to be just the initial step in allowing the U.N. Climate Change plutocracy to take massive amounts of wealth from one country and give it to another country based on very shady and cloudy Global Warming theory-based mandates. We see this proven by several of the U.N. Durban conference attendee statements after the headlines hit the news announcing, U.N. Climate Change Conference Reaches Hard-Fought Agreement. From the above-linked Fox News article we see the following tidbits: (emphasis mine)

The proposed Durban Platform (COP17) offered answers to problems that have bedeviled global warming negotiations for years about sharing the responsibility for controlling carbon emissions and helping the world’s poorest and most climate-vulnerable nations cope with changing forces of nature.
Sunday’s deal also sets up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year for poor countries. Other documents in the package lay out rules for monitoring and verifying emissions reductions, protecting forests, transferring clean technologies to developing countries and scores of technical issues.

While the debate raged on, India objected to being included in the Durban Platform mandates under the guise that “developing nations” of the past 20 years should not pay for 200 years of Global warming caused by industrialized nations. If that is to be considered fair, how about “developing nations” compensating industrial nations for developing the very technology that reduces carbon reductions in the first place? India’s Environmental Minister, Jayanthi Natarajan did have the most compelling comment of the conference: “How do I give a blank check and give a legally binding agreement to sign away the rights of 1.2 billion people?”

This is the main problem with the U.N. being given the power to take wealth and technology from one nation to give it to the nation of their choice, under the guise of being World Climate Change Czars. This is also being driven by a conglomerate of Socialists that seem to want Americans to ignore just what that Socialism has done recently to the European Union countries. Canada has taken the lead in pulling out of this One World Government scheme that is hiding behind the initials U.N.

It would be wise for the U.S to pull out of this recently announced Durban Platform/Kyoto Protocol redo, and take a firm stand against this unfair attempt at redistributing America’s wealth and technology under the guise of saving the planet from the evil carbon emissions that have in fact, allowed America to help feed and develop other nations for over 200 years. Unless of course, the Globalists at the U.N. would like to discuss the other nations being mandated to pay America back for her centuries of contributions to carbon emission reductions, clean-air technology, food production, electricity generation etc. America’s system of capitalism has allowed the rest of the world to benefit from it for a long time now. Is that something we should bend over and let the U.N. Climate Change plutocrats and fear-mongers penalize us for?

Footnote: Actual commitments from the last minute “negotiations” at the Durban Platform conference have been slow to hit the news. Relative updates will be posted as they develop, including a final summary of just what, if anything this conference accomplished.

Update: Ed Morrissey over at hotair.com summed it up nicely:

So the “agreement” is a non-binding pledge to meet again and make another agreement in, oh, three or four years, and that agreement won’t have to take effect for another five years after that. The only commitments in the near future for the Durban agreement is some voluntary reduction goals that emerging nations won’t bother to meet and industrial nations will ignore. Just like … Kyoto.

Is This What “Democracy” Looks Like ?

COLD-blooded murder and assassinations, the bombing of a country that attacked no one, and the U.S. participation in three wars that have no defined mission. Is this what Democracy looks like ? Americans seem to have severe cases of selective memory loss when it comes to the very same war crimes that many people have accused George Bush of committing years ago with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, people seem to forget the freedom that was won for the Iraqi people from the murdering dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime that they enjoy today, mainly because of the war in Iraq. They were freed from Hussein’s oppression and brutal dictatorship, yet many people still call this a war crime today.

While leftists around the world and even Republican RINOS in DC today have called the Iraqi war an illegal action, I,d like to point out that we are still there losing brave Soldiers lives. What say you Obama,and your radical Liberal mouthpieces? Where is the cry to pull out of Iraq today? There isn’t one, simply because leftist ideologues are nothing but pathetic hypocrites pushing an anti-American Socialistic agenda, period ! War is only illegal when a Republican is waging it.

How about explaining to the nation how we waged an illegal war on the leader of Libya, all based on your fake cries of Democracy there?  Leftist Democrat Hillary Clinton gave the ragtag radical rebels in Libya 25 million dollars of our tax payers hard earned money, all the time saying it wasn’t for “lethal military equipment.” Well just yesterday the Rebel spokesman was demanding more money to fund the civil war in Libya. We are simply giving aid and comfort to a group of people to topple their government. Of course the leftist propagandists in the media, who get their orders from the Obama regime, seem to have missed this little fact, as there has not been one word written, or one report on TV asking where in the hell did the Libyan Rebels get all the new military equipment from?  Obama and company do not want the American public asking that question. One minute the Libyan Rebels are a ragtag group of 15 – 20 men without uniforms, guns, radios, rockets, etc., and the next thing we see after Hillary gives them 25 million dollars, is that they have all of the afore-mentioned military equipment, including radios, guns, shoulder fired rockets, uniforms, etc. Here is some new information on the illegal funding of the Libyan rebels to promote the overthrow of their government, even though no one knows exactly what kind of government the rebels intend to install if they succeed. Is this what Democracy looks like? From BBC News Africa:

The international contact group on Libya has agreed to create a temporary fund  to assist rebel groups, during talks in Rome.

The rebels’ Transitional National Council says it needs $2bn-$3bn (£1.2bn-£1.8bn) in the coming months for military salaries, food, medicine and
other basic supplies.

Anyone thinking that this money will not be used to buy weapons is in denial of reality here. The propagandists just do not want anyone to be held accountable when it gets proven that NATO and Hillary Clinton in particular, are funding the weapons that will be used to overthrow the Libyan government here. Notice the cutsey name being used for the group funding the rebels now ? ” The International Contact group.” When the U.S. and the U.K, along with NATO are proven to be funding weapons for the rebels, who will be held accountable for it? Nobody, thus the fake “group” mantra being used.  Again, the U.S and the U.K. are funding the rebels to overthrow the government in Libya, as we see again in the above-mentioned BBC article:

British Foreign Secretary William Hague insisted that any financial assistance to the rebels would not be spent on weapons.

Do you mean just like the idiots that “monitored” the pathetic U.N. Oil for Food scandal that you jackasses enabled back in the early 90’s that let Saddam Hussein swindle billions of dollars from you incompetent, Socialist globalists ? Oh yes, we believe you will “monitor all that cash” to make sure it doesn’t buy weapons. It isn’t like your types have been proven to be incompetent buffoons before is it? Oh wait, the Oil for Food thing…

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (far left) and the foreign ministers and representatives of countries and organisations in the Libya Contact Group meeting in Rome - 5 May 2011 The Libya Contact Group has been looking at ways to fund the Libyan uprising against Col Gaddafi

“This [money] will help them to keep basic services going… because in the east of Libya they still need to be educating people, to keep public services
moving and they have to meet the expenses of all that and they don’t have much tax revenue at the moment,” he said.

Just like U.S Liberals, the rebels in Libya have picked a fight that has caused a disruption in their tax revenue, and now the rest of the world is being asked to fund their fight. Ever hear of actions have consequences ? People are now seeing the ignorance of the illegal war in Libya with no stated mission or plan, and now they want others to fix the problems they created. Zero personal responsibility, just like the liberal ideology of the Global Socialists. Is it any wonder the Liberal Nanny-State worshipper Hillary Clinton is right in the middle of this fiasco ? Maybe Hillary and Bill can buy some property in Libya and stay there for the rest of their pathetic lives, instead of continuing to infect America with their Socialistic ideology. One minute it is a war crime to invade another country that hasn’t attacked us, the next it is U.S. policy to have the Secretary of State over there to fund the uprising. Is this what Democracy looks like?  Damn hypocrite fake Democrats disgust me more every day.

In conclusion, we have learned that Libyan President Gaddafi’s son and three grand-kids, all under the age of fourteen were blown to pieces by a NATO bomb. Innocent bystanders murdered in cold blood and no one can be held accountable because they are now hiding under the NATO umbrella. Is this what Obama and Hillary’s Democracy looks like? After all, this is their stated reason for waging an illegal war on Libya. Looks more like murder and war crimes to me.

NATO Takes Over in Libyan Civil War. Excuse me?

     NATO< stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and for those who flunked  History and Geography both, Libya is

   A: Not in the Atlantic Ocean and,      B:  Libya did not attack the United States.  The original NATO charter was set up as an organization that constitutes a group of member states that agree to collectively defend their countries against an external attack.  Who did Libya attack recently?  So how would the NATO charter become so convoluted as to allow other nations to proceed with an act of war against Libya ? 

     The United States of America is governed by the laws put forth within our Constitution and bill of rights, not by the U.N., NATO, or the E.U. We are not, and will not be governed by any New World Order or One World Governmental system bent on relegating America to a second-rate country, no matter what the collective failed governments from the rest of the world think. We will fight and defend The United States of America  from having her wealth and prosperity pillagedby a bunch of  wanna-be Marxist/Socialist King-makers, period. The American military action in the Libyan Civil war is illegal according to both the U.S.  Constitution and the NATO charter.

     Just five days ago, NATO refused to reach consensus on the enforcement of the  U.N. authorized no-fly zone, due to Turkey rejecting the idea of waging war against Libya, and France’s reservations on transferring the command of its ongoing operations to NATO.  In the meantime, the propagandists in charge of this war action have now renamed the term WAR, to be calleda Kinetic Military action.  Boy, that is eerily similar to Socialist Democrats becoming Liberals, and then changing their name again to Progressives to try to hide their Socialistic/Communist agenda. ( All the while hiding behind the mantra of the old Democratic Party of the U.S. )  Oh what a tangled web we  weave, when first we practice to deceive!

     If the Obama wants to try to use the example of NATO being active in the Iraq and Afghanistan WARS as a defence for this ploy that has gotten the U.S.into another war, there is one glaring difference between that and the Libyan Civil war of today: America was attacked on her own soil on Sept. 11th, 2001. That dictates the right for America and NATO to stage the counter-offensive against the people behind those attacks, no matter where they chose to try to hide. This war action is a huge step towards a One World Government, as they are now combining Nato, the E.U, and the U.N. into one entity, and using the United States military to lead an attack on another country that has not attacked anyone.

     Now that the dirty work is done and the U.S.can be blamed on the world stage once again for any civilian casualties, here comes the rest of the world agreeing to take part in patroling the no-fly zone. Must be nice to sit on your ass and let the Americans blow up all the anti-aircraft stations, and then when it is virtually danger-free, to agree to supply fighter jets.( See the Arabs )  The only effective military action that was taken here came in the form of the initial barrage of cruise missiles launched by U.S. warships, at a cost to the taxpayer of $567,000 a piece!  Those strikes took out effectively 97% of all of Libya’s anti-aircraft stations. The rest of the story in the media about French jets hitting one truck, and other tall tales about the so-called *international coalition*  is a bunch of propaganda to try to cover up the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has waged an illegal war on Libya without the approval of the U.S. Congress!

Lies about Libya: The Arab Emirates are behind this war 100%

Go to fullsize image We have all seen the conflicting reports about what is happening in Libya today, and just what is the end goal ? If we try ask the supposed Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, one Barack Hussein Obama to define this situation, we get silence and/or flat out refusal to offer any plausible explanation. Make no mistake here, we have bombed another country and that is an act of war, no matter how Obama’s PR club may try to spin it. Media spin is one thing, flat out lies are another. This is a war on another country, whether we like who is their President or not. Congress was consulted both before the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, yet they were  not even consulted before the Libyan war, let alone a vote to fund it was not held.  Obama thinks that he can just refuse to call it a war and that makes it a legal action. He  is wrong, 100%.

We were all told in the beginning, that the UAE, or United Arab Emirates were all in with this supposed U.N. plan to bomb Libya. Yet once the bombing started, we saw reports of disgust about the killing of Libyan civilians coming out of the UAE. Keep in mind that the U.S.A. is a long way from Libya, yet the Arab countries are right in Libya’s backyard, yet we saw exactly zero Arab planes involved in applying the no-fly zone right from the start. This mission was supposed to be just to knock out Ghaddafi’s anti-arircraft weapons so that a no-fly zone could be enforced, and then let the Libyans fight their own battle.  Add in the fact that it would serve the Arab countries best interests to ensure that Libya becomes a stable country, and the fact that the UAE has been missing in action up until now is quite troubling. Low and behold, now that the heavy work has been done and the no-fly zone has grounded  Ghadaffi’s air force, we see more media spin, including some directly from the Whitehouse about how the UAE are totally on board now, and will supply some warplanes. From FoxNews.com, we see the following statements today:

”  When enforcement of the no-fly zone first began, the U.A.E. hesitated to join military efforts, instead focusing on its commitment to support a humanitarian campaign.”

”  It’s been widely reported that the pledges of participation from Arab countries was a crucial factor in the Obama administration’s decision to participate in military action over Libya. “

Now that the bombing is finished and Ghadaffi’s air force has been grounded which leaves other’s responsible for the civilian deaths from said bombings, the UAE will start to help. The problem here is that Obama and the U.N. said that the UAE participation was crucial to their decision to get involved in the first place. It now becomes painfully obvious that the UAE was not fully informed about the necessary bombings in the first place here.  From that same FoxNews article we see more evidence of deceit and/or lies to cover up the true reason in the U.N original no-fly zone parameters set forth in the original resolution authorising this war:

” U.A.E. support is especially helpful after the no-fly zone was criticized by General Amr Mussa from the Arab League. He said the coalition’s actions exceeded the bounds set by the U.N. no-fly zone resolution. (emphasis mine)

So the General from the Arab League says they are exceeding the boundaries of the original U. N. resolution that authorised the no-fly zone enforcement. This is just one small example of how the true reason for the war action in Libya is being keep in secrecy. Many members of the U.S. Congress are demanding that Obama define this war and it’s end goals to no avail. The State department recently states that it is in serious discussions with the rebel party in Libya. Just what are you discussing and with whom?  What “Rebel leaders” are you talking about there ?

The Obama club bragged about honesty and transparency during the 2008 election campaign.  We sure as hell aren’t seeing any transparency in the reasons for the Libya war action that the taxpayers are being made to foot the bill for once again.  Hope and Change? What?

Hoping that you can change America into  another third world ghetto nation like your reported homeland roots, Africa? After all, the Obama race-based supporters call it historic to elect the first African-American President. Note that “African”comes first there ? This is an illegal military action directly forbidden in our U.S. Constitution, no matter what Obama tries to call it. Start the impeachment hearings today.

Cost of Defense (Trillions) Source: http://bit.ly/adk44x
FY1998 .256
FY1999 .261
FY2000 .281
FY2001 .291
FY2002 .332
FY2003 .389
FY2004 .437
FY2005 .474
FY2006 .499
FY2007 .529
FY2008 .595
FY2009 .637
FY2010 .677
FY2011 .708

While Obama and his Democrat-sheep like to say we need to cut defense spending, that lie is debunked right there. They had total control of Congress for 4 straight years, and look at that defense spending!