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China: U.S. Must Pay to Reduce Global Emissions for Everyone

Shell refineryIn a stunning rebuke of Obama and the U.N., the world’s largest emitter of Co2 has basically told the rest of the world to pay up or shut up.

China basically ignored the U.N. meeting on climate, weather, or whatever… , but it did not prevent them from chastising the developed world for not paying their fair share (eerily familiar.)

As no Chinese representatives were present at the typically all-show and no-go event, an official letter was sent instead.

Carbon cutbacks by China and others , the reported document says, will be “dependent on the adequate finance and technology support provided by developed country parties.”

Guess Americans just need to quit whining and start signing checks.

Ok greenies, here’s your chance. If you want to save the world, start sending checks to the Chinese. We have every hope that you will get a result from the money you send to the Chinese government – about the same hope we have for the money we all send to our own government.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Shhhh…don’t say that out loud, it might give the guy with the pen & phone an ‘ideological’ idea!!! After all, ‘he’ wants to raise our ‘contribution to China’s ‘humanitarian’ aide ..It’s my recollection that GW Bush rejected a similar proposal because of just this issue…Seems to me that a bad idea is a bad idea. period! Boy ‘o boy, that Bush is looking pretty good after all.

  2. Ah, yet another communist country in agreement with the Marxist sitting in the White House.

    And why should we believe anything the White House has to say? He lied about a health care program telling people they could keep their insurance when they lost it. He creates a “war on women” when there isn’t one except in the minds of the professional victims guising as Progressives. He attacks business whenever he can.

    This is nothing but another attempt to take more control over the means of production in business which is the protocol of the Marxist sitting in the Oval office. These tactics are what Marxists do—create victim groups and create crisis and then step in with government control.

    Oh that’s right—the Progressive keeps telling me I don’t know what the definition of Marxism is. The definition isn’t trying to redistribute the wealth or having business run by government mandates. Marxism isn’t that at all. ACA and one man paying for another isn’t a Marxist concept at all. Nothing what Barry has done for the past few years represents Marxism. Where do I get all of that I wonder?

    As I have predicted in my own writings we are coming to collapse and tyranny in this country. You don’t have to believe me. Trying reading the tactics of other tyrannical nations. You’ll find they started with the same measures and strategy.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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