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Pawlenty vs Bachmann: Debate Quirrel Extends into the Press

As much of a #facepalm moment the debate became when Gov. Tim Pawlenty started a back-and-forth, playground-style tiff with Rep. Bachmann, it didn’t end there. Press releases were sent immediately to all news outlets explain why each one was right and who had lied. The fight started on July 10th when Pawlenty hinted that he… Read More »

DNC Launches Misleading News Campaign

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8, 2011 Today the Democratic National Committee announced its “Extreme Aims” Mediscare mistruthfest in the lead-up to Thursday’s Republican debate in Iowa and the Ames straw poll on Saturday. Calling the the 2012 Republican presidential field “extreme” and “out-of-touch” in response to public opinion that is using those very terms to describe the President’s policies. Iowa Caucus// James Q.… Read More »

Pawlenty to Start “Road to Results” Tour

The Pawlenty for President organization today released Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty’s plan to travel through 26 cities in Iowa in eight days ending at the Ames Straw Poll on August 13th. “As I have traveled across the state over the last two weeks, Iowans have voiced their frustration with President Obama and his failure to… Read More »

Michele Bachmann Kicks Off Iowa Bus Tour

Iowa City, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will kick off her Iowa campaign bus tour on Saturday, July 2. Along the Iowa state campaign trail, Bachmann will host meet-and-greets with supporters and attend Independence Day weekend activities, while sharing her message of constitutional conservatism and taking questions from voters. The following events are… Read More »

Michele Bachmann – Fluke, Flake or Phenom?

Michele Bachman is expected to formally declare her candidacy for President in Iowa today. Her name has risen from the  collection of unknowns in the GOP field to a virtual dead-heat with Mitt Romney in a recent Iowa poll. Is it just Iowa? Is she a serious candidate? Could she be the first woman President… Read More »

City Council in Iowa Forces Citizens to Hand Over Keys to Private Property [Video]

[Cedar Falls, Iowa] – Ordinance #2740 was passed with a 6-1 vote by the Cedar Falls city council. The law forces home and business owners to give the government the keys to their property.This would give the government access to private property whenever then city deems it necessary. Serious questions arise over 4th amendment rights,… Read More »