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Just one day before the Iowa Caucuses…

Four years of pent-up frustration, disillusion, anger and regret have many focused on the 2016 presidential election which officially has its first vote tomorrow – in Iowa.

The primary season starts with the Iowa Caucuses followed closely by New Hampshire, and the images, video, sound bytes and excerpts are  surfacing at an amazing velocity.

While major news outlets are focusing on the he said – she said, us vs. them and personal attacks – I thought it would be more fun to publish the actual statistics and find some less-publicized stuff to share.

First, the fun stuff. Cruz is running strong in Iowa despite the whole voter violation thing .. his bus though .. not so much.

Before we get into the who did what that made no sense .. let’s check some numbers. FiveThirtyEight pulled together the results of 82 different polls on the GOP nominees to prognosticate an outcome: aggregation of pollsThe difference between Trump and Cruz is statistically insignificant. 39% of Iowans say that they could switch their vote after attending the caucuses which will make things popcorn-worthy Monday night.

But how is the democrat caucus going?

Hillary is just making stuff up as she goes along when anyone asks her about the ‘above top secret’ stuff on the closet server she had some fly-by-night provider keep in their bathroom.

First Clinton says that the right thing to do is “apologizing sooner, as soon as you can.” Unfortunately for the former secretary of state, she follows it up with illogical excuses and lies.

I’m not willing to say it was an error in judgment because what — nothing that I did was wrong.

Perhaps Clintonian inconsistencies are what allow avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders to become the face of the Democrat party.

Well .. we got to see Bernie join hippy hold-over band Vampire Weekend  in singing “This Land is Your Land.”

Hillary and Bernie are not the only two Democrats in the race. Earlier this month, Democrat Martin O’Malley shared with voters that he hadn’t taken a dime of Wall Street money:

O’Malley said he had not taken money from Wall Street “this year.” The year is 17 days old and O’Malley is at 2.3% in the latest Real Clear Politics national poll average, so no surprise. Even the audience of loyal Democrats laughed at that one.

As fun as the race as been this year, it still has yet to produce a video fail event like this one:

Iowa decides .. kinda. Some point out that the Iowa Caucuses select the actual president only 43% of the time. What the statistic ignores is that Iowa doesn’t choose a singular presidential candidate. It awards electors to a Democrat candidate and a Republican candidate.

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