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Hillary Accuses Bernie Of Deserting The GM Auto Workers, Whom She Voted To Bail Out


Hillary is again having an argument both ways. She is criticizing her opponent, Bernie Sanders, for voting seven years ago to not bail out General Motors when it went through its bankruptcy troubles. At the time Hillary was in the Senate and did vote for the GM bailout. However, it hasn’t been that long ago that Hillary was blaming the ...

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As Usual, Democrats Condemn Republicans For Their Words, When Democrats’ Actual Deeds Are Much More Offensive


As one could predict, Hillary is criticizing Republicans for what they are saying during their campaigns, when the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout their political lives are much worse than anything the Republicans could say. When Donald Trump made the reference about Mitt Romney being on his knees, it could well have been a reference to Mitt ...

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Hillary Says That What America Needs Is More Love. That Sounds More Like Something Bill Would Whisper To Monica.

Obama's Rubble - A.F. Branco political cartoon

After beating Bernie Sanders badly in primary voting two days ago, Hillary told her audience that “What America needs is more love and kindness”. Aside from sounding like a 1960s Dusty Springfield top-hits song, her words almost sound like something Bill Clinton was whispering in the ear of Monica Lewinski as he prepared to stain her pretty blue dress in ...

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Hillary Is Under FBI Investigation And Her Voting Base Is Staying At Home, And The “No Trump” Farce Is Appropriate How?

Eagle- America Deserves Better

The more one sees reports about current political events the more one doubts the sanity of America’s political class. Last night on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, panelist David Gregory, a liberal NBC reporter, stated that the No Trump movement is important because Trump is divisive and he uses bad language occasionally, so he must be prevented from running for ...

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Hey Conservatives You’re Doing It Again

I have always said and I believe 100% that it was Conservatives fault that we have Obama for 8 years. Staying home because McCain wasn’t Conservative enough, likewise with Romney gave us the mess we are in today. I belong to about a dozen groups and receive almost the same in news-letters. Lately I have been browsing over the content ...

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Bernie And Hillary Make Poor Robin Hoods (Just Plain “Hoods” Better Describes Them)

Eagle God Bless America

The Robin Hood reference is for Bernie’s and Hillary’s promise to provide free education to all students forever. But they have the beneficiaries of this big-government largess reversed. They want to be seen as promising the middle class the benefit of a free education, when in reality a large section of the middle class don’t attend college (is college needed ...

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Imagine the chaos if Clinton’s super delegates win her the primary regardless of popular vote

AP delegate count DNC

Woe the Democrat leadership if their plan to coronate the wicked witch of New York/Arkansas as queen is in controversy with popular vote. Bernie statistically tied the queen in Iowa and soundly crushed her in New Hampshire, so how is it that Clinton is leading Sanders in the count that matters – delegates. Back in August, I mentioned that Hillary ...

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What Has Obama Wrought For America?

God Bless America Eagle

America is more exposed to attacks from foreign sources than we’ve ever been, and all because of Obama’s idiotic and unconstitutional opening of our borders to all comers, whether terrorists or job seekers, and his traitorously ignoring the danger presented by ISIS and other militant groups who publicly express their intent to destroy America and our way of life.  Additionally, ...

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Tie between Bernie and Hillary in Iowa Caucus solved with .. a coin toss [video]

Iowa DNC uses coin toss to decide election

We couldn’t make this stuff up. DNC reps decide that a tie at a Democrat caucus precinct should be decided in the same fashion as an NFL kickoff. This is how the #IowaCaucus works. A tie is solved tossing a coin @HillaryClinton wins — Fernando Peinado (@FernandoPeinado) February 2, 2016 Considering how tight the Iowa race was, normally you’d ...

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Lying, Cheating, and Stealing… an American way of Life?


I’ve been speaking with a lot of my not-so-political friends on the other side of the isle. These are people that are usually very sensible. We find ourselves very close on issues, though we may take a different approach to get to the same conclusion, but sensible none the less. Over the last few months several of them have expressed ...

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Democrats Follow The Outline Of A GEICO Commercial: They Attack Opponents Viscously And Dishonestly, It’s What They Do

dem debate

Under the “It’s what they do” category, Hillary just launched an attack on Michigan’s Republican Governor, trying to blame him personally for the Flint, Michigan, water pollution issue that has endangered the health of millions of lives in that city.  Hillary could foresee the largely Black population of Flint as being a convenient place to advance a blame-the-Republican environment and ...

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Government Simply Will Not Leave Us To Hell Alone

dem debate

Even with Hillary and Bernie telling us that Obamacare is one of the great accomplishments of Barack Obama, they still want to push harder with more government control of healthcare for all Americans. Even with the Dodd-Frank regulation tying banks into knots and causing banking failures, Hillary and Bernie still want to hit America’s finance system harder with more restrictive ...

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Full Video January 17, 2016 Democrat Debate

dem debate

Democratic candidates fought over who could ban more guns and take more control over the healthcare of every American – oh, and this one was ended early too..

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The People Are Speaking, In Spite Of the Hot Verbal Air Of Politics


The establishment Republican’s candidates can’t get any traction against Trump, Cruz or Carson, and for the Democrat leadership, Hillary is looking increasingly weak and threatened against Bernie Sanders. The people out here in fly-over country are speaking via candidate opinion polls and the politicians from both parties are frightened about what is happening to their hand-picked candidates, and they don’t ...

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