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The GOP Got Punk’d

It’s over.

So far, I have seen the media, libertarians and independent voters, fraud, and liberal thuggery blamed for the GOP loss last night. None of these, individually or collectively, is to blame for the fact that Obama was re-elected. The blame lies in our own inability to combat the culture of dependency and present a vision that combats the plays on fear that liberals use to win support from the average voter.

Women and Hispanic voters came out big for Obama. They came out despite Obama’s broken promises on immigration reform and despite his own White House employment gender disparity. Why? Because his very effective campaign of fear convinced them that the GOP fully intended to deport every immigrant and tear apart families and to summarily shove women barefoot into the kitchen, pregnant with rapist spawn. We have done nothing to give them any reason to think differently. Political campaigns, at any level, are no place to espouse personal ideology that will not be entertained in policy. As much as I cannot stand liberal ideology, suggesting legislating of morality is never going to sit well with a majority of Americans.

The right, collectively, allowed an out-of-touch group of political elites hand pick a nominee that didn’t represent anyone except themselves. While I truly believe that Mitt Romney is an excellent businessman, a great man, and loves America, he never represented the mainstream right. His nomination was exemplary of everything that is wrong with the GOP today. He ran his campaign as the personification of everything that the left was demonizing. There was nothing wrong with Mitt’s business dealings in Bain or his religious ideology, except that they are the very things that the left uses in terrifying liberals into entitlement submission.

If the right want to win, from State offices to the Presidency, it is time they came to grips with the fact that their current and proposed representatives are more RINO than Republican. The GOP says it is the party of smaller government and less spending. Nothing in Romney’s five point plan indicated either of those pieces of the Grand Old Party’s platform. The cheerleaders who jumped on the Romney Express to failure endorsed a candidate contrary to everything that they fought for in the last four years. Romney was not a moderate in the GOP party… he IS the GOP party in it’s current state. You want the GOP to have the confidence of the majority? Hold them to their platform, and stop accepting everything they shove down your throats.

I listened to Romney debate. I read Romney’s speeches. I know his governing record. The left did, too. Did you? I heard three things in his Five Point Plan: Hope and change, more spending, more government. And, as far as the left was concerned, every time Romney or Ryan said “Five Point Plan”, they may as well have been saying “Nine. Nine. Nine”

Can we do this right, this time? In the next four years, can we make the GOP the party of smaller government? Can we get them to put up candidates who can articulate the message of individual responsibility and personal liberty without invoking images of midnight raids to deport anyone with brown skin or a raped victim forced to give birth to her attacker’s child? Can we use pop culture our advantage by encouraging film, music, and entertainment that espouses family values and responsibility? Can we stop making excuses as to why we have failed to make our own message appealing? Can we?

Disagree? Agree? Want to hear more? Join me tomorrow night, at 10pm EST on In Deep to start on the road to winning between now and 2016.

Obama Won’t Dump Biden for Hillary

Good ‘ole Uncle Joe has been absolutely gaffe-tastic the last few weeks, but that won’t lead to Obama switching VP’s for the 2012 run.

After telling Virginian’s that they can help win North Carolina, telling supporters that Romney and Ryan will “put y’all in chains”, asking a wheelchair-bound Senator to”stand up” and more, you’d think that the President would be tripping over himself to make a change. Afterall, Obama-Biden is a beatable ticket, Obama-Clinton could be a more difficult challenge. A Clinton-Ryan debate would also likely have fewer highlights of Ryan easily besting his opponent.

Sarah Palin even vocalized her opinion on the matter saying, “Really the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary.” But will they?

No way. If Obama replaces Biden, he’s admitting that his campaign is in trouble and can only be saved by Hillary Clinton – and there’s no love lost between Obama and the Clintons. The narcissist-in-Chief would also be admitting that he made a mistake in choosing Joe Biden in the first place.

Secondly, Palin’s play makes it her idea to make the swap. If Obama switches horses, he’s taken the Conservative diva’s advice over his own judgement. What are the odds of that?

The most-significant reason Obama won’t consider a change is that he believes the election is all about him. He doesn’t believe Biden helps or hurts his chances at re-election because only his persona and agenda matter to the voters. While that is absolutely true of his base, those not-so-committed will continue to sour on the grey-haired gaffer as they become more-impressed with the young and intelligent Rep. Paul Ryan.

The President only has another 22 days to make the swap if he’s going to. The Democrat Presidential ticket has to be decided no later than the DNC convention in September. It is far more-likely that they’ll hide Uncle Joe from the media for awhile and let the noise around his colorful mistakes slowly fade into the woodwork. After all, “You didn’t build that” is going to do far more damage than anything Biden could say.

Liberalism is Terminally Ill

It’s been a pitiful sight – a sad week for progressives and “Big Union” Democrat-shilling thugs. In the wake of Tuesday night’s devastating recall smackdown in Wisconsin, tens of thousands of “Occupy” hippies across the nation have simply been too depressed to get stoned and not look for work.

On Wednesday the White House released President Obama’s detailed itinerary through October:

1. Worry

2. Lie

3. Obfuscate

4. Golf

5. Fundraise

6. Worry

Indeed, the president has much to worry about. No honest politico can deny that liberals’ Wisconsin debacle likely represents a shadow of things to come – a precursor to November.

Recall DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s admission on CNN. In a rare moment of candor, she said Wisconsin was a “dry run” – a “test run” for the 2012 election. (A bit like the Titanic’s test run, as it turns out.)

Tuesday night Sarah Palin took to Fox News where she said that Scott Walker’s humiliating defeat of Tom Barrett, the DNC and heretofore-excessively-coddled-labor-union-leaders spells big trouble for little Barry. “Obama’s goose is cooked,” she said. “It’s the union leaders who need to be recalled.”

Does this mean the Democratic Party is not long for the world? That our two-party system is on its way out?

Of course not.

As long as there are voters who really, really want lots of free stuff from other people, there will be Democrats and Democratic politicians.

Still, what it does mean is that beyond the short-term political reality that Wisconsin presents a bleak forecast for Democrats in 2012 – liberalism itself (or “progressivism,” as the left euphemistically prefers) is terminally ill.

On Tuesday night, blogger David Burge of the Iowa Hawk blog “tweeted: “The principal delusion of liberals is that liberalism is popular. The principal delusion of conservatives is that liberalism is popular.”

Simple, yet profound.

Liberals should be afraid. They should be very afraid. The jig is up. Polls consistently show that Americans identify as conservative over liberal by a two-to-one margin. Wisconsin was an earthshaking manifestation of this reality.

But it was only a tremor.

There’s a distinct probability a massive quake awaits liberals when, later this month, the U.S. Supreme Court releases its decision on Obamacare. If this, both Obama’s and Democrats’ signature accomplishment, goes down, so too do the obtusely utopian, neo-Marxist dreams of the Democratic Party’s progressive base.

And in November? The tsunami.

Indeed, the political tectonic plates are shifting. Unsurprisingly, so-called “progressives” pretend it ain’t so.

Problem is, so do conservatives.

Stop it, both of you!

This is about worldview. This is about an epic clash between two irreconcilable, diametrically opposed socio-political philosophies. It’s a zero-sum game. Somebody wins and somebody loses.

On the one hand, we have secular-socialism, a cultural and political philosophy embraced by labor unions, Barack Obama, the base of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and many of those controlling the reins of our elitist institutions. It is “progressivism.”

This is a philosophy that, throughout history, has proven to be a serial failure. One need only look to Europe for the latest example. This secularist worldview is based loosely on the unattainable, redistributionist ramblings of Karl Marx, the father of communism.

It hates Christianity. It hates constitutionalism. It hates the precepts of individual liberty and responsibility codified throughout our nation’s founding documents. It embraces moral relativism and says there are no clear lines of demarcation between right and wrong.

It says that government is God and that as government giveth, government taketh away.

In sum: It’s garbage.

On the other hand we have the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is the socio-political philosophy embraced by our Founding Fathers. The historical record is unequivocal. It was within this framework that our U.S. Constitution was created. It is conservatism.

It says that we are endowed by our “Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It embraces the virtues of fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and personal charity. It says there is black and white – right and wrong. It strives for less government and more freedom.

It acknowledges that there is a sovereign God – to whom we are all accountable – including both government and those whom “we the people” place in government.

It holds that as God giveth, God taketh away, and that you lying, cheating, ungodly snakes in Washington, D.C., better just take a step back and quick.

In sum: It is truth.

On Tuesday night, as the election returns came in and it became clear that Scott Walker was landsliding liberals and their union thugocracy, some progressive nut broke down, sobbing on camera and cried: “Democracy died tonight!”

Progressives, get this straight: On Tuesday night democracy didn’t die. Democracy was fulfilled in a powerful and transformative way.

And it’s only the beginning.

Liberals went to Wisconsin for a recall vote and a revolution broke out. We the people have spoken. Tea party? Yes. “Occupy”? Not so much.

Christian apologist C.S. Lewis wrote, “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

On Tuesday America hit Wisconsin and did an about-turn.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action. (This information is provided for identification purposes only.)

Has Your Party Changed? Check Out The GOP.

Do you know someone who shares many of your values but tells you they have always voted Democrat? Are the young people you know struggling to find jobs though the candidate they voted for in ’08 promised opportunities for everyone?

This might be the summer for change. Ask your friends about their beliefs. Are they religious? Are they finding their religious values conflicting with their political party? Do they believe in living within their means (even if it means a struggle)? Are they working hard to get ahead, hoping to save and offer a better life for their children…in other words, living the American Dream, while watching the government growing by leaps and bounds? Are they looking at the future of programs like Medicare and Social Security worried whether there will be any money left in the bank when they are ready to retire? Are they watching city governments struggle with bankruptcy because pension plans cost more than the city takes in but the unions aren’t willing to compromise?

Are they concerned that this country is headed the wrong direction?

Many people vote for one party because that’s the way their parents, family, community always votes. Years ago my sister moved to a small mining town. While ballots and actual votes were secret, her party affiliation was not. She quickly discovered if one did not register as a Democrat one would not be included with the town decision makers.

But times have changed. Today many are discovering their core values don’t line up with the party they grew up in. Perhaps your friends are discovering the same. This week two prominent Democrats announced they have changed allegiances to the Republican Party.

Artur Davis: Former Black Caucus member wrote on his blog:  “Democratic Label No Longer Matches What I Know About My Country … As I told a reporter last week, this is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it).”

JoAnn Nardelli: Vice president of the Democratic State Committee Women’s Caucus for Pennsylvania, a member of the State Committee Executive Board, and was the founder of the Blair County Federation of Democratic Women and the Women’s Equality Coalition of Blair County. But Nardelli is also a committed Catholic, pro-life, and in favor of traditional marriage. In her resignation letter she wrote, “I will miss you all very much as you are all a part of my family; however, it is time to move forward with my life in a direction that is more in line with my faith.”

Whether due to fiscal or social issues many moderate Democrats are finding themselves outside the policies being set forth by the Obama administration. Sometimes a party shift is gradual and many don’t feel the movement. But, sometimes, as in the case of the ObamaCare law, the new regulations suddenly make everyone take notice. Churches who generally stay outside the political fray are being forced to take a stand. Constitutionalists, and those who worry about the restrictions and regulations on religious organizations, are speaking out in fear that their own religion may find itself embroiled in the church-state separation issue. Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King shared in her blog this week the growing concern that many religious blacks have for the left leaning policies of this administration.

For others there is great concern about the generational theft being thrust upon our children and grandchildren. The ceaseless spending and growing debt are of increasing concern to those who believe that the country, like our families, should live within our means.

If your friends are concerned about taking a stand on being pro-life or traditional marriage they should take heart. Gallup polls this week show 50% of the population are now pro-life with a rising trend.  Additionally, every time voters have had the opportunity to reaffirm traditional marriage it has been upheld.

While some are quick to criticize the ‘right wing nut jobs’ it’s worth remembering that the left also has it’s share of extremists. Contrary to media biased information, the Conservative Party is not just a one issue party. As disenfranchised voters compare their values they are invited to check the GOP party beliefs.  The always newsworthy Tea Party, while siding generally with Conservative values, has been working to remind us of our need for fiscal responsibility and made up of people from all religions and walks of life. Also surprising to some, the GOP is not a party of only the wealthy. Indeed, many middle and even lower income families support the Republican platform, the belief that less government is better to promote the American exceptionalism we all remember. Helping the needy is important but done better and more efficiently through private charities than government. Families are vital to a strong America. And a hand up—not a hand out is the mantra of many.

So when you talk to your friends who are looking for direction why not share this list with them and invite them to the fold.

GOP Beliefs

We’re fortunate to live in America
The Republican Party believes that the United States has been blessed with a unique set of individual rights and freedoms available to all.

You can be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming
The Republican Party is inspired by the power and ingenuity of the individual to succeed through hard work, family support and self-discipline.

Helping those around you is worthwhile
The Republican Party believes in the value of voluntary giving and community support over taxation and forced redistribution.

Small government is a better government for the people
The Republican Party, like our nation’s founders, believes that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.

You know what to do with your money better than government
The Republican Party supports low taxes because individuals know best how to make their own economic and charitable choices.

Free markets keep people free
The Republican Party is supportive of logical business regulations that encourage entrepreneurs to start more businesses so more individuals can enjoy the satisfaction and fruits of self-made success.

Our Armed Forces defend and protect our democracy
The Republican Party is committed to preserving our national strength while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

Democrats by the Numbers 2007- 2012

In late 2006, Americans were rolling along with 4.4% unemployment,  the average price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.20,  and America’s total national debt stood at $8.5 trillion dollars.

When comparing the statistics above with those of today after Democrats took over both houses of Congress in ’07, held the Senate in the ’10 elections and the Hope n Change White House of the past 3 1/2 years, the average citizens of other nations must be wondering just what were Americans thinking during the 2006 and 2008 elections?  As the saying goes, numbers do not lie, and Americans made monstrous uninformed voting decisions in ’06 and ’08 and now future generations of Americans will pay the price for these irresponsible actions for decades to come.

 Not only can the consequences of voting for the undefined Hope and Change Liberal’s  “fundamental transformation of America” be measured in [massive new debt] dollars and cents, it must also be measured in the [sure-to-come] loss of American freedom to a big debt-spending, all too powerful nanny-state plutocracy-in-the-making. (also known as the fake Democratic party of 2012.) The current all-powerful Liberal plutocracy must tax the workers more and steal a bigger chunk of American’s wealth to feed the nanny-state monstrosity of big government vote-buying through welfare-style handouts. (always done at the expense of the working man.) The following are the true numbers to consider when thinking about voting for four more years of the Obama/Liberal nanny-state destruction of America  in 2012:


TOTAL DEBT end of 2006 – $8.5 trillion (sourced above)  Total debt as of Jan. 2012 – $15.23 trillion dollars.  U.S. debt now equals 100% of the U.S. economy today. In comaprison to other advanced economies, only Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Portugal have debts larger than their economies. Four of those countries are also at the root of the current European debt crisis.  Add to that the projected 2012 deficit of another trillion-plus dollars, and America has went from $8.5T in total debt to approx. $17T dollars since 2007. That statistic represents the doubling of all the national debt accrued in America’s history… in just six years of Liberal-Democratic rule.

Gasoline cost Americans $2.20 a gallon in Nov. 2006. (and $1.86 a gal when Obama was sworn in) Today, under Barack Obama’s often-stated {back in ’07, ’08 on the campaign trail] skyrocketing energy prices, Americans are being crushed under the weight of paying $3.80 (national average) for a gallon of gasoline to try to get back and forth to work.  That means the average working American using 20 gallons of gas to get back and forth to work, now pays an extra $32.00 a week. Add that to the increased cost of groceries and other necessary items due to high fuel prices driving up transportation costs, and middle class America is in a world of hurt when it comes to trying to stretch the paycheck today. For many, this will also mean no summer vacation for the family, which happens to be a longstanding tradition in America.

The U.S. unemployment rate was 4.4% in late 2006. Today it is at 8.3%, and has been over 8%  under Barack Obama’s hope and change years in the White House. Should the Bureau of Labor’s numbers-crunchers decide to inject the truth of how many Americans have been taken out of the workforce, (and don’t exist according to them) the effective unemployment rate in America today is actually approaching 15%.

The price of food is also skyrocketing since Liberals took over Congress in 2007, further crushing middle class Americans. As a matter of fact, the price of groceries from 2007 – 2010  increased by an astounding 58%!  Add to that the 4.8% increase in 2011 and the projected additional 3% increase for this year and we have seen the price of groceries increase by a whopping, 65.8% since just 2007, under Liberal [fake]Democrats and the Hope and Change Community Organizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama since 2007. Of course, big daddy government has a solution for skyrocketing food prices: They will just take more money from the working class taxpayers to hand out more food stamps to buy Democratic votes, as in this reported whopping 70% increase in people receiving food stamps in America since….2007. With facts like these is it any wonder folks refer to Barack Obama and his Liberal operatives in Congress as the Food Stamp President and his Liberal food stamp party of big government nanny-state creators?

Clinton and today’s fake Democrat’s role in causing the housing crisis. Millions of hard working Americans have lost billions of dollars in home equity savings due to the depreciated value of their homes caused by the housing and mortgage crisis. A home bought for $330k in 2007 is now worth about $260k today. Most Americans are actually misinformed about the cause of the housing mortgage crisis.  The actual cause started back in the 90’s, when Congress required government-sponsored enterprises to purchase CRA loans as part of their affordable housing mandate. As these goals increased over time, the GSEs were forced to seek out even riskier loans to purchase. Then, in 1995, the Department of Housing and Urban Development permitted Fannie and Freddie to purchase subprime securities. Then it steamrolled out of control starting  when Republicans were calling for an end to Fannie and Freddie’s “everyone deserves a home, regardless of ability to pay” programs, yet Democrats in Congress let the madness continue unabated. President Clinton was a big part of enabling the housing crisis. With the stroke of his pen, Bill Clinton loosened housing rules  by rewriting the Community Reinvestment Act, which put added pressure on banks to lend in low-income neighborhoods. Liberal Democrats went from “everyone deserves a trophy. regardless of accomplishments”  straight to “everyone deserves a house, regardless of ability to actually pay for said house.” Bottom line is that Bill Clinton could have prevented the housing crisis train wreck by vetoing that bill. Without it Fannie and Freddie could not have put the taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in home loans to folks who simply could not afford to buy a house.

In summary, middle-class Americans have experienced high unemployment, skyrocketing energy prices, along with budget-busting cost increases of everyday necessities such as food, clothing and transportation since 2007. We have also effectively doubled our national debt since Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and Obama  started implementing his hope and change fundamental transformation of America in 2009. Also of note is that President Obama recently took time out from his 24/7 reelection propaganda-spewing campaign ( funded by the taxpayers) to throw a multi-million dollar dinner party for the great and the good, which also just happened to include… 50 Obama reelection campaign bundlers. ( which is technically illegal) While many Americans struggle to put food on the table today, the elitists gathered in the White House to sip champagne and dine on extravagant menu items, all the while rubbing American’s noses in it with minute by minute television coverage.

Middle class Americans are currently suffering through a 4-year stagnant economy, high inflation ( with more coming) and record amounts of irresponsible new debt to be added to the backs of future Americans. There were about 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans as of May 2011, and the jobs added during the last 8 months have not averaged enough to keep up with population growth, let alone expand the work force.

Do Americans really want four more years of Obama-nomics, which are rooted in the denial of the above facts?  More importantly can Americans afford four more years of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America? Ask the people of Greece how that irresponsible big government debt-spending works out. Simply put, “American austerity measures are coming, and hell is coming with them.” Which way will Americans vote in November?


The beginning of the end for Barack Obama


On my rants blog I had mentioned why I first started blogging, and how I got this press hat pic and use it as my display pic on my social media and on my instant messengers. Earlier this week I had written a wonderful blog entry on the year 2012 being the year of #IAmAndrewBreitbart, and seen on Twibbon an #IAmAndrewBreitbart page. If you are on Twitter, you would have seen me wear it on my display pic for the last week.

This week we have seen the vetting of Obama beginning, with the tapes released by the Breitbart group of websites on the Sean Hannity TV show Wednesday, and will be released more tonight. We are doing the job that the mainstream media could not, would not, and did not do in 2008, and this time there will be nowhere to hide. Come November, there will be enough on Obama that had not been there in 2008 that it will cause him to lose the election and then America can return to its’ founding principles.

Big Government Incompetence: Pew Study Shows U.S. Voter Registries Totally Corrupt

A recent Pew Study  shows the U.S. voting registry to be a massive failure, including the following facts:

There are currently nearly 2 million dead people on active voter registries across America.

1 in 8 voter registrations is invalid or contains major inaccuracies, according to the study.

Almost 3 million Americans are currently registered to vote in multiple states.

The U.S spends over 12 times as much to maintain voter lists as does Canada.

Pew’s research suggests that elections authorities need to take a proactive approach to rooting out errors and keeping lists current, rather than relying on voters to correct errors and make changes to their registration. So what are Americans paying the government all that money for?

There is a very simple solution to this problem, and it is called Voter ID. Contrary to what some Democrats say about how there is no vote fraud in America, The Faces of Vote Fraud slide-show tells us a different story. Requiring Voter ID when voting makes it very difficult for dead people to vote, among other things. Protecting our electoral system from vote fraud is needed to retain our true form of Democracy in America. All states should pass Voter ID laws and enforce them vigorously in the 2012 elections. Every fraudulent vote cast makes one honest person’s vote not count for anything. Demand Voter ID America.


The 2012 Guide To Winning The Senate

Any discussion of Republican electoral success in 2012 has to include a major discussion of retaking the U.S. Senate. Without the Senate, it doesn’t matter if we get “Anybody But Obama” into the White House.

We currently have 47 seats in the Senate, and Democrats have 53.

Here is the breakdown of the Senate seats which will be contested in 2012 (via Wikipedia):

Democrats/Independents retiring:

Joe Lieberman of Connecticut (Independent)
Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico
Kent Conrad of North Dakota
Jim Webb of Virginia
Herb Kohl of Wisconsin

Democrats/Independents running for reelection:

Dianne Feinstein of California
Tom Carper of Delaware
Bill Nelson of Florida
Ben Cardin of Maryland
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota
Claire McCaskill of Missouri
Jon Tester of Montana
Bob Menendez of New Jersey
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Sherrod Brown of Ohio
Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania
Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island
Bernie Sanders of Vermont (Independent)
Maria Cantwell of Washington
Joe Manchin of West Virginia

Note the seats I’ve highlighted. These are opportunities for the GOP. I’ll return to them in a moment. We might also include Jon Tester on the vulnerable list, despite the fact that Montana has only had two Republican senators in 100 years.

Now look at the Republican seats:

Republicans retiring:

Jon Kyl of Arizona
Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas

Republicans running for reelection:

Richard Lugar of Indiana
Olympia Snowe of Maine
Scott Brown of Massachusetts
Roger Wicker of Mississippi
Dean Heller of Nevada
Bob Corker of Tennessee
Orrin Hatch of Utah
John Barrasso of Wyoming

What do we see in this breakdown? We are likely to lose one seat we currently hold, and we have one other at-risk seat, whereas the Democrats have eight at-risk seats- some because they are in purple states, others because the incumbent isn’t very popular. We need a net gain of four to have a majority.

In other words, the way to retake the Senate is three-fold:

1) Put substantial money into those nine races. That means getting Republicans in the other 41 states to contribute money to those races. That also means convincing Republicans in Democrat-stronghold states to put money into races which can be won, rather than throwing money away in their own state’s senate races. For example, I live in New York; I know Kirsten Gillibrand will still be my Senator in 2013. So, I’ll put my contribution into, say, Claire McCaskill’s opponent.

To illustrate the power of this type of fundraising: There are 55 million registered Republicans in the United States. If each of them contributed $5, that’d be more than $30 million into each of these key campaigns. Obviously we won’t get 55 million people to donate; this is just an illustration.

2) We need to ensure that voters in those nine states select good candidates. If 2010 and the current Presidential primaries have shown us, this isn’t an easy proposition. We all remember some of the more-prominent GOP senate candidates- Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller- going down in flames. We need to avoid a repeat of the process which selected them.

Both of these points would be greatly assisted by having some national organization which could a) focus on promoting well-qualified candidates and b) facilitating donations from individual donors across the country to these few races.

3) As I stated in a previous post, we need to select a presidential candidate who makes the rest of the party look good enough that moderates and independents (and some reluctant Dems if we’re lucky) vote Republican in the Senate elections as well as the Presidential election. This is key; a candidate who ruins our image and our appeal to the voters will guarantee Democrats hold both the White House and the Senate.

Folks, we know what needs to be done. Now it’s a question of doing it.

Rick Perry and the Truth About Turkey

Governor Rick Perry has drawn quite a bit of criticism for his recent remarks regarding the country of Turkey during the Fox news/WSJ SC GOP debate on Tuesday night. When asked about his plans for cutting all U.S. foreign aid to zero,and whether Turkey still belongs in NATO, Perry responded as follows: “Obviously, when you have a country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists, when you start seeing that type of activity against their own citizens, then yes — not only is it time for us to have a conversation about whether or not they belong to be in NATO, but it’s time for the United States, when we look at their foreign aid, to go to zero with it,” he said.

Note that Perry states in his answer that Turkey is “being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists.” He didn’t call them terrorists or identify any certain individuals as terrorists, but instead stated that many people would perceive the rulers of Turkey to be Islamic terrorists. So does Governor Perry’s statement carry any weight? Yes it does, and there are plenty of facts to back it up, which may be found by doing some very basic research on the subject of Turkey.

While the U.S. State dept, which is currently run by Hillary Clinton, has distanced itself from Perry’s statement, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs came out with a very U.S. DNC-type statement in which they attacked Perry’s credibility, as opposed to putting up any facts to denounce his statement. “Those individuals who are candidates for positions requiring responsibility such as the U.S. presidency are expected to be more knowledgeable on global affairs and more careful in their statements,” the ministry said in a statement. “Turkey became a member of NATO when the governor was just 2 years old. … The U.S. has no time to lose with such candidates who do not even know America’s allies.” So just because Governor Perry was two years old when Turkey joined NATO., we are led to believe that he could not possibly know anything about the country of Turkey, and their eligibility for NATO admittance. With the Muslim brotherhood surging into power within Egypt due to the recent uprisings across the region, we see the political climate changing at a rapid pace today. The anti-American, anti-Israeli sentiment is at a dangerous level throughout the Middle East and North Africa today. Governor Perry obviously wasn’t referring to the Turkey of 50 years ago when he made his statement.

For some factual history of the examples of historic Turkish genocide, mainly aimed at wiping out Christians in the region, see this article. Millions of people were murdered or fled religious persecution by the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey’s government has shown the propensity to deny those facts, even today. And recently, William Dalrymple penned “Christians Fleeing the Middle East’ in which he wrote, that Christianity is suffering “a devastating decline in the land of its birth.” While today’s Turkey proclaims itself to be a Republic, it appears to be anything but a free Republic when we read about the Turkish-Muslim Persecution of Christians.

Fast forward to today. In this Fox News article, we see that recently the Turkish government has expelled the Israeli Ambassador, that Turkey’s [lack of] freedom of the press currently resembles that of Russia, and that Turkish authorities have recently met with Hamas leaders. Add to that information the reports that violence against women are up some 1400%, (2002-2009) and that the director of the Turkish Research Program, Mr. Capaptay, wrote an essay that stated that the Turkish government has “neutered domestic checks and balances” since 2002, a “consolidation of power” that could have consequences for its relationship with the U.S. He noted that Turkish officials have demonized Western nations, and polls show the Turkish people mostly do not view the U.S. Favorably. To Governor Perry’s credit, he stands by his statements, as he recently stated, “When you see the number of actions against your citizens that we would consider to be terrorist acts, I stand by my statement,” Perry said. “You need to be putting protections in place for your citizens if you’re seeing those types of attacks against, particularly, well, particularly females. That is particularly heinous from my perspective.”

Finally, some pundits and assorted academics have falsely argued that Turkey does not currently receive and U.S. Foreign aid, in another attempt to discredit Perry’s statements. Apparently, the very same government-paid propagandist who wrote the essay mentioned above, Mr. Capaptay of the “Turkish Research Program” are incapable of telling the truth and doing proper research to back up statements, such as the following: “First, Turkey does not receive U.S. foreign aid. Some time in the 1980s it was phased out, so this is not your mother’s Turkey,” U.S. Aid to Turkey has been “phased out” since 1980? Not according to the U.S. Government it hasn’t, as seen here. That shows Turkey receiving $5.4 million from the U.S. In 2011 and another $5.6 million slated to be given to them in 2012. Keep in mind that those figures are only for “base appropriations.” For instance, in FY 2009, the U.S. Government gave Turkey $7 million tax dollars for.. “economic development.” Mr. Capaptay would be advised to be careful with his own “inaccurate statements” as per his condescending statement to governor Perry concerning U.S. cash being given to Turkey today.

In conclusion, Governor Perry is 100% correct in demanding that the U.S. reset all foreign aid back to zero, reevaluate each case, and then reestablish the programs based on protecting American interests and preventing U.S. tax dollars from funding anti-American regimes. And yes, that should include Islamic-terrorist supporting governments and anyone else caught promoting and/or aiding them. Why in the world does the United States government continue to dole out billions of taxpayer dollars to hostile countries out to destroy America?

The “Fire Obama” Jobs Numbers

Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, on Nov. 6th, 2012 Americans will head to the polls to cast their votes in the presidential elections. The choice will be between the winner of the Republican nomination process, and incumbent President Barack Obama. The overwhelming topic that will drive the election is jobs and the economy. Without a stable, vibrant work force, the economy stumbles and almost everyone feels some kind of household budgetary pain. Federal revenues decline, the national debt increases to unsustainable levels, and the dollar just doesn’t stretch far enough for a major portion of America’s population. Most economists agree that to maintain our economy, the workforce needs to add about 121,000 new workers per month just to keep up with the population growth, as  outlined here.

If we look at the following CBO chart which includes projections in job growth through the year 2021, we see just how serious the lack of economic growth problem truly is.     

Zero Hedge explains the current budgetary gimmickry being used today to mask the underlying truths in the real unemployment numbers as follows: “As the chart below shows, according to the traditionally optimistic Congressional Budget Office, the US has to create 121,000 jobs per month in 2011 just to keep pace with population growth. This number declines modestly over the next several years, but still averages 106,000 per month over the next 5 years. And the kicker is that this number does not account for the 3 million people who are not currently in the workforce that the CBO defines as Potential Workforce. Assuming the inflow of this portion of the population into the workforce over the next three years, it adds an additional 83,000 people that have to be incorporated in the work force. This means that in 2011, in the “best” case scenario, the monthly NFP number has to be over 200,000 before the unemployment rate is reduced by even one basis point excluding the impact of the BLS’ favorite trick of fudging the labor force participation rate, which we have discussed extensively in the past.”

After the releasing of the most recent U.S. unemployment statistics, where the government numbers crunchers, at the behest of the Obama administration reported that the unemployment rate dropped to 8.5%, as John Ransom explains that there are currently 4.4 million workers (as opposed to the 3 million total of less workers stated above, which was at the start of 2011) that have been taken out of the workforce completely, thus lowering the U/E rate by shrinking the workforce.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or, in this case a Harvard grad ( as in BHO) to understand that a smaller workforce means less GDP, less federal revenues and less prosperity for Americans in general.

Ransom explains the U/E rate gimmickry as follows:  “They are missing in part because the BLS no longer counts people who have been unemployed for so long that they have stopped looking for work. Since 1994 the BLS has discontinued the practice of counting the “long-term discouraged workers” from the workforce. If a worker stops looking for work after a period of time, they are no longer counted in the workforce. That means that government has created a system whereby the longer a jobs recession continues, the less reliable the unemployment numbers become- to the advantage of the government.

Fast forward to last weeks jobs report that showed 399,000 initial new unemployment claims were filed, which tend to be revised upward after the media reports on the initial number, and we see just how bogus the “good news claims” actually were. The U.S. workforce has shrunk immensely under Barack Obama, leading to an explosion of national debt that frankly, most uninformed Americans choose to ignore. Do Americans really want four more years of standing on the edge of the Greek-style debt cliff, waiting for the final plunge? Four more years of an administration that blocks our domestic energy production while gasoline and heating prices are at historically high and “skyrocketing” prices? Four more years of a government proven to be so desperate for reelection that they are promoting vote fraud by blocking State’s Voter ID laws?   Obama has to run his reelection campaign on everything except his actual record, which he wants Americans to ignore while giving him four more years of destroying the American economy. November is coming.  Vote Republican,  no matter who the nominee is in 2012. When it comes to Obama, the economy and job creation, we have to look no further than at Obama’s supposed jobs plan  here  for some harsh truths.



Happy New Years from President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

Yes, I,m writing this on New Years eve, as my party days are long behind me, and the endangered future of American exceptionalism is currently my main concern as we head into the New Year. American exceptionalism is what has brought freedom and prosperity to generations of Americans for over two centuries, yet is in danger of being wiped out due to massive big government debt-spending of irresponsible elected government officials across the land. That includes the current debt-spender-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

What will 2012 bring? As Barack Obama loads up his bag of class warfare weapons and runs on the do-nothing campaign platform of Harry S. Truman to try to win re-election in the coming new year, it is only fitting to take a look back at just what has transpired during Obama’s time as President. Unlike the unproven junior Senator from Illinois who captured the White House in 2008 on an ignorance-dependent platform of undefined hope and change, Mr. Obama now has a record to evaluate.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) delivers a good bit of information on his speaker.gov blog, that highlights a few things we should all be aware of in the coming New Year which outlines exactly why President Obama should be a one term and done President:

Unfortunately, President Obama and Washington Democrats have failed to live up to their promises, piling more debt on future generations, and making it harder for the economy to create jobs. Here’s a look at the Obama Administration’s real economic record:

Persistently High Unemployment & Fewer American Jobs: 13.3 Million: Number of Unemployed Americans. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12/2/11)

34: Historic Number of Consecutive Months the Unemployment Rate Has Been Above Eight Percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 12/27/11)

1,547,000: Number of Jobs Lost Since President Obama Took Office. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12/2/11)

9.4%: Average Unemployment Rate Since the ‘Stimulus’ was Signed Into Law. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 12/27/11)

315,000: Number of Discouraged Americans Who Left the Labor Force in November. (Bloomberg, 12/2/11)

41: Average Number of Weeks Unemployed Americans Are Out of Work. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12/2/11)

43%: Percent of Unemployed Americans Who Have Been Out of Work for 27 Weeks or More. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12/2/11)

More Debt & Record-Breaking Deficits:

$15.130 Trillion: The National Debt as of December 29, 2011. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/29/11)

$4.5 Trillion: Amount That Has Been Added to the National Debt Since President Obama Took Office. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/29/11)

During President Obama’s Time in Office, Washington Has Racked Up the Three Largest Deficits in U.S. History. (Congressional Budget Office, 11/7/11)

99.7%: Current Federal Debt as a Share of GDP. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/29/11; Bureau of Economic Analysis, 12/22/11)

25%: Increase in Non-Defense Discretionary Spending by President Obama When Democrats Controlled both Houses of Congress. (House Budget Committee, 2/3/11)

$48,376: Every American’s Share of the National Debt. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/29/11; U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 12/29/11)

With the New Year just days away, there are a few resolutions Washington Democrats owe the American people: less debt, more jobs, and fewer burdens on small businesses. As The Weekly Standard’s Yuval Levin noted recently, House Republicans have taken meaningful steps “to restrain the growth of government, cut spending, reform how Congress works, and end the uncertainty in the economy to help get Americans back to work.” The Republican-led House will move that effort forward in 2012 by continuing to implement the Plan for America’s Job Creators, a framework built on the Pledge to America and designed to create a better environment for private-sector job growth. It is up to President Obama to urge Senate Democrats to pass more than 25 bipartisan, House-passed jobs bills that are languishing on their doorstep. Americans cannot afford another year of broken promises and failed policies.

Americans can not afford another year Mr. Speaker? What is to happen if President Obama is given four more years to further the far left Liberal debt-spending, job-killing policies that started in 2007 with the Democrats taking over both houses of Congress? It is a disservice to the American public that the politically correct Republican members of Congress are basically remaining silent during the 2012 GOP nomination process. Take a stand for whom you believe is the best candidate and help them win the nomination, as opposed to sitting on the PC fence waiting for the establishment GOP and the media to pick the candidate. Show some courage for once.

Here’s to a real Happy New Year for everyone in America in 2012. One that starts with working to put a true conservative in the White House and is strengthened by a 2012 election-style grassroots tidal wave taking over the U.S. Senate.