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Baton Rouge Police Killings Accentuate Liberal Policy Immediately Prior To The Republican Convention


The American people are fed up with Obama’s placing blame for shootings on privately owned guns and on police officers; they’re fed up with terrorists committing attacks at will; they’re fed up with a president performing illegal and unconstitutional acts in order to achieve his unpopular, leftist goals of “fundamentally transforming America”; they’re fed up with a Democrat presidential candidate ...

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The Republican Convention.Opening Night!


  The Republican National Convention got off to a rousing start in Cleveland Monday night. A line-up of very passionate, classy and emotional stars from Duck Dynasty’s Wilie Robertson and Scott Baio to a really rousing speech by America’s mayor Rudy Guilani. The convention shared a double theme from “Make America Great Again” coupled with “Make America Safe Again.” A ...

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Shepherd Smith What an A-Hole

Like most people on Sunday I was watching the terrible news about the 3 police officers killed in Baton Rouge. I was watching Fox news as I usually do, but what I heard out of Shepherd Smith mouth made my jaw drop. He was interviewing former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal when the former Gov. said that all lives matter, Smith actually ...

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Why We Need A Temporary Halt On Muslim Immigration!!!


Islamic terrorists have been killing Americans for more than 15 years. The attack in Orlando is just the latest in a series of attacks on our way of life. As Americans, we have a right to be safe, to have our liberties defended, and to choose who gets to enter our borders. It’s time to declare a moratorium on mass ...

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And now, In A Long Line Of Similar Tragedies Under The Obama Administration, Baton Rouge Mourns Assassinated Police Officers

US President Barack Obama speaks during a press conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, DC, December 7, 2010.  Obama vowed Tuesday to fight to overturn tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans in 2012, just a day after reaching a compromise with Republicans to extend the cuts for two years. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama, just today, July 17, 2016, stated that “nothing justifies violence against law enforcement”, referring to the police killings we’ve seen this weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But our dear president has forgotten his former position on a lesser matter regarding the police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and other police matters as well, when he stated that the police responded “stupidly” ...

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This Diversity Thing Is Going To Far

I am not a fan of the government forcing its people to do anything, which is one of the big reasons I have been against Obama-care. The thought that the government can force you to buy a product or get fined angers me to this day. Now I find another thing to anger me. A private school in New York ...

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The Religion of Peace Strikes Again In France!!!


                                       As France is hit yet again by an Islamic Terrorist attack people wonder who’s next? You would think that after attacks in Paris, Belgium, Germany and other countries in Europe something would have been done, but it just keeps happening. There are always  talks of having a summit meeting and beefing up security then it quiets down again. When ...

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Obama Administration Limits Freedom Again – The DOL Fiduciary Rule


The Obama Administration continues its eight-year assault on the middle-class and lower income citizens. The Department of Labor finalized its recommendations to redefine a “fiduciary” in the retirement income space, and the implications will be significant for restricting investment options and advice for most Americans who need it most. In 1974, Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which ...

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Hillary Clinton: Satan’s Spawn!!


Hillary Clinton and Obama are both followers of Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules for Radicals and dedicated it to Satan. Obama and Hillary use these rules in their governing. Hilary has got to be one of the most foul mouthed evil people I’ve ever seen. How anyone could possibly  vote for this evil, evil, evil, lying corrupt woman is beyond ...

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Obama Allows An Increased Threat Level To America

Obama Malignant Narcissism

Just as the Clinton administration was accused of being satisfied with a certain level of crime in the 1990s to bolster its case in favor of unconstitutional gun-control measures, today it’s easy and logical to assume that the Obama administration is not only comfortable with a moderate terrorist threat level from the Syrian “refugees” they are encouraging to settle in ...

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Obama Disproves The Notion That Things Can’t Get Any Worse


The devious, anti-America schemes of the Obama administration have tentacles working undercover into every area of government and American society, undermining our lives, our nation and our homes, in keeping with Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”. Things in American life have only gotten incredibly worse under Obama’s rule, and this downward trend will continue long after Obama leaves office ...

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Obama’s Thinking Is Clouded By Prejudice


Barack Obama sees racism when a police officer, whether black or white, acting in the line of duty, tragically shoots and kills a black suspect, and he reaches this conclusion long before there is any investigation into the actual facts of the event, but he claims he can’t determine the reason for a black man’s expressed, racist, hate-filled desire to ...

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