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If Obama Were Anti-American…..

Plato on Apathy

If Obama were anti-American he would increase our national debt to $20 Trillion. If Obama were anti-American he would take away a citizen’s right to select his/her own health insurance company. If Obama were anti-American he would campaign for a Democrat presidential candidate who had exposed national intelligence information on her email server. If Obama were anti-American he would plead ...

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I’ve Been Waiting 25 Years For Donald Trump

I really had to laugh when I heard Obama say that Donald Trump was not qualified to become president. That statement coming from a man who was without a doubt the least qualified man to run for president maybe ever. Obama never ran anything, never created a job, never had to meet payroll, and never had to be responsible for ...

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Hillary DOES have a disease… “pseudologia fantastica”


Let me start off by saying, I don’t wish a disease or death on anyone. For those of you who really don’t have a grasp on reality, calling someone out on something doesn’t mean you’re wishing that upon them. Hillary Clinton has all the signs of a “pseudologia fantastica” for instance one definition says: “it’s a condition involving compulsive lying ...

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Liberals Claim To Know What Hispanics Want Better Than Hispanics Do


Recent articles in The Thinker and The Hill express the position that Hispanics have broader and more areas of concern in life than the single subject of immigration when they consider the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. They care even more for the economy, health care, jobs and the deficit because these subject impact their lives and the lives of ...

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The Certainty Of Disaster Rides With A Hillary Presidency

HIllary Clinton shocked by balloons

The foolish people who claim that they fear the uncertainty of a Donald Trump presidency are too short sighted to realize that his patriotism and understanding of finance and business, along with his many years working successfully in the private sector and not being polluted by the life of a politician, is much more favorable to America’s future than the ...

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Hillary Claims That Being Denied Your Own Gun Makes You Safer, But Take Her Gun And You’re Encouraging Her Assassination.


Typical liberal trash talk from the Clinton campaign about some innocent and truthful remarks from Donald Trump have enlivened the press in the last two days. Trump merely made the obviously accurate statement that since Hillary and her liberal/progressive allies want to take all guns from the possession of normal people, why not remove Hillary’s guns (possessed of course by ...

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The Deplorable Attackers On Trump!!!

Trump delivers immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona

I am sick and tired of the media and dems bashing Trump all the time and glad to see he’s fighting back. When you push Trump he pushes back which  is what I like in a leader. Obama and Hillary and dems let others push them around and in Hillary’s case it’s how much you can pay her. These protestors ...

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When Is A Legacy Not a Legacy? (Hint: when Obama Claims It)


A legacy is normally thought of as a positive thing handed down from one generation to the next, or in the example of a presidency, from one administration to future administrations, that will be looked upon favorably by successive administrations as beneficial to society in general. But occasionally the big-shot, arrogant posturing of one generation, in this case the “peace ...

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Understanding Constitutionality On Constitution Day


There clearly is some misunderstanding about what is deemed constitutional and what is not. Even if one has the most stringent, literal interpretation of the governmental powers and rights enumerated in our founding legal document, the Constitution, there are a lot of changes that have been made to the literal meaning of the document over the past 227 years. Those ...

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Trump’s reliance on daughter for policy calls into question his leadership style

Trump in Little Rock Arkansas Barton Coliseum

This week, Donald Trump outlined a plan for the federal government to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave for those who do not receive compensation from their employers. The problem, aside from the implications that this mandate has for the right’s foundational beliefs in free-market economics and the ability of private business owners to set the terms of their ...

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Hillary “Ain’t No-Ways Tarred”, She’s Just Old And Sick

HIllary coughing

Hillary is fond of quoting the old black philosopher who once wrote “I ain’t no-ways tired” (the word “tired” is pronounced “tarred” by our pandering Democrat/progressive presidential candidate), but she appears to be some-ways “tarred” because she is resting at home while the much-coveted, and very expensive, campaign jet stands idle at the airport. One of the numerous reports we ...

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Will Trump really uphold Religious Freedom?


Will Donald Trump REALLY protect religious freedom? Do you believe him when he says he will? Anymore, media only has respect for Muslims and atheists. Christians and Jews are ridiculed. Protecting our 1st Amendment rights are a serious priority. AND… Author and Host of HausRules, Michael Hausam brings his Libertarian views to the show. Michael says anyone that calls America ...

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Poor Hillary: All That Aircraft And Nowhere To Go


The money- and status-crazed Hillary Clinton has lusted all her life to be a member of the jet set, and now that her campaign has leased her a jet of her own, she’s too sick to use it. But Bill, always the trooper, is reported to have volunteered to use the jet to campaign in Hillary’s absence until she gets ...

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What’s Really Wrong With Hillary

I am sure by now we have all seen the video of Hillary collapsing, she looked like she had just taken a left hook from Rocky Balboa. For years there has been talk that there was something medically wrong with her. Falling down, not remembering, coughing spells and who knows what else that has been hidden from the public. I ...

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