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Trump Responds to Hillary’s Attacks Against Him!!!


Recently Hillary hit Trump with a barrage of attacks saying he is not fit for command and doesn’t have the temperament  for the job. That’s like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Her angry outbursts, throwing objects at Bill and secret service members and constant swearing using the ’F’ word are well documented. You better be prepared when taking ...

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How Do We Defeat Terrorism? According to Loretta Lynch: Compassion, Unity And Love

Lynch says transcripts will edit out pledges to ISIS

It’s not demoralizing enough that Obama’s own staff has repeatedly given honest, realistic and discouraging assessments of how the Obama administration is losing our fight with ISIS and related terrorist groups and individuals, which assessments are one-hundred-eighty degrees out of phase from the lying, dreamy, pleasant descriptions that Obama himself gives of how he has dealt with this very serious ...

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George Washington On Gun Control

With the left once again screaming for more gun control they always seem to forget we have a Second Amendment which gives every American the right to own a gun. Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of gun ownership, especially George Washington.

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Obama Is Out-Of-Touch, Yet Is Blissfully Ignorant Of This Fact, Which Makes Him All The More Dangerous To Americans.

Obam prophet

Americans are watching the intentional destruction of their nation, destruction that is directed by Barack Obama and being passively allowed to proceed by Republicans in the House and Senate. We have learned that the FBI, in each of their investigations of terrorist killings, has been called off of any investigation of Islamic persons of interest by Obama, because he has ...

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It’s Not About Gun Control. It’s About Islam Control!!!


       Every time there is a Muslim attack on our soil the libs are quick to shout gun control. It’s not about gun control. It’s about Islam control.  When the two Muslims shot up their fellow co-workers they shouted “Allah Akbar”. When Major Hassan shot up Ft. Hood he shouted “Allah Akbar.” When this last fiend shot up the ...

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Blocked For Telling the Truth!!!

Scott baiuo 2

 Recently a website called  “Crooks and Liars” featured an interview FOX News had with actor Scott Baio who is a Trump  supporter.  The headline read “Scott Baio says Obama wants to dismantle the United States.” He did not exactly say that. What he said was he thought Obama was a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer and that every time there is ...

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Failed Obama Policies To Blame – Not Guns!


In the face of the horrible terrorist attack in Orlando this week, Senate Democrats filibustered, holding the floor of the Senate hostage in order to enact more gun control legislation. What they seem incapable of acknowledging, is that it’s not further diminution of our 2nd Amendment that needs correction, but rather a complete overhaul of the Obama Administration’s policies that ...

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Hillary Is No Friend To Women’s Rights Or Gay Rights


                                Millennials (the18-30 crowd) will make a big part of this upcoming election and many will vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. They don’t realize what a vile, evil, corrupt , screeching, self serving  woman she is. They weren’t around for Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster , 52 mysterious deaths of anyone who got in their way and ...

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Who Can Understand The Liberal-Progressive Mind?

Time and time again we have witnessed the Liberal-Progressive mind at work and the same phrase always comes out of my mouth, “What a bunch of idiots.”  I find it hard to find any logic or any substance in what they have to say. Take for instance the Liberal-Progressive mayor of my home town of New York City, this guy ...

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Great White Leftists Know What’s Best for Red Man

Redskins potato helmet

A handful of activists using “civil rights” as justification convince leftist reporters and publicity–hungry Democrats to support a cause that until recently was not a concern to anyone who didn’t subscribe to Mother Jones magazine. Carrying enough victim cards to fill a six–deck Blackjack shoe, they approach an unelected regulatory body and convinced the commissars to overturn the Constitution and ...

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Libs Are Wrong, As Usual: Orlando Was Not About Gays Or Guns

Il Duce Obama

Liberals seem to have trouble keeping their eyes on the ball. The common denominator between 911 (where no guns were used) and Orlando (where guns were used) was not the use of guns, but rather the intent of radical, hate-filled religious fanatics to kill westerners in general and Americans in particular. Liberals are so reflexively and narrow-mindedly anti-gun-oriented that they ...

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