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What is The Cost To Hillary For Her Sec State Pay-To-Play Scheme If She Is Not Elected President?

Loose Wire - A.F. Branco

It would appear that a failure to become president could be dangerously risky for Hillary, considering that in her official, high ranking position in the Obama administration, she took loads of money from foreign and domestic gangsters and dictators (money that went into the coffers of the Clinton Global Initiative) in exchange for United States government favors/contracts/gifts when she held ...

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Do Leftists Really Know What They Want? More Importantly, Do They Understand What Their Actions Will Produce?

Hillary Clinton

Let’s imagine a few years into the future and consider a Hillary Clinton administration in which all guns have been confiscated from law-abiding American citizens, leaving these decent people defenseless and without personal protection, and leaving only criminals and terrorists in possession of fire arms. Obviously criminals and terrorists will  continue to behave like the criminals and terrorists they are, ...

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So Now We Can Call Them Queers Again?


When Donald Trump used the acronym LGBTQ the other day in a speech I thought he had made an error in his presentation that would send the left into stratospheric orbit, but then I googled the term and sure enough, the “Q” stands for queer/questioning. I have no idea what the “questioning” part refers to, but I take it that ...

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The Clinton Body Count Continues Under Hillary!!

BillandHill pic

              For many years, numerous people tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton have died under mysterious circumstances. Now new bodies have been added. Three people with tangential connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton have died in unusual circumstances over the last few weeks, sparking a renewed interested in the so-called “body count” of people ...

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If You Want Sustainability, You Do Not Want Liberalism/Socialism

republican logo

For the better part of the last 100 years the United States, the heart of capitalism on earth, has been making itself and its citizens the most comfortable, most liberated, wealthy people in the world. Other nations that have rejected capitalism and chosen socialism have become consistently poorer and increasingly in a state of want, the most extreme example of ...

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It’s Time To Apologize For Being A Democrat

If there are any Democrats that happen to read this, my question to you is this, how can you look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a Democrat after that sorry showing at the Democratic Convention? What went on at that convention was a disgrace, which is proof once again that the Democratic Party of old is long ...

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The Democrat Convention – A Spectacle Of Duplicity

Hillary and Obama

Ronald Reagan once memorably stated, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Seldom do we get such a grand stage to prove the veracity of his statement, as we did at the Democrat Convention last week. Here are just a few of the numerous examples that were liberally uttered during ...

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Beware The Useful Idiots


There is one thing that binds Clinton and Obama together and that is they are both students in the beliefs of Saul Alinsky. As this country moves closer toward Socialism, Hillary and Obama must be beaming with joy. Everything from healthcare to education, to gun control everything that Alinsky preached is taking root in America. Just read that list, all ...

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The Obama Administration Lives By The Lie, And Will Die By The Lie


Yesterday we learned that in January the Obama administration gave Iran $400 million in cash at the same time that five Americans held captive in Iran were released from captivity, and many people immediately associated the releases with the money the administration gave to Iran and called the exchange a ransom. Of course the Obama administration said that the money ...

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Did The NSA Or Russia Hack The DNC Server?

What Corruption

Why would Russia, which played a friendly role in Hillary’s ridiculous, childish reset button scheme, hack the DNC email server and expose records that at least embarrass Hillary and Democrat liberals, and not also hack the RNC server to try to undermine the campaign of Donald Trump, whose presidency would threaten relations with Russia as a president Trump worked to ...

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