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When Cruz Is Disrespected, I’m Disrespected, And I Resent It!

Ted Cruz on late night with Colbert

Ted Cruz’s speech was intentionally silenced last night at the Republican Gala in New York City, while Trump’s and Kasich’s speeches were broadcast in a normal, clear, perfect manner. Cruz has a message that I personally would implement if I could suddenly become president, while the messages of Trump and Kasich may be persuasive but lack specificity as to what ...

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The Political Class Needs To Learn The Difference Between Democrat And Democratic

God Bless America Eagle

The name of America’s leftist political party is Democrat, they’re the Democrat Party.  The description of a party or organization in America would be that it’s democratic in nature. This doesn’t mean that the Democrat Party is democratic nor that it practices democracy, but that’s their name. Democrat is a noun and democratic is an adjective that modifies a noun. ...

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Bad News For Hillary And The Bernmeister: They’re Now Evil Conservatives

house of cards season 4 trailer

After years of America’s leftward drift and the progressive (this is the word that Hillary loves to label herself with) advancement to socialism, and following the presidency of Barack I-will-fundamentally-transform-America Obama with his dis-obeyance of our laws and the flogging of the constitution, the candidates of the Democrat party are now in the position of having to be the new ...

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National Micro-Insanity Is Why Leftism Is Taking Control Of America.


Never, prior to the age of Obama, would any state or local government have suggested that men should have a right to enter a women’s restroom. But under the president who promised to “fundamentally transform America” it’s come true. Why is it that Hillary, whose husband signed DOMA into law in 1996, is now in favor of same-sex marriage? Why ...

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Beware the Malicious Virus On Facebook from Another Country!!

Facebook pic

There is a very malicious virus going around on Facebook all users should be aware of. First of all I am not on Facebook, but my wife, many of my friends and relatives are. I have a very good friend  named  Tom,(not his real name) of 50 years who recently moved from New York state to Arkansas. He’s a professional ...

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Obama Again Uses His Main Lie-Tell: “Period”


If you’ve kept up with our president’s lying tells you’ll recognize one of them in the following: You can keep your doctor, period. You can keep your plan, period. You’ll save $2500 a year, period. More recently he’s been quoted as saying that Iran has not broken the Nuke deal, period. So at this point we have the advantage of ...

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America Is In The Age Of Stupidity

Those of you who know history, know we have gone through periods, such as the stone age, the ice age, the gilded age, the industrial age just to name a few. There is no doubt in my mind that we are now going through the stupidity age in America and maybe the world. It seems like every day I get ...

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Obama: “There’s Classified, And Then There’s Classified”


In the quote above, our beloved president was of course referring to Hillary’s exposing of classified national secrets via her unsecured and illegal email server, and without question he asserts that Hillary has done nothing wrong, so we can expect the outcome of the FBI investigation into her destructive ramblings about the globe as Secretary of State to reflect what ...

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The Goodness of Trump the Media Refuses to Tell You!!!

Donald Trump-MSA-000824

                     When Obama first emerged on the scene America inherited a Muslim who hates America and white people as well as our military and constitution which he called an outdated document and proceeded to shred it..He said it wasn’t right that Americas was No.1 in the world and that we should be more like Europe. Well in over the 8 ...

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Could We Please Address the Important Issues?


The discourse on the presidential race has devolved to a point that the most pressing issues seem totally lost in the verbal brawls between candidates. The economic threats and risks to the republic should be the centerpiece of the campaign, for both parties, rather than relegated to a footnote to their public statements. We have nearly $19 trillion in debt ...

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Bernie Sanders is Right!!Hillary is Unqualified To be President, But Not Because of What He Says!!


Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Wednesday said that he does not believe Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president based on her acceptance of special-interest money, her support of free trade and her vote for the Iraq War. “She has been saying lately that she thinks I am quote-unquote not qualified to be president,” Sanders said. “Let me just ...

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Eye In The Sky, A Must-See Movie

Eagle-American Bald Eagle

I just saw the new movie Eye In The Sky and thought it was very illuminating as regards our current techno-warfare and our current political correctness towards the religious zealots that are murdering thousands of people, and the liberal defense of any enemy America is threatened by. The subject of the movie is concerned with ordering an American drone to ...

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Soros and Hillary Are Behind Trump Rally Violence!!!


Recently a petition consisting of 100,000 signatures was sent to the White House asking for Trump to be arrested for causing violence at his rallies. How absurd!!! The white house turned it down as well they should. I would like to see who started this petition as the article did not say who started it, but if I  were to ...

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“Iran Has Not Violated The Nuke Agreement, Period”.


Does the construction of that sentence sound familiar? The era of Obama has been replete with similar phrases. Every sentence that Obama ends with the word ”Period” is a lie, period. Also sentences that even end with the punctuation mark of the period are lies. Do you remember Obama’s “keep your doctor”, “keep your plan” and “save $2500 a year, ...

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