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It’s Because They are Afraid of Him

[The Trump Hush money case] is much ado about nothing.  To my liberal friends out there, all you’re doing is showing that you’re scared you can’t beat him on the issues and merits.  … That’s why he keeps saying “They can’t beat me at the polls.  [Misusing the legal system] is the only way they can do it.”  [Even if Trump loses again in 2024] you have given more fodder to [his] argument [that the election was rigged] which means that we will never have peace in this country because tens of millions of people will see to what extent [Democrats] are willing to go to keep him out of office because they can’t beat him on the merits.  [Republicans] are going to say, “You trumped this up against him again” and we’ll have no peace.  All you gotta do is find a way to beat him on the issues but you haven’t been able to do it.  What a damn shame.  … “If I threw away my vote [on a third Party] you [Democrats] deserve it.  It’s embarrassing! 

ESPN host Stephen A Smith, April 18, 2024

Black ESPN host Stephen Smith does not want to vote for Trump or a third Party.  He regularly tells Fox conservative Sean Hannity that he’s wrong 70% of the time. The two have a testy but mutually respectful relationship.  Smith states that it is important to talk to people with different political views: “Why close that door of opportunity when you can leave it open. Because no matter where you go, you’re gonna run across people that think differently than you.”  Talking to people with different political views is “an opportunity.”  One might actually learn something.  The two regularly have a good laugh about how testy their relationship is. That used to me understood America as healthy until the Democrats, decided, as former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard puts it, that they are God.   Since the Democrats suffer from the view that they know everything and are morally pure (a pair of self-refuting propositions if ever there were any), they feel no need to treat Trump with respect or even treat them fairly.  “C’est moi, c’est moi, tis I!”

Despite opposing Trump, Smith vehemently rejects the transparently unfair campaign of lawfare”, using the legal system to eliminate one’s political opponents, against Trump.  Rather, Smith, who possesses both intelligence and a strong sense of justice, sees the Democrat “lawfare” against Trump as the cowardly admission that they cannot defeat him in a fair election.   The fact that they can’t “do it” is, Smith, “embarrassing.”

It is no surprise that a recent Rasmussen poll revealed that a shockingly large percent of the elites, “politically obsessed” urbanites who earn over $150,000 dollars a year and overwhelmingly Democrats who think Biden is doing a great job, would be willing to cheat to put octogenarian Joe back into the White House.  Whereas a mere 7% of Americans generally would cheat to win an election, 69% of the overwhelmingly Democrat elite top 1% would be willing to do so.

Consider the first irony!  Whereas the average Joe who works their fingers to the bone doing honest work has managed to retain their integrity, the all-knowing multi-millionaire elites, who, in their safe little bubbles, are shielded from the consequences of Biden’s destructive policies, are far more willing to cheat than the “salt of the earth” peasants.

The second irony is that:

These elites are also the people who are constantly wailing and gnashing their teeth about how Donald Trump is a “grave threat to democracy” [or] that Trump is a wannabe dictator, his followers “semi-fascists,” blah, blah, blah.

Yet most of these same elites would be happy to see Biden and the Democratic Party rob and cheat to steal an election rather than let Trump win a second term …

This of course is [precisely] what has been happening over the past three years, as the liberal elite class took off the gloves to block Trump’s return to the White House, stretching the law past the breaking point to put him on trial, imposing unprecedented fines (bragging they are bankrupting him), and trying to block his name from [appearing] on the ballot.

[L]eftist elites are even advocating that lawmakers refuse to certify the [2024] election if Trump wins.


[I]f these elites do manage to lie, cheat, and steal to secure Biden’s re-election  … they will declare that democracy has been saved, reassure the public that the election was 100% legitimate, and label anyone who thinks otherwise as an election-denying insurrectionist.

I&I Editorial Board

That is precisely what they have been doing the past 3.5 years about the very unfair 2020 election. 

In the same vein, Sunny Hostin remarks that she is worried that a Trump supporter might “sneak onto” the jury of the Manhattan trial, which she calls “my Super Bowl”, but expresses no worries that a bevy of Trump hater’s might “sneak onto” the jury with the determined intent to convict Trump despite the evidence.  Hostin states that if a potential juror has “liked Trump” on social media they cannot be neutral, cannot decide the case on the evidence.  Naturally, she expresses no worries at all that a bevy of jurors from Manhattan might have disliked Trump on social media even though, in a jurisdiction that voted against Trump for Biden by about 9 to 1, that is the far likelier possibility. 

Similarly, Alan Dershowitz (Harvard Law) observes that the questions being asked the potential jurors are “absurd”.  They are being asked if they can be fair, but “Of course, a [potential] juror will always say they can be fair if they want to serve on the jury” in order to “Get Trump!”  As usual, Democrats must have everything totally their way.  It is not even enough that the “lawfare” campaign against Trump is absurd and said to be so by numerous “liberal” legal experts.   This “lawfare” is held in Democrat strongholds where juries will massively favour Biden’s Democrat Party handouts.  And the rules for jury selection are stacked to exclude populations, e.g., orthodox Jews in Manhattan, that might favour Trump.

There is a name for the lawfare” directed against Donald Trump. 

It’s called “Cheating” and its “in your face.”   They are not even trying to hide it.  They want the peasants to know they can’t win.  The peasants cannot be allowed to decide the 2024 election.  They are not even worthy of the elite’s moneyed and diplomaed greatness.  It’s a shame one even has to let them vote but one must go through the motions for appearances sake.  The elites know they are right and they have post-Modernist – post-Truth – gibberish (NPR CEO Katherine Maher) to “prove” it.  Don’t even bother to vote for Trump because the next Obama puppet is already picked. 

Although the all-knowing all-controlling elites and their stenographers in what remains of our “news” media have ordained that the 2020 election was the fairest election ever, one can judge the truth about the 2020 election by observing what they are doing now.

As Stephen Smith says, they are obviously doing it because they are afraid of him, that is, afraid of the American people.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. It is painful to see how low we have descended. Sadly I don’t see groups of distinguished politicians, physicians, Nobel Prize winners, ministers, priests, evangelists, psychiatrists, etc. having press conferences in front of the courts where these abusive “trials” are taking place. The article’s author calmly and clearly describes the moral turpitude of these cases against Trump. It is painful to read.

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