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Tulsi Gabbard: The Deepest Problem of All –  Democrats think they are God

It is [the Democrat’s] hatred of what they view America to be, an actual hatred, and the desire to rebuild it in something they view as a utopia in their minds, which leads to the deepest problem of all whether they realize it or not: They think they are God and know better for everyone else [traditional Americans] than we know for ourselves. … We [Democrats] have to make decisions for them.  We can’t allow [traditional Americans] the freedom to make the quote unquote “wrong choice” because they will … destroy democracy.  [The Democrats] are afraid of losing power and I am sounding the alarm on how they are doing all they can to undermine our fundamental freedoms which is really what this [2024] election is all about.  They [Democrats] are all the same and if they stay in power that will escalate this spiral toward a more oppressed less safe less free secure society.

Former Democrat Party rising star presidential candidate woman of colour Tulsi Gabbard (HI, 2nd district) March 29, 2024

Joe Biden’s lack of empathy has been a theme throughout his administration.

Bill O’Reilly, March 29, 2024

It is a bit difficult figuring out how Democrats and their “News”-media Colluders (hereafter the DNC) think about things anymore.  There was a time when it was not difficult.   Whether one agreed with him or not it was not difficult seeing that John Kennedy (President 1961 – 1963) loved the country and wanted to do right by the citizens.  Whether one agreed with him or not it was not difficult seeing that Jimmy Carter (President 1977 – 1981) loved the country and wanted to do right by the citizens.  Bill Clinton, who sparked a visceral negative reaction in many conservatives, was clearly very smart, loved the country and wanted to do right, by his own lights, to its citizens.  The same for Harry Truman and F.D.R.  One can disagree with these people but there were limits in those days.

One cannot imagine any of these past Democrat presidents opening the southern border to millions of unknown illegal aliens and giving them privileges not even available to citizens.  One cannot even imagine one of these former Democrat presidents claiming that a military withdrawal in which 13 military personnel were blown to pieces, hundreds more injured, and billions of dollars of military equipment handed over to the enemy was an “extraordinary success.” One cannot even imagine one of these past Democrat presidents insulting the intelligence of the American people by letting his Cuban born Secretary of Homeland Security, who deliberately broke the border, claim that the southern border is secure when, in fact, there were a record number of deaths, 853, there in 2022.  One cannot imagine any of these past Democrat presidents not taking decisive action to end the massive influx of deadly drugs into the country resulting in over 73,000 deaths in 2022 alone.  One cannot even imagine one of these former Democrat presidents reacting to the murder of an innocent young woman by an illegal alien by saying, as Biden did, “But how many thousands of people being killed by illegals?”  One cannot even imagine one of these former Democrat presidents apologizing, as Biden did when pushed by his Left, for calling that illegal alien an illegal, which is the correct legal term!  One cannot imagine any of these past Democrat presidents using (or even allowing) his “Justice” Department and other Democrat DA’s around the country issuing multiple “pathetic” indictments of his chief political rival.  That was something proud Americans believed only happens in corrupt third world dictatorships.   One cannot even imagine any of these former Democrat presidents lecturing the peasants that they all have to pay their fair share of taxes when his own son Hunter had not paid taxes for many years.  There was, at least, shame in those days.  Now there is none. There is only the unhinged hate filled grab for money and power and pushing innocent people around. 

Kennedy took responsibility for the disastrous “Bay of Pigs” invasion of Cuba.  Carter took responsibility for the failed Iran hostage rescue mission in 1980.  After the disastrous Blackhawk Down mission in Somalia Clinton took full responsibility for the failure.  Biden takes responsibility for nothing, except for creating jobs that came back naturally after the Covid pandemic ended and people were rehired for their old positions (e.g., Susie was fired from her waitress job when Covid hit but was rehired, no thanks to Biden, for the same job when the virus faded).   Even left-leaning Politifact, which generally shades things to favor Democrats, only gives Biden a too generous “half true” on his job creation claims.  For the Biden administration, every crisis is somebody else’s fault.   He even comically blames his own disastrous southern border on president Trump who had handed him a secure border – and he thinks the American people are stupid enough to believe this.  They don’t

Part of the explanation for the DNC’s absurd thought processes these days is clearly “the-end-justifies-the-means” reasoning.  The DNC wailed impressively about a child who drowned in the Rio Grande during the Trump administration as if Trump’s personal cruelty caused it.  One would have actually thought they cared. But the DNC is not particularly bothered by the record 853 dead at the Southern border under Biden in 2022 … and that just the tip of the iceberg.  Sometimes they condescend to report it, but it’s certainly not represented on poor old forgetful Joe’s fault.  Nor are they particularly bothered, in their own safe secure guarded neighbourhoods, by the Biden crime wave: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.”  The dead, raped, robbed and abused women and children at the southern border, and in America’s streets and bordellos, are a small price to pay for the (not so) heroic socialist utopia of their dreams (in which DNC apparatchiks are in charge and extremely well paid for their godlike wisdom and moral purity). 

But even that does not completely explain the DNC’s destructive thought processes.  For, that abstract slogan does not explain why the DNC chooses these particular “woke” ends and means (violation of US immigration law, soft on crime, lawfare against political opponents, etc.) to achieve their make-believe utopian dreams.  Tulsi is right that a major part of the explanation is that the DNC is now driven by “an actual hatred” of the country and the peasants who actually work for a living.  After decades of indoctrination in our schools and the purposeful destruction of academic standards by corrupt political activists, the DNC has convinced themselves of the demonstrably false belief that America is systematically racist” and have come to hate their country and its traditional citizens that fall short of their own imagined greatness. This malady often befalls people and groups that censor anyone who criticizes them and, therefore, never see their ideas put to the test.  Unfortunately, narcissism-induced hatred does not do anything to make the lives of Americans better—not that what remains of John Kennedy’s Democrats care anymore.  The Party of fake compassion used to pretend to care about Israel and the Jews and now pretends to care about Gaza and the Muslims but in the end plays both sides against the other enabling great human devastation and will, when convenient, sell out both, the DNC’s only real concern being its mission of grabbing money and power by any despicable means necessary.   

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. The racial hatred promoted by the soft-on-crime Democraps blames whites for excessive criminality in the black community. The black criminals are lionized as victims of white hegemony. Their moral responsibility for their behavior is diluted or wholly dismissed. This is a shallow and perverse attempt to generate problems for U.S. society which has the effect of getting black votes, attracting misplaced white guilt, and creating a longing for an authoritarian government. Many naive whites think that Dems have a better chance in the long run of controlling black anti-social behavior because their pro-black [criminal] attitudes will make the black community responsive to them when, eventually, they move to act.

  2. They live in their own insulated world and are catered to and fawned upon by their loyal followers. They need to get out more and start listening to the american public instead of spying on them.

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