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Is The CDC Meddling In The 2020 Election?

Prior to this pandemic the country and everyone was doing better thanks to Trump’s policies. He lowered the FICA tax so everyone had more money in their paychecks, my wife has $20 more each week in her check because of that. He lowered the business tax from 35% to 21% so companies were moving back here in droves from overseas ...

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Facebook, Their Bully Narrative, and COVID-19

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST “Facebook announced Thursday that it will start warning users if they have liked, reacted or commented on harmful Covid-19 posts that the company has found to be misinformation and removed. The feature will roll out in the coming weeks… “‘These messages will connect people to COVID-19 myths debunked by the World Health Organization including ones we’ve ...

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KOTKIN: One Nation, Under Lockdown, Divided By Pandemic

The last thing this polarized Republic needs is, well, more polarization, but that is what we are contracting from the pandemic. Americans, irrespective of region, broadly want the same things, such as safety, a return to normalcy, and an end to dependence on China for medical supplies, but they differ in the depth of their experiences with the pandemic. Rather ...

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Democrat Predictions Of A New Normal May Be Correct, But Not What They Expected

Democrat politicians, most notably Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, have been salivating over the near-destruction of America by way of the shutdown of businesses, and they have been predicting that everything has changed with the virus shutdown, plus they’ve been demanding a series of leftist, radical, Socialist/Communist dream issues, inspired by Barack Obama and his intention to “fundamentally transform ...

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OP-Ed: Was the Global China Virus Lockdown Necessary?

We are about 50 days into this lockdown, “The Great Suppression” some have dubbed it, this wrecking ball called Coronavirus, that has been swung with great force into our society, smashing to bits a robust and growing Trump economy. Trump himself, and the rest of us, are facing a barrage of medical facts and fiction, aimed at confusion and panic. ...

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Leftists Pretending to Be Pro–Life

The WuFlu has been a godsend for the left. And I’m not talking about the startling discovery that 95 percent of the USA is willing to be confined to quarters solely on the basis of a computer model whose numbers are undergoing constant revision to repair past mistakes. Instead the China Flu gives the left an unparalleled opportunity to attack ...

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Universal Basic Income Is No Silver Bullet For A Strong Society

A universal basic income does not offer hope, but a siren song. To meet the challenges of automation and deindustrialization, we must pursue a social order akin to what was lost under industrialization. UBI would make that impossible. As Americans receive so-called stimulus checks of at least $1,200, there is growing popular support for a universal basic income. Conventional wisdom ...

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Unconstitutional Healthcare Rules Again Threaten America’s Liberty And Prosperity

Airmen wearing personal protective gear walk down the open ramp of a large transport jet.

When President Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, one of the main tools used to achieve that end, along with the loss of our liberties and our constitution, was the misleadingly named Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The ACA, forced on Americans by Democrats, provided packaged coverage that many people didn’t need and couldn’t afford, and was ...

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Trump Gets Things Done While Dems Sit And Criticize

Some of President Trump’s critics have accused him of failing to take the pandemic seriously or show sufficient empathy toward those who have suffered because of it. He continues to make it clear, however, that he has lost close friends to the virus and understands the pain that so many of his fellow Americans are experiencing. Have they no eyes ...

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Send Fauci And Birx Back To The Lab

I’m sure that Doctors Birx and Fauci have done some good and important work these past few weeks, but now, all we hear is their advice to keep the lockdown in place and expect a much more severe second wave of the virus that will cause more destruction to the American economy, thereby damaging the lives of our citizens with ...

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