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In A World Of Immature, Vulgar, Hateful, Inappropriate Democrat Politicians, Trump Seems Almost Milktoast Normal

We all know of the insane rants of Maxine Waters and her “impeach 45” diatribe. We all know of Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to an “immoral” wall on our southern border, and her idiotic statement that the MS13 murderers that Trump is trying to prevent in our nation have a “spark of divinity” about them. We’ve all heard the black members ...

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Dems Salivating To Start Impeachment Against Trump

Democrats barely in office are already salivating at the mouth to get impeachment charges against Trump going. A California congressman is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump on Thursday — the first day of the new Democratic majority in the House.Rep. Brad Sherman is reintroducing the impeachment articles that he first filed in 2017 with Democratic co-sponsor Rep. Al ...

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The Forces Of Evil Against Trump

America is at a tipping point and America’s principles are at stake. There are evil forces that are so filled with hate and rage at this president and the people that elected him that they want to destroy him and even the country itself. These Hate Trump forces include people like FBI agent Peter Strzok  who called Trump supporters “smelly ...

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Mitt Romney’s op-ed was not brave, scathing, honest, nor was it necessary

Mitt Romney

Senator-elect Mitt Romney (R-UT) wrote an anti-Trump editorial that was published Wednesday morning. While the left sees his article as a crack in the Republican ranks, the op-ed doesn’t really say anything that other war-mongering RINO’s haven’t already said and it doesn’t really provide any new criticism of President Trump. Romney appears to be following in the footsteps of former ...

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The Political Posturing of Nancy Pelosi: Redux

S.M. Sigerson wrote, “A nation which fails to adequately remember salient points of its own history, is like a person with Alzheimer’s. And that can be a social disease of a most destructive nature.” Such is the case with Nancy Pelosi’s retaking of the Speaker’s gavel in her return to the post of Speaker of the House, a position that ...

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Learning To Believe Democrat Lies And Not My Own Two Eyes

For weeks, Democrats repeatedly told us that there was no caravan marching toward the U.S. from Central America. Then who are these people in Tijuana making life miserable for the Mexican government and the unfortunate citizens of Mexico? Democrats also told us that the non-existent caravan was nothing but peaceful people, mostly families with women and children, who only want ...

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What Hath Democrats Wrought?

Looking back at the previous 25 or so years, the permissiveness, lawlessness and outright anger of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party has caused changes to our society that no one who knew the prior America would even pretend to like or approve of. But first of all one must fend off the predictable leftist counter-attack against anyone who opposes the way Democrats ...

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Warren On The Warpath?

Now comes word that Progressive-Fascist Elizabeth “I feel like I am a Native American Indian so I’ll just say that I am” Warren is seriously contemplating a run for President of the United States. I guess she embraces delusions of grandeur whether about ruling the teepee or the free world. In her announcement, which didn’t take place in front of ...

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CNN Attacks The Military

The anti-Trump bias from CNN seems to have no end. They continue to prove they are the enemy of the people with their anti-Trump bias which is why they are so low in the ratings and rightly so. With every chance possible, they attack the very values this country is based on. Now they just sank to a new low ...

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Re-Affirms Its Hatred of America

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t appear to like America very much. The sporting goods retailer pulled sporting rifles from the shelves several years ago angering hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike. Later, they took back that decision and again served the sporting community – although to a much smaller crowd as most of us decided to never set foot in a Dick’s ...

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Aquaman: A Review

Aquaman has been billed as the greatest superhero movie ever made and I would highly agree with that. Aquaman is a wild action-packed thrill ride that is extremely imaginative and a total assault on the senses. Though most of it is 95% CGI special effects the scenes are wonderfully done and the various undersea kingdoms are exotic and impressive along ...

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Medium: The Garbage Can of the Progressive Fascist

I just read one of the most honest pieces of self-indictment ever written at Medium.com. I just read one of the scariest pieces of self-indictment at Medium.com. These two articles were one and the same and they define the complete arrogance of the Progressive movement; a movement which has now turned full-blown Fascist. In this article, titled Intolerant Liberals by ...

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Government Shutdown? What Government Shutdown?

One listens to the self-centered fools who make up the majority of our federal government, and one wonders what these silly individuals are thinking. They insist that the world will end if the government “shuts down”. They believe that if they project a disastrous outcome to a “shutdown” loudly and frequently enough, that the rabble out here in fly-over country ...

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Trump Owns the Media Once Again


As everyone knows Trump is a master negotiator and to be a master negotiator you have to outwit your opponent like in a game of chess. Trump did just that with the media. Before Christmas Trump announced he wasn’t flying to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas to be with his family and was staying at the white house to hear from senators ...

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Bipartisanship Is Another Word for Ignoring the Base

Here’s how the Opposition Media’s beloved “bipartisan cooperation” works among the residents of Incumbentstan here in Washington, DC. Republicans join leftists to proudly pass a “prison reform” bill that is of absolutely no importance to the conservative base that keeps Washington country club conservatives in office. But all passage of “prison reform” really proves is Curator of the Senate Mitch ...

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