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The Democrat Anti-Wall Stance Is Their Political Maginot Line

Following World War I the French government decided to build a wall in order to keep the pesky Germans from invading their nation. Then they sat back, fat and satisfied with themselves, and assumed that they were protected from any invasion in future years. But the Germans, never satisfied with their past accomplishments, attacked, surrounded and defeated the French Maginot ...

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Is Trump Pulling Out Of Syria A Bad Move?

Trump’s decision to remove troops from Syria is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, he is right in saying that we cannot be the policeman of the world and it is time for countries like Turkey, Russia, Iraq and Iran to take over.  “We shouldn’t be the policeman of the world,” Trump tweeted. That was the rallying cry by ...

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When It Comes To Trump, Whatever It Is the, Dems Are Against It

“Whatever it is I’m against it”—Groucho Marx-Animal Crackers-1930! The above quote from Groucho Marx in 1930 could well apply to today’s Democrats when it comes to Trump. No sooner had Trump got into office in 2016 when they formed their so-called “resistance movement” and vowed to oppose anything that he does and that is a crying shame. Trump has done ...

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Top 10 Most Destructive Americans In The last 70 Years

I recently came across this article by former army intelligence officer Frank Hawkins who is also a former foreign correspondent and businessman. He lists the top ten dangerous people in his lifetime. I thought it is worth re-printing here to get as much exposure as possible so others are aware of who these people are and the influence they had ...

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Democrats Go On Warpath Against Trump, But Of Course They’ll Be Fair

Democrats and their pals in the leftist media have been riding President Trump like a poorly shod mule for the past two years, with nearly every statement of theirs shouting how guilty Trump is, and how near to prison he is, and how they have him in a trap now, yada, yada, yada. They and their special investigator, Robert Mueller, ...

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Ann Coulter Lays Into Trump Over Lack Of Border Wall

Conservative political commentator and bestselling author Ann Coulter, a staunch proponent of President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border, said Wednesday that she won’t vote for Trump in 2020 if the wall isn’t built, and neither will his supporters. Without mincing words to The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter Wednesday morning, Coulter believes Trump will have ...

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Mueller And Miranda: Why Everyone Must Protect Themselves From Their Own Government

Along with the hundreds of things that are wrong, very bad wrong, about the Mueller collusion investigation, it’s what happened to Mike Flynn, the Lieutenant General with over 30 years of military service whose life has been ruined by the radical Mueller hanging crew, that is perhaps the most shameful miscarriage of justice in American history. While helping the Trump ...

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IHOP Boycotts Tucker Carlson But Not Saudi Arabia

IHOP is boycotting advertising on Tucker Carlson’s show after facing pressure from left-wing activists. IHOP cited its company “values” to justify the boycott, but still does business in Saudi Arabia, an oppressive regime with a lengthy record of human rights abuses. The pancake chain also profits from businesses in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, which have similarly poor records ...

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MSNBC Witches Fantasize About Ivanka Being Arrested

Recently Joy Reid on MSNBC and her guest Elie Mystal spent a segment fantasizing about Ivanka Trump being in the “crosshairs” and openly scheming about how the best way to “get” President Donald Trump would be to go after his children. “This is the first time that we have Ivanka . . . in the crosshairs . . . The only way ...

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Le’Veon Bell’s Fight Against Time and Economics

Before the NFL season began Steeler running back Le’Veon Bell told ESPN, “I want to play. …But I’ve got to take this stand. Knowing my worth and knowing I can tear a ligament or get surgery at any time, I knew I couldn’t play 16 games with 400 or more touches.” Bell’s “stand” meant refusing to play for the Steelers ...

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Life In America Is Beginning To Resemble Communist Eastern Europe In The 1950s

Because of political correctness, comedians now fear negative feedback for offending an audience when they tell jokes. Isn’t biting humor and pushing the envelope with risqué commentary what comedians are here for? A Republican candidate running for president is spied on by the sitting Democrat administration, using the full force and power of the FBI and the Department of Justice ...

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Democrats Politicize And Criminalize Even Your Very Thoughts

It’s an unfortunate part of life in the 21st century when every proposal and every expression put forth by Republicans is called racist or bigoted by Democrats and automatically becomes part of each daily news report and becomes a plank in the Democrat platform in the next election season. The truth is that the wearing of white hoods and pointed ...

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Trump Uses “Blame” As A Code Word For “Credit” And Nancy And Chuck Just Don’t Get It

The political duo that comes to mind when mentioning the movie names of Dumb and Dumber (in this case that duo is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) thought they would take President Trump to the woodshed when they met with him for budget talks Tuesday and paraded into the White House as conquering heroes. But, as usual, President Trump was ...

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The Relativity Of Terms: Republicans Are Now The Radicals Seeking Change

With American citizens belatedly becoming aware of the existence and danger of the Washington Deep State, designed and implemented by the radical and unconstitutional “Fundamental Transformation of America” that Barack Obama was able to impose on American politics, Republicans have now become the new proponents of change trying to restore tradition to our swiftly leftward-drifting nation, and Democrats are the ...

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Congressional Effort To Rein In Deficit Ends in Failure – Again

By Dustin Siggins Congress’s most recent failure to act on budget process reforms will likely result in a huge increase in the national debt an analysis of available data suggests. Congress recently failed again to reform budget processes to slow the nation’s growing national debt. A bipartisan committee created in the spring 2018 budget deal was supposed to end the ...

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