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Arab Spring: Brotherhood Violence

The Arab Spring that swept the Middle-East has continued to escalate into a more violent situation.  After the Egyptian elections resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood winning the controlling majority within the Egyptian government, the situation became must worse.  Supporters of President Mohammed Morsi have been on a violent offensive by murdering the supporters of those opposed to their party and ...

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New Black Panthers: “Under Siege”


Just days ago, on August 12th 2012, the New Black Panther Party on its radio show was claiming that they(black people) were “under siege” by the “RNC, tea party, tea baggers, and people who hate black people.” The voice of the woman speaking is Michelle Williams. Chief of Staff to the group. Breitbart has acquired two audio files of the ...

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DC Cop allegedly made threatening comments about First Lady

According to the Washing Post, several police officers who work as escorts for White House officials and dignitaries overheard one of their own making threatening comments about the first lady.  After he made these alleged comments about the first lady, he was placed on “administrative duty Wednesday.”  The Internal Affairs Division of the DC police department spoke with the United ...

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Romney Booed at NAACP Speech


Mitt Romney spoke before the NAACP yesterday, July 11th 2012.  He began his speech to the group by saying, ” I appreciate the chance to speak first – even before Vice President Biden gets his turn tomorrow. I just hope the Obama campaign won’t think you’re playing favorites.”  Romney continued to say that he does not, “count anybody out, and ...

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Another Presidential Power Grab


July 6th 2012, President Obama signed yet another Executive Order, ASSIGNMENT OF NATIONAL SECURITY AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMUNICATIONS FUNCTIONS.  This new Executive order grants the administration and the Department of Homeland Security massive new abilities that might be needed to re-establish communications during the event of a natural disaster or national security event.  This order will allow the DHS to ...

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America: Can still be that Shining City on a Hill

Since the passing of Obamacare, which is now being re-branded as “ObamaTax” due to the ruling that was handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States last Thursday. Now, more Americans seem to be displeased with the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the Affordable Care Act as a constitutional law.  Thursday was a historic day for ...

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Moody Banks, Sad Ecomony


The American financial sector has taken another yet another hit today.  Moody’s downgrade of these 15 banks could not have come at a more dangerous time.  With unemployment starting to track up again, and this downgrade of major firms and securities that have global market reach, Greece, Spain, and the Eurozone all have economic problems which could cause a huge ...

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The Spread of Economic Greek Fire

The global economy is on fire due to government Water Fountain Economics. Leaders from around the world continue to push for more government spending with hope that it will stem the flow of a sinking economic situation and put the fire out.  One of those world leaders is, France’s newly elected President Francois Hollande, who is the leader of the ...

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Phrases of Destruction?

Recently President Obama was heavily criticized for his remarks about how the private sector and that it was “doing fine.”  Hours later President Obama had to walk back his comments about the private sector.  He claimed he was hold a press conference because of how poorly the private sector was doing.  President Obama’s comments brought a fire storm of remarks ...

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South Carolina June Primary, DESTROYED


As of today I am no longer a candidate for my county council, along with many other candidates in Oconee County, South Carolina.  The recent lawsuit that was filed by the democratic party in Florence County, removed every candidate who had not filed a paper copy of their economic interest statement, even though that same information was filed electronically over ...

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Flailing PIGS, Euro-crisis looms

While the Obama administration continues to spread the word that the United States is in a recovery, other world leaders are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, due to their economic troubles.  Today’s release of the unemployment numbers, which rose to 8.2 percent, from 8.1 percent was devastating news to President Barack Obama.   Economists were expecting the United States ...

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Why Syria is an Election Problem

With the massive death toll continuing to rise in Syria, the Obama administration seems hesitant to even mention Syria or the use of military force as an option to end the massacres in the middle-eastern country.  With Americans war-weary from the last decade of combat over seas, because many military men and women who have sacrificed their lives for freedom ...

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In Remembrance of Sgt. Garvey

justin Garvey

Every Memorial Day is one that I remember with certain emotion.  When I joined the United States Army, I was 21 years old.  My recruiter picked me up from my house around 4:30am in the morning. He hauled me off to the Military Entrance Processing Station(MEPS).  That day, changed my life forever.  It was September 11th 2001,  I was upstairs ...

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The Virtual World: Facebook Crashes

UPDATE: Facebook stock plunges! Today, as the markets came to a close, Facebook, took another slide.  The IPO’s share fell to around 30 dollars today at the close of the market.  With underwriters bailing and consumers following suit, its no wonder that the stock itself would lose value.  If the trend continues, it could be the end of the IPO ...

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Facebook loses Face

Friday, when Facebook went public and started offering its share at 38 dollars,  the hype that escorted the new IPO becoming a publicly traded product, did not last very long.  The problems and over speculation that finally drove Facebook from the 42 dollar high that it hit last Friday, only lasted a matter of hours.  Facebook closed at just 23 ...

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