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South Carolina June Primary, DESTROYED

As of today I am no longer a candidate for my county council, along with many other candidates in Oconee County, South Carolina.  The recent lawsuit that was filed by the democratic party in Florence County, removed every candidate who had not filed a paper copy of their economic interest statement, even though that same information was filed electronically over the internet, which is easier and faster to access.  Now, here in Oconee County, South Carolina, we will have no sheriff on the ballot next Tuesday.  We have no challengers for any of the incumbents, who favor legislation that is destructive to private property rights and liberty.  Now, our county and the rest of the State of South Carolina is under attack, by the Progressives.  The only reason that Democrats cause problems like this, is because they cannot win common sense arguments, so now they must create a problem to ensure that there is less of a Republican turn out in November.

Creating Issues like these are the only way the democrats will have a chance to win in the November Election.   It may create a problem for Republicans in the General Election,  if the voters are so upset about the primary and the Republican party, that they may think it was the fault of the Republican Party and not look any further into the issue.  However, it may cause such a problem across the state, that it may give President Obama an upper hand. In a state that is suppose to be conservative, with a firestorm as this issue is sure to cause, South Carolina may become a possible swing state if this issue becomes much larger than anyone expected it to be.  With the Political realm and all the problems that politicians have caused over the past decades, it would not be a surprise if something so troubling actually caused South Carolina to become a swing state for the General Election.  The only problem is that the conservative movement is alive, just not well here in South Carolina.  A good majority of the Republicans, are RINOs.  They do not represent what Republicanism stands for, which is another cause for concern, not just here in South Carolina, but across the country.   Conservatives are fighting battles on two fronts in order to preserve our nation.  We not only have to fight the RINO party, but we also are battling the Progressive party, which has swallowed up what use to be the Democratic Party.

Now, trying to figure out exactly what I should do is the problem.  I would have to gather 5% of the voters here in my district, which would amount to only about 500 signatures, however, I would need those names by Noon on July 16th. My outcome is still unknown.  I am also not sure if I am willing to register as an Independent, I am a strong conservative, I believe, and I will not change what I call myself or consider myself to be, just because some Progressive decided to use Judicial Activism to achieve their goals.  I have other avenues that I may be able to utilize in order to make change in this county, and ultimately in this great nation.  We conservatives must fight this massive machine anyway that we can.  It is our JOB to stand up and defend what has made this nation great.  We must UNITED across this country and STAND TOGETHER to defend our LIBERTY.  Stand with me, join me in this fight against TYRANNY.  LET US DEFEND THIS NATION TOGETHER.  Spread the word of what has happened here in South Carolina.  We must protect other states from running into this very same problem.  We must work TOGETHER, WE MUST DEFEND LIBERTY AT ALL COSTS. STAND WITH ME!

Some of us here in the county have thought about starting a 3rd party.  Maybe it is finally time, at least at local levels, who knows, we do need to start fixing these problems.  If we do not fix them here in the local levels, we cannot fix them in Washington. Starting local is the only course we have to restore America to the great country she once was, frankly still is, we are just running out of time.  Our nation is facing some of her most perilous times right now, and the Progressive Party will never give up, we must also stand our ground.  The bigger question remains, what impact will this have come November?

To read the cases for more in depth information, click HERE!


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Dan Colby (@dpcolby)

I am a United States Army Veteran. Conservative Warrior. Christian. Student. I love America, Capitalism. I am also sick and tired of the Progressive/Left destroying America and her traditions. It is time we stand up and take the fight to them. #WAR I will not sit down any longer. I will not be silent, I refuse to sit by and watch these radicals destroy everything that I love. The fight is on. Let us begin with the ability to fight lies with reason.

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