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Phrases of Destruction?

Recently President Obama was heavily criticized for his remarks about how the private sector and that it was “doing fine.”  Hours later President Obama had to walk back his comments about the private sector.  He claimed he was hold a press conference because of how poorly the private sector was doing.  President Obama’s comments brought a fire storm of remarks from conservatives.  This phrase “doing fine,” about the private sector, was used in a campaign ad by the Romney, just hours after President Obama said the private sector was “doing fine.”

Now, less than a day after Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. said that Attorney General Eric Holder was to be brought up on contempt charges for his dealings with the Fast and Furious case, that allowed American made guns to cross the border and escape into Mexico, which later returned and was used in the murder of Agent Brian Terry.  According to the House Oversight Committee it will vote next week on Eric Holder being in contempt of Congress. Here is the draft of contempt charges reported by CBS News.  Eric Holder is accused of not fully cooperating with congress and the information it has requested, along with Eric Holder not answering questions to his fullest knowledge.

After the news of the House Oversight Committee stating that it was going to schedule a vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, Jay Carney told reporters that the President has “absolute confidence” in Eric Holder.

If the House Oversight Committee finds Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, this could be another huge drag on the Obama re-election campaign.  This could be the second phrase to create a fire storm for the Obama White House.  However, if the House does not have enough votes to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, it will only bolster the Obama re-election campaign along with assisting in their narrative during this whole process, that Republicans are just playing politics with the whole situation.

These two phrases, “doing fine” and “absolute confidence” combined together in the course of almost a week, could be a huge negative against the Obama campaign team.  If everything works out well in the way of Eric Holder, then Republicans will be playing defense minutes after the vote is cast.

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Dan Colby (@dpcolby)

I am a United States Army Veteran. Conservative Warrior. Christian. Student. I love America, Capitalism. I am also sick and tired of the Progressive/Left destroying America and her traditions. It is time we stand up and take the fight to them. #WAR I will not sit down any longer. I will not be silent, I refuse to sit by and watch these radicals destroy everything that I love. The fight is on. Let us begin with the ability to fight lies with reason.

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