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Arab Spring: Brotherhood Violence

The Arab Spring that swept the Middle-East has continued to escalate into a more violent situation.  After the Egyptian elections resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood winning the controlling majority within the Egyptian government, the situation became must worse.  Supporters of President Mohammed Morsi have been on a violent offensive by murdering the supporters of those opposed to their party and their president.  According to, multiple news outlets have reported that “people were being crucified.”  In addition to supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood viciously murdering opposition to their ideological party, the Brotherhood supporters have also murdered individuals for what is known as apostasy, which covers many crimes against their religion, or ideology.  In one case according to Raymond Ibrahim, wrote about the violence in the middle east and more directly in Tunisia.  The crime of apostasy that took place was a Muslim man who had converted Christianity and in this article that Raymond Ibrahim wrote about that crime of apostasy and the punishment for that crime.  He wrote;

                                                                         “A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or “narrator,” chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: “Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate”; “Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists”; “Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims”; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The description that Ibrahim wrote about was from a video of that very punishment he was describing, that aired on Egyptian Today.  To actually watch the video, click here.  Algemeiner also reported that;

                                            “A Sky News Arabic correspondent in Cairo confirmed that protestors belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others. Likewise, Muslim Brotherhood supporters locked the doors of the media production facilities of 6-October [a major media region in Cairo], where they proceeded to attack several popular journalists.”

In addition to reports of religious and political violence against those who the Brotherhood disagrees with, a cleric of Al-Azhar issued a fatwa.  This fatwa committee said that, ” fighting participants in anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations planned for 24 August is a religious obligation.”    Prior to the Muslim Brotherhood actually gaining control over Egypt, most of these threats of violence were just that, threats.  Now that the Brother is in control, it seems that these “threats” have actually turned into violence.  More acts of religious violence have taken place in Iraq where; “Muslim militants are crucifying children to terrorize their Christian parents,” continues to say that, “One infant was snatched, decapitated, burned and left on his mother’s doorstep.”

The violence in the middle east has only escalated since the beginning of the Arab Spring, threats turning to action, protests turning into mob violence, with many shouting scripture from the Koran, and claiming their violent actions are in the name of Allah.

” The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this: that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off…” (Koran 5:33).


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