Federal Government: Embarrassing to the Point of Painful

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  • Last night I read an article on “Moneynews” that one Peter Singer – a Princeton University professor – has blamed our founding fathers for this shutdown. I am both astonished and outraged at how completely stupid and intellectually bankrupt the minds of progressive liberals can be! Untermensch singer claims the separation of powers is the fundamental flaw in the Constitution!!!

    They no longer hide their garbage dump mentality in the closet do they?!

    WE have no idea whether singing is just plain ignorant of all the Larceny of Power BIG Fed has committed or if he is intentionally subverting the minds of our youth in his undeserved position in the halls of higher learning! But the fruit is the same evil either way and his a–, like all of the other proggie fools, needs to be collectively tarred and feathered – IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR COUNTRY “DO THE RIGHT THING” AND LEAVE!!!

    The 2 digit IQ that came up with such an idea completely ignored the glaring reality that THIS government is NOT the Government Jimmy Madison described in the Constitution and blaming him reveals exactly what kind of putz you are, pete!

    I’m sure you would also blame Henry Ford if you wrecked your car!

    WE the PEOPLE are to Blame for this shutdown and all of the confiscation of power we LET BIG Fed rip off!
    We are to blame because we have eaten of the fruit of the TREE of the Knowledge of Progressivism and thought, “we can have freedom and a government that takes care of us TOO!” Whoopee! U-tope-eee-a! Here we come!

    “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” (!!!) – Romans 1:22

    As always, Frank, your writing is an inspiration and a source of hope to me! Education is a requirement to our crusade to save our nation! We the People need to understand the First Principles of our Liberty and embrace, with knowledge, the simplistic truth of our Supreme Law of the Land!

    You bring up an excellent and critical point concerning a Constitutional Convention as there is a growing “hysteria” among the conservatives to initiate one. With the opening of such a convention ALL of the Precepts and Principles and Authorities of the Constitution would be subject to change!! And if Conservatives, Tea Part Patriots and delusional minds on the right think the left is going to just some how not participate they are no wiser than this FOOL singer!

    Our Constitution is a perfect document! It is NOT broken! BIG Fed is broken!!! Restore the Constitution to Government and watch it work like it was intended. J-H-C, wake up to the truth and the facts, people!

    • Peter Singer also is in favor of infanticide – and multiple nefarious “progressive” movements.