Syria: Where the war stands now

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3 thoughts on “Syria: Where the war stands now

  1. jan brown

    It’s just a tad late to ‘start’ deciding what our involvement should be. But that is par for this President. Can’t tell if he’s slow or just waiting for some of his ‘advisors’ aka handlers to tell him what to say.

    Here’s a bee for your bonnet…The Minuteman reports it is possible that “political asylum’ will be given to Syrian refugees & brought to OUR HOME LAND. Now we have delayed ‘arming’ these rebels because we can’t ‘identify’ which wear white hats or black hats but we can invite them to the dinner table of benefits….Sumpin’ mighty wrong with this picture.

    Has anyone else noticed how similar Obama’s presidency is to the democratic elected president of Turkey??

    Keep your Bible open & your powder dry

    1. Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal) Post author

      Yes, I saw about the asylum for Syrians. I’m waiting before commenting on that, because I have a sneaking suspicion that will have something to do with Jordan. We need Jordan to remain as stable as possible, and that nation is under duress thanks to civilians spilling over the borders from Syria, not unlike the refugee camps we see when there are civil wars worldwide. Those people are not enemies. They are victims of war. I can’t in good conscience deny helping people that have not taken sides, and fled Syria just to save their lives. That’s as evil as Assad.

      1. jan brown

        Yes, Jordan has remained pretty true to us compared to others in the region….Frankly, I hadn’t thought of the refugees there or elsewhere & was thinking about the ‘Boston Bomber family” & the fact that we rushed to bring anyone & everyone that translated (for pay) out of Iraq.

        You are quite correct in considering these that had fled to Jordon & elsewhere to safety. The are victims. Thanks for pointing out that perspective, There is so much ‘stuff’ going on that I am sometimes guilty of ‘snap judgment/opinion’ & move to the next one…

        Be sure to let us know if you find anything more.

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