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Syria: Where the war stands now

FreedomHouse (CC)
FreedomHouse (CC)
The Obama administration has stated that they will send weapons to the rebels in Syria at this point, regardless of what the citizens in the U.S. or Syria think. And there isn’t a great deal of support for this action, in fact, it appears that even the recipients of the assistance are not wanting it. According to CNN:

If the outside world was excited about a U.S. retaliatory plan for the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against rebels, the families in the capital’s old Mezzah neighborhood struck a tone in utter contrast.

“America is inventing stories about chemical weapons,” one man told CNN’s Fred Pleitgen. “The Syrian government never used chemical weapons. The rebels have used them, not the government. So they are inventing stories because our army is winning.”

Another man, also shopping for household staples, said the U.S. action won’t make a difference. The government will prevail in the civil war, he asserted.

The intervention is in the wake of reports that the Assad regime is using chemical weapons against its own citizens. But, there remain reports that this simply isn’t the case on the ground. As Al Jazeera reports:

“The White House has issued a statement full of lies about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, based on fabricated information,” a statement issued on Friday by the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

“The United States is using cheap tactics to justify President Barack Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian opposition,” it said.

Russia, a staunch ally of the Syrian government, also disputed the US charge on Friday.

President Vladimir Putin’s foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, told reporters that the information provided by US officials to Russia “didn’t look convincing”.

Russian officials are also not supporting U.S. plans for a no-fly zone over Syria.

“There have been leaks from Western media regarding the serious consideration to create a no-fly zone over Syria through the deployment of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and F-16 jets in Jordan,” said Mr [Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei] Lavrov, speaking at a joint news conference in Moscow with his Italian counterpart.

“You don’t have to be a great expert to understand that this will violate international law,” he said.

Mr Lavrov also said evidence presented by the US of chemical weapons use in Syria apparently did not meet reliability criteria set out by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

The three-year-long conflict in Syria has been increasingly involving neighboring nations, and Hezbollah leaders have stated that they do not intend to back down in the conflict. This does not bode well for any plans that the U.S. could have for assisting the Syrian rebels – without taking into account arguments from within the U.S. that getting involved at this point would only be giving weapons to existing enemies of the U.S. There is no secret that Al Qaeda has been making in-roads in the Syrian resistance. Add to that it appears that even Israel does not foresee a stable nation in Syria with or without Assad, there seem to be very few, if any, redeeming factors to the U.S. stepping in any more than it has already.

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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  1. It’s just a tad late to ‘start’ deciding what our involvement should be. But that is par for this President. Can’t tell if he’s slow or just waiting for some of his ‘advisors’ aka handlers to tell him what to say.

    Here’s a bee for your bonnet…The Minuteman reports it is possible that “political asylum’ will be given to Syrian refugees & brought to OUR HOME LAND. Now we have delayed ‘arming’ these rebels because we can’t ‘identify’ which wear white hats or black hats but we can invite them to the dinner table of benefits….Sumpin’ mighty wrong with this picture.

    Has anyone else noticed how similar Obama’s presidency is to the democratic elected president of Turkey??

    Keep your Bible open & your powder dry

    1. Yes, I saw about the asylum for Syrians. I’m waiting before commenting on that, because I have a sneaking suspicion that will have something to do with Jordan. We need Jordan to remain as stable as possible, and that nation is under duress thanks to civilians spilling over the borders from Syria, not unlike the refugee camps we see when there are civil wars worldwide. Those people are not enemies. They are victims of war. I can’t in good conscience deny helping people that have not taken sides, and fled Syria just to save their lives. That’s as evil as Assad.

      1. Yes, Jordan has remained pretty true to us compared to others in the region….Frankly, I hadn’t thought of the refugees there or elsewhere & was thinking about the ‘Boston Bomber family” & the fact that we rushed to bring anyone & everyone that translated (for pay) out of Iraq.

        You are quite correct in considering these that had fled to Jordon & elsewhere to safety. The are victims. Thanks for pointing out that perspective, There is so much ‘stuff’ going on that I am sometimes guilty of ‘snap judgment/opinion’ & move to the next one…

        Be sure to let us know if you find anything more.

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