In CA Gas Shortages Feared; Prices Jump

By | October 5, 2012

Fears of a gas shortage are spreading across the state of California as residents woke up to gas prices that had jumped as much as 30 cents in some places over night. The average cost of gas per gallon in California is now $4.49/gallon and some station in L.A. are listing unleaded prices at $5.69. Warehouse giant Costco has already closed some gas stations around the state, citing a lack of fuel and no way to predict when the next delivery will be. The price jump is being blamed by some economists on a fire and accident at to refineries that caused a slow-down in production, a switch in the seasonal blend and more gas and oil being exported to Mexico. Gas stations are already reporting long lines and worries about future deliveries.

In light of the suspicious but positive jobs numbers today a gas shortage in any state doesn’t seem to jibe with the idea of a recovery.

Always the model of awareness and concern, Governor Jerry Brown has been tweeting about…the Oakland A’s and new tax hikes on the November ballot…two days ago!





The sky is falling, but don’t worry! The recovery is booming and Jerry’s going to make sure Californians don’t have to worry about those few remaining dollars in those pesky, cumbersome savings accounts.

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