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    The War On Cars [video]

    There is a war against cars in America. Regulators want Americans out of cars and onto trains, buses, and bicycles.…

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  • In CA Gas Shortages Feared; Prices Jump

    Fears of a gas shortage are spreading across the state of California as residents woke up to gas prices that…

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  • The End is Near

    Welcome to the beginning of the end of the economic recovery. On Tuesday diesel fuel was $4.49 per gallon along…

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  • The Obama Effect

    The following chart shows a comparison of prices of certain commodities from January, 2009 when Obama took office to the…

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  • Highest Ever Gas Prices for January

    AURORA, Ill., Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — AAA Chicago’s most recent Fuel Gauge Report estimates that in Illinois, regular unleaded…

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