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The Obama Effect

The following chart shows a comparison of prices of certain commodities from January, 2009 when Obama took office to the prices of the same commodities in January, 2011.

            Sourcing is footnoted.

            Leftist should take a lot of tranquilizers before reading this chart.

Just take this last item: In the last two years we have accumulated national debt at a rate more than 27 times as fast as during the rest of our entire nation’s history.  Over 27 times as fast. Metaphorically speaking, if you are driving in the right lane doing 65 MPH and a car rockets past you in the left lane.   27 times faster, it would be doing 1,755 MPH!

(1) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (2) Wall Street Journal; (3) Bureau of Labor Statistics; (4) Census Bureau; (5) USDA; (6) U.S. Dept. Of Labor;
(7) FHFA; (8) Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller; (9) RealtyTrac; (10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ; (11) The Conference Board; (12) FDIC;
(13) Federal Reserve; (14) U.S. Treasury 


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One Comment

  1. And these facts aren’t even up to date. These facts actually need to be updated some. Black unemployment is up to 18%, and the number of people on food stamps is up to 46 million, number of Federal employees is closer to 3 million now with the Obama administration adding 250 thousand to the number of 2009. I’d like to know where did he put all those people? Also, what jobs did he give all those people to do? What office needed that many more people that was added to the starting number which makes up the total of 250 thousand more than those offices had before? All these numbers are facts, liberals. A number I’d like to see is the number of disabled workers of the ages 35-55. For some strange reason this number has risen significantly over the past ten years, not just since Obama has taken office. But there were probably some who were borderline disabled who had to start working more and harder in order to keep their jobs, that became disabled faster than they would have otherwise. I know, because I became disabled in 1992 due to having to work my butt off trying to keep from being laid off. Well, I didn’t get laid off because of how much harder I was working than the other guys, but I ended up disabling myself in the end and had to leave work…permanently. I wish I could work, but it’s impossible due to my worsening condition of my body, it’s falling apart for some unknown reason the doctors have been examining me for the past fifteen years and they still don’t know. But that’s neither here nor there, the problem is with working people in America can’t find work that they want to do. And it’s not what Bush said, “…doing jobs American’s don’t want to do.” No, that’s not true. American’s are the hardest working people in the world, but that is if the industries and factories were still in America.

    When the government tells our manufacturing and industrial companies that they are going to have to spend huge amounts of money to comply with new government regulations, but if they want to move their manufacturing to China or some other foreign country then the government will pay them to move, help out with building a new plant by working with the foreign government with incentives, and pay the company incentives to make the move easier. Well, if you were a manufacturing company and the government is dangling a ton of money in front of you to move your operation to another country….free of expence on your part, what would you do? You wouldn’t have to pay for insurance, no Social Security, no taxes, no environmental regulations to adhere to, no retirement benefits to have to take out of profits, just free money all over the place. Why, hell yes we’ll move, and that’s what they did.

    Now the alternative was to stay because moving to China wasn’t what you had in mind for the future of your company. It’s at that point where the government comes in a practically tells you how you are going to run your business. And if you need a loan to pay for all the upgrades to your plant due to the fact that the government is telling you that your plant is not environmentally safe to operate and if you don’t comply with all these regulations, you’ll have to close the doors due to the fact that your plant is a “hazard to the planet”. Well, that sounds kinda ridiculous, how could my plant be harming the planet? But it’s the government that’s telling you that, then you’d better comply or they can shut you down. When you go to the bank you find out that you can’t borrow the money like you could before, and it’s a lot more expensive to borrow what you did before. What do you do? That’s why it’s so hard to stay in business these days, and generate the kinds of numbers we see on the chart above.

    But, liberals you had better take heed, because we know that it is YOU who are generating those numbers. It is YOU who are making all the screwed up laws and regulations that have forced our manufacturing and industrial companies to leave the country. We know that it is YOU because there aren’t anyone else making those laws. Republican’s aren’t making those laws, they might be adding some to them only because of bad politics, and liberalism, but those in that party who try to fight those laws and regulations are trying to reverse the impact of liberals making those laws and regulations.

    The only way we are going to be able to reverse those laws and regulations is to get rid of liberalism in America, get rid of liberals in our government, and get rid of those people outside of government who are influencing our law makers, like, Maurice Strong, and George Soros, and others who are tied to the U.N.. We need to let our oil companies begin building refineries again, and do something that American’s are not used to doing, and that is using somebody else’s idea of making something. And I’m talking about nuclear power plants. The French are the best at doing this and have had nuclear power running more than 85% of the total electric power being provided by nuclear power. But, see American’s think that since we’re the first to use nuclear power to run a submarine that we can use the same design to build a power plant. WRONG. We’re finding out the hard way that our idea wasn’t the best idea when it comes to nuclear power. But keep watching those numbers rise until we can begin to get rid of liberalism from our country.

    1. WilloFla,
      I’m sorry to hear about your disability. I am disabled as well, but my fingers are working on the keyboard to get the information I can out to you and others like you. I am going to start up a candy/bakery business again and I hope to make that profitable enough to support myself in the style that I will soon become accustomed to.
      As for the information time line, notice it’s from January, 2009 to January 2011, so, yes, the stats do need updating but I don’t think it’ll happen until January 2012. Use this information in your arguments to liberal friends, but give them tranquilizers first. Be a nice guy.
      Liberalism is really leftism, statism, collectivism, marxism, communism, fascisim, take your pick. And it will never be totally defeated, it has been with us since time began. Remember, Cave Men lived in a tribal collective, each contributing to the existence of the whole. But I think we can whittle it down to a smaller number of people embracing it than are now. I am of the opinion that the first thing we have to do is take back our colleges and universities and get rid of all the professors who teach any form of collectivism that is anti-capitalism. We will always be a part of several collectives, as I pointed out in my article on Collectivism, (www.samueladams1776.com): it is the negative collectivism we need to not tolerate. I say our colleges and universities first because this is where people are taught philosophy and that philosophy trickles down into the mainstream society, as it did when we started allowing German and other Marxist professors to teach in our schools after being ejected or threatened with more than ejection from their European countries in the mid-1800s. The 2nd thing we need to do is take back the language. Our founding fathers were LIBERALS. Those that wrap themselves in that “flag” are to be called what they really are: LEFTISTS, ANTI-PROGRESSIVES, MARXISTS, etc. You get the idea.
      As Savage says. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
      Great Post, thanks for the feedback.

          1. Eleanor,

            I contact Obama often, pointing out his failures. I figure if we keep silent, he will never know of a world outside of la-la land.

          2. Max,
            I try to contact his office once a week with my outrage over the numerous new and interesting faux pas that his administration has perpetrated on this country. Sometimes, I have to restrain myself when pointing out their horrors. I have asked for reply e mails but I never seen to get one. Also, I always address him as YOUR MAJESTY. Do you think that may have something to do with why I don’t get a return e mail?????

  2. Wow, those are stunning numbers, Eleanor. How much longer can Americans over look the deep hole Woebama has put us in? It is truly pathetic that some are so invested in him, that they cannot see the facts. The jobs lie alone should open folks eyes that Woebama is a failure. How can one get re-elected with zero job growth in nearly 3 years. Jan 09 142 million employed Aug 11 139 million employed. Source BLS.GOV. This is a accurate way of calculating job growth not the dishonest way the regime is doing it.

    1. Chris,
      The numbers are astounding. I wonder how they compare to FDR’s numbers in the same time frame. I know that the unemployment and the inflation numbers were figured out in a much more sensible way when FDR was President. I try to get information out there that actually helps people to argue with the libidiots and show them what Obama has done.
      My big fear is that anyone we elect who is against the establishment GOP will be co-opted by the GOP into following their leader. We need fresh blood in D.C. Hopefully, a conservative GOP will be chosen to run for the Presidency, and that he will have a primarily Tea Party congress, both houses.

  3. Eleanor, you are correct. Both my parents were college professors and this was back in the 50’s and 60’s and during that time more and more into the 60’s they complained that it got more and more political the higher up the latter you climbed. My wife is with the public schools and, boy, is it ever political there, especially since she works with mostly Black kids with disabilities and learning problems, and it’s even more political there than in general public schools with normal kids. Those kids with disabilities are nothing but political pawns. They have been threatening to shut down all the schools like the one my wife has been at for many years, one year they are, the next year they aren’t, back and forth. This is extremely stressful on parents, teachers, administrators, and lastly, if not at all, those kids who are normal feel the stress because they don’t know where they are going to school next year, but the others who have problems don’t know anything. It’s on their parents as to what to do with them because you just can’t put those kinds of kids in regular public school with no specialists at all to care for them. It’s disgusting to see how these heartless politcian’s play with our lives like this. It keeps my wife tore up all the time about it. And she’s having to work two jobs since I’ve been disabled for years now, she’s paying to keep a roof over our heads. I do my part, but with prices constantly going up like they are, especially electricity. Since the government has instituted new energy regulations on electric power, my electric bill has doubled. It doubled in one month. I always keep my air set to the same settings Summer and Winter and watched to make sure not to many lights are left on, or TV’s left on, and my electric bill keeps going up. Why? I know, but I still have the right to ask my legislator, “Why?”

    But what needs to be done if the government wants to really let the economy loose and that is to repeal the Frank/Dodd Bank and Finance Act. That’s the one that says the banks can’t loan any money to any person or business unless they are a minority, or a poor person with no job, or no means to pay the money back, just to give them the money to “spur” the economy. Of course none of that is working because the banks are refusing to lend money to people who have no money to pay it back, by refusing to loan money to anyone for any reason. So when a small business needs money they can’t get it. When a person needs money they can’t get it. My local banks have all kinds of ads out touting their lending policy for money people need, but wait until you go in to make a loan and you find out that you don’t qualify because you’re the wrong color. And that’s the truth. It’s sad, because customarily those are not the people who have driven this economy in the past. It’s been everyone except Blacks. But you know how the liberals are. They swear that Blacks are still being discreminated against by Whites. So the government has given incentives for banks to hire Blacks. Nearly every bank in my town is run by Blacks, but they aren’t better able to loan money to anyone because they are held to the same laws White bankers are held to. So what was getting Blacks into the banking system supposed to do for the banking business? No reason, just so Blacks can see for themselves. See, liberals putting more Blacks to work by having them get the banking jobs backfired on the liberals because what it did was teach Blacks that it wasn’t Whites afterall that were withholding the money from Blacks. It was Democrat banking laws that have done that, and not Whites. Well, what do you know.

    1. Will,
      There are so many things wrong with our government, it’s difficult to say where to start to take apart over 100 years of anti-constitutional laws. The left is way ahead of us because of all the time they’ve had to pack the courts with activist judges. Many laws need to be thrown out. Schools are only a part of the problem, even though they are a huge part of it thanks to the NEA out of D.C. that is choosing the subject matter and how it’s presented to our children. I have a couple of “special needs” nephews and they went to school in private Catholic schools that were geared to training them for simple jobs and teaching them how to take care of themselves. One of the schools had several businesses operated out of the school and paid their “students” regular wages that they’d have made in the “real world” and taught them how to budget and use their money wisely.
      In examining the 10 Planks of Marxism, there are many things to get rid of. Where I would start is by getting rid of the Dept of Ed, and handing the NEA their walking papers.
      You’re in my prayers, Will. I hope you can find something to do to generate some money into your situation so your wife doesn’t have to work so hard to keep a roof over your heads and food on your table.
      Things are going to get worse, not better, and it’ll be awhile before we get back on a steady course.

  4. Eleanor

    These numbers are astounding and things don’t look like they will get better anytime soon – pray we an vote these enemies out nex year!!!

    1. Robin, thanks for the comment. And if we don’t vote them out next year, those numbers will continue to get worse and I’m afraid we won’t get another chance to vote, or save this country.

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