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Another Stupid Statement made by President Obama.

As you probably already heard President Obama, yesterday, awarded the Medal of Freedom to known Socialist Dolores Huerta.  While that may not come as a suprise to many people some of what followed might shock even the the most liberal thinkers.  Yes indeed it was a busy day for the Obama administration, when the clean-up crew was called in to do damage control on another stupid remark made my the president himself to Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski at that same awards ceremony.  Jan Karski

The president was honoring Jan Karski with the Medal of Freedom when he stated, “…’into the Warsaw ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself.”  Karski, a Polish Catholic, was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.   He witnessed the Nazis deporting hundreds of thousands of Warsaw’s Jews to the gas chambers of Treblinka.  While walking through the ghetto, he saw corpses piled in the gutter,  children clothed in rags, the emptiness of men and women slumped against decrepit buildings. Even if you don’t know the name of Karski most literate people know the German’s occupied Poland and to say anything to the contrary is just plain ignorance.

The Polish Foreign Minister, Radek Sikorski, tweeted: “The White House will apologize for this outrageous error.”  Sikorski said the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will make a statement.  He said, “It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”   Once again President Obama said something stupid, yet he will find a way to pass his lack of knowledge onto someone else.  God forbid he take any responsibility.  The teleprompters are always to blame, but someone put the notes on the teleprompter and even while reading it he should have known what is historically correct information.

I guess the bigger question might be, “Where is the media on this one?”

Elizabeth Warren Parody

H/T 76 Lions

So now Elizabeth Warren is black, Mexican and East Indian. A GREAT parody!

Elizabeth Warren exaggerates heritage to work at Harvard. Lashes out at the rich though she is worth millions. Hypocrite of the nth degree – so why not make a parody?

What the Left Hates Above All Else

What the left hates above all else is a person with dignity and self-respect. This may seem like a counter-intuitive or unfair statement.  But the argument for this claim turns on reason, and the proper employment of language.

In the leftist’s view, all those who do not share his grand vision believes himself to be “above” society. Those who stand outside his group, and desire not to be a part of it, is condemned by the leftist as someone who feels himself to be “above” it.

This petty, juvenile contempt translates into a hatred of “hierarchy,” or “patriarchy”; and thus, intentionally or unintentionally, of order in society. It must be pointed out that a modicum of order is necessary for true freedom.

True freedom means an individual decides what to do with his life; this is in fundamental opposition to the totalitarian leftist’s plans for that individual.  A person is just a means to an end for the leftist, and has no inherent value in and of himself.

The great majority’s rational rejection of the left’s unhinged views has only served to radicalize the left, which subsequently translated its views into esoteric doctrines and oblique programs to subvert the will of its popular opposition.  Due to being historically outnumbered, the left has been driven to infiltrate “the system,” sloughing off all morality of the formerly “bourgeois” system, such as honesty, decency, and forgiveness in the process. The leftist has become the master of patron-client organization building, rewarding those who are “down for the cause,” while punishing those who remain oblivious or unsympathetic to the leftist’s inhumane agenda.

The leftist who reads this entry will immediately dismiss it, unable to separate his self-image from his position vis-a-vis objective reality. Dismissing logic, reason, and anyone who does not share his view, the leftist insulates himself from reality, both economically and socially, while surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who share his contempt for outsiders. The left’s sequestering into monastical environments promotes an “us-them” mentality, very similar to the kind found in cults.

This is not how a leftist would communicate his irrational hatred of an independent person to himself, however; for his lexicon has been shaped by the left’s philosophical forbears to cast all such personal characteristics mentioned above in terms of “selfishness,” “egotism,” “narcissism,” “greed,” or even pure “hate.”

As such, one needs to explain why the leftist is “inhumane.” The leftist pretends to care about “humanity,” without really caring about individuals. This fundamental contradiction is a grave one, for it leads the leftist to sacrifice actual living, breathing human beings for his abstract causes. The foundation of his worldview is seriously, irreconcilably flawed; and this is a deadly mistake in judgment on the leftist’s part.

Anyone who believes in something, and stands for something, is the greatest threat to the left. From the leftist’s point of view, anyone with a solidified moral code is by nature a “fanatic,” or even “fascist” in mentality.

But the leftist does not realize that the code of individualism is itself a barrier to fanaticism (one can witness the tidiness and orderliness of tea party rallies, in comparison to the usual mob mentality of the left, for example). In contrast, the leftist’s opposition to entrenched morality and order leads him to seek fatal societal breakdown, resulting not in liberation or a superior order, but rather the powerlessness of members of society to defend themselves from power-hungry rulers.

A woman or a black or any individual with her own mind, her own sense of benign morality, and who exercises judgment, infuriates the left because she is beyond its powers. She is unable to be easily manipulated. She is not readily subject to being reinvented in the left’s imaginary ideal. In the leftist’s eyes, these stubborn qualities alone makes her intrinsically “hateful,” “racist,” “bigoted,” “fanatical,” “uncaring,” and “uncompassionate.”

For the left, the agenda trumps all. Actual living, breathing individuals who refuse to accompany them into demonstrable political madness be damned.

Why obama Can’t Quit Maher

Yahoo! News, that proud, card-carrying member of the “progressive” Party Pravda, is on the attack again. What else should be expected from a website that looks like it’s part of the obama re-election campaign? They’re resurrecting the birth certificate issue and attempting to tie it to Mitt Romney. In an article published May 30, 2012, Amy Walter, David Chalian, Rick Klein, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham pronounce: “Trump is still embracing “birther” theories, saying that President Obama was not born in the United States, despite the fact that the Obama administration has clearly proven he was.” The attack continues: “Team Romney thinks that even now — with the primary battle in the rear view mirror — there is a danger in alienating someone like Donald Trump — the campaign doesn’t know what he might do on the outside, and it does not know what people who agree with Trump might do with their support.” A view of the accompanying video shows their smug faces displaying pleasure in and relish for the attack. Like hyenas at first blood on downed prey.

Never mind that twelve days prior to this latest Yahoo News hit piece, Ben Shapiro of Breitbart’s Big Government discovered that: “the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.”

On that same day Joel Pollack, also of Breitbart’s Big Government, revealed the existence of a pamphlet stating: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”

The existence of this pamphlet reveals why people like Donald Trump still question the place of obama’s birth.

So the smug, “holier than thou” attitude openly displayed by Walter, Chalian, Klein, Coolidge & Pham in their attack on Trump for simply answering questions about the “birther” issue posed to him by members of the “progressive” Party Pravda is entirely misplaced. Trump simply used his influence and the power of his prestige to pressure obama into showing some proof of birth. Why this was and is such a monumental hurdle for the “most transparent administration” in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy to overcome raises more questions. If there is nothing for obama to hide, why is money being spent to fight revealing said records? Especially when that money could be directed to his re-election campaign? Is obama hiding his college records because they’ll reveal that he enrolled in multiple academic institutions as a foreign exchange student? Again, for the “most transparent administration” since the Big Bang, a simple request to reveal college records is more difficult a climb than Mount Everest?

For Walter, Chalian, et al to express such disdain for Romney’s candidacy because he wants to avoid alienating Trump’s supporters (their assessment) reveals the hollowness of the entire misguided attack.

Wanting to avoid alienating voters is exactly why obama refuses to distance himself from the likes of Bill Maher, whose indefensible, pathologically misogynistic attacks on Conservative women go beyond the pale. obama’s afraid to alienate Maher’s viewers, just as he’s afraid to alienate other members of his extreme, fringe leftist base. Without a mass turnout of his “tax the rich” “government’s job is to take care of us” “occupy whatever” supporters, obama cannot win in November and he knows it. So do his whimpering, obedient suck-ups in the “progressive” Party Pravda.

Christians the Key to America’s Future; But They Are Failing

Christians the Key to America’s Future; But They Are Failing

2 Chronicles 7:14 is the Answer

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and will pray and seek my face, and will turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Christians hold the key to the future of America and they are failing in their mission to preserve the freedom given to us by God Himself.  The Israelites of old got tired of following the prophets God gave them to oversea their nation and clamored for a king. God wanted them to follow Him but acquiesced to their demands and let them pick a king.  They picked Saul and he eventually drove them into slavery because he followed his own human desires and forgot where the real power came from.

Eventually, David was appointed by God through the prophet Samuel.  Saul did everything he could to destroy David but God protected him until the time for his reign was at hand.  David eventually sinned with Bathsheba and had her husband killed in battle.  He paid a very dear price but when he repented and came back to God he was forgiven.  When David’s grandson became king, the nation of Israel divided and began growing in their rebellion and even began worshipping idols.  For the next few centuries God allowed them to be defeated by their enemies and ended up in slavery, with their nation completely destroyed.

Today America is following the same path, and will be punished for it’s arrogance in the face of God’s love and kindness.  We have been given a great nation, formed from the blood of freedom loving men and women, and defended with the blood of freedom loving men and women for generations, generations that add up to 236 years of freedom from the tyranny of the King of England, or any other tyrrant.  We have been given a nation, formed upon “Divine Providence”, but are throwing it away.  We are on the verge of losing that freedom because we no longer look to God for our freedom, we look to men who have proven themselves to be interested only in giving a voice to their own evil desires in our society.

I continually hear the “anyone but Obama” chant from Christians who look to Mitt Romney as their savior.  “Only Mitt Romney can save us from the tyranny of Obama”, and “not voting for Romney is voting for Obama” are the words I am chided and ridiculed with.   In a conversation with my pastor a few weeks ago he spoke of a conversation he had with a “Christian” man a couple of years back.  This man told my pastor that he was “prayerfully pro-choice”.  My pastor had the same thought that hit me immediately, “you’re an idiot!!!!”(I would have voiced my thoughts but he was more discreet).

Rebellion against God is the malady that is destroying our nation.  Abortion is accepted as “a woman’s right to choose”.  That right to choose, at least as I read the Bible, ends at conception.  God formed us in our mother’s womb it says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. I ordained you a prophet to the nations”.  I have been chided with “where is the word ‘abortion’ mentioned in the Bible?” so many times it sickens me.  No, the word “abortion” is not in the Bible, but then the word “rapture” is not in the Bible either. I believe that everyone knows what the word “rapture” refers to and I don’t know any Christians who deny the Rapture is going to take place, regardless of what we call it.  I believe “caught up” is the most commonly term used.  I don’t know where the word “rapture” came from and don’t really care.  The point is I understand the concept, regardless of the actual word or term used, as in the references to abortion in today’s vernacular.

“Gay rights” is another misnomer that too many Christians find acceptable under the political correctness tab.  In 1 Corinthians 6:9, the Bible states very plainly that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.  I don’t know how anyone can construe that verse as God accepting homosexuality as “normal”.  He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because Lot could not find five “righteous men”.  In the context of the story I find that to mean he could not find five men who were not homosexuals.

Now I read that a new version of the Bible is being published that promotes, and even celebrates, homosexuality.  How can any Christian not find that abhorrent?  Churches are even ordaining openly homosexual men and women into the ministry in celebration of their “enlightenment and tolerance”.  How can we expect God to honor this nation when that is the order of the day, not only in government, the courts, and secular society, but in our churches?

Some churches are now merging Christianity with Islam; calling is “Chrislam”, and once again celebrating their “enlightened” selves.  Islam denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and that is acceptable in the name of “tolerance” to some church groups and some Christians?  I don’t get it!!!  I don’t care how people live their lives in private but society accepting what God calls evil is not the right thing to do.  Tolerance and acceptance of these things is not what God calls for in His Word.  Jesus called for us to “love the sinner but hate the sin”.  Loving the sinner is not the same as enabling and accepting the sin.

Now we find Christians in such fear of another four years of Barack Obama that they will throw God aside and call me names because I refuse to vote for Mitt Romney, a man who openly embraces both abortion and “gay rights”.  Romney is a Mormon, allegedly a Christian, but I don’t hold that against him.  I know others who are Mormons but hold a much different attitude than does Mr. Romney.  What I take issue with is his pandering to the evil that is destroying our nation in order to be “tolerant and inclusive”.

People are being deceived, as is stated will happen in the end times.  Right has become wrong and wrong has become right.  Standing on biblical principles today in America is cause for ridicule and derision.  Calls of “bigot, homophobe, hater, right-winger”, and other vile names are used in order to marginalize and intimidate those who stand on Christian values, to silence any opposition.  God is being pushed aside by those “enlightened ones” who know better and are more “tolerant and inclusive”.  Those of us who stand by biblical concepts are treated ever more profanely as days go by.

Another four years of Obama may be “all my fault” but I cannot abandon God’s principles to gain the favor of those who are willing to abandon those same principles in order to be accepted in society.  When the day of God’s judgment comes to the United States of America as a nation will you be able to say that you stood your ground and did what you could to stop the slide to oblivion?  Many people laugh at and deride me now, and many who read this will add their voices of derision and laughter to the cacophony I now hear; but I think of the people who laughed at and derided Noah, until the rain started.

Voting for Romney because he isn’t quite as bad as Obama is not the answer to our nation’s woes.  The spirit of fear gripping most Christians today is harmful to us personally and as a nation.  That “spirit of fear” gripping our nation is rebellion against God.  Until we are willing to stand and fight what seems to be a hopeless fight we will continue to lose because God will not be with us.  How many times did the ancient Israelites win battles against hopeless odds because they put their faith in God instead of man?  David beat Goliath because he stood when others were afraid to stand. David’s faith in God brought him through an impossible battle because he stood on that faith when the leaders of Israel failed to do so.  Joshua at Jericho and Abraham rescuing Lot and the other captives with a token force of warriors are but two more examples of what we can do if we look to God instead of looking to man.

I will write in the name of John Albert Dummett Jr. ( ) when I step into the voting booth in November.  “He can’t win” and “you are wasting your vote” are the popular comments I hear, and that is most likely correct in a fearful and secular nation.  John stands for the same values I stand for, and takes the same ridicule for his principles that I take.  I will not vote out of fear of Obama and I will not vote for the lesser of two evils ever again.  I am also voting for Dwayne Thompson ( ) in the Congressional race in my home district (Ok 2nd) because he stands on God’s principles, not on what sounds fancy to voters.  Both of these men will tell you that God is the answer to our problems, not politicians.  That is why I support them, because I believe in their message, and in God’s message.  They desire to follow God’s word and the Constitution.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow we have to turn this nation around.  There is only one way to accomplish that task and that is to get back to our founding fathers’ example.  They relied on “divine providence” to lead them and I believe they did a bang up job of creating a nation that is the most free and most prosperous ever created.  They didn’t do it by accident and they didn’t do it by relying on fear.  They created our nation and our Constitution by prayer and by following the concepts laid out in God’s Word, the Holy Bible.  We must get back to that concept if we are to survive as a free nation under the protection of Divine Providence.  Any other concept will be met with continued failure and eventual slavery, poverty, tyranny, and death.

Compromising God’s Word is not an option for me.  Voting for Romney would be a compromise of the most precious gifts God has given me and I will not do that.  Regardless of who wins in November those of us who stand on our Christian principles and values will suffer greatly in this nation because evil will reign.  God will not be with a nation who does not want Him and will not force anyone, or any nation, to follow Him.  He will have His way in the end.  Will you be there, regardless of the cost personally? Will you take the insults and derision to stand for God and the principles that were used to make our nation great or will you play it safe before man?

It may already be too late for America.  Noah’s boat may have already sailed, but I am among those who still believe there is time for repentance.  There are those crying in the wilderness for repentance of a sinful nation.  Those voices are not being heard at this time and it is sad that is the case.  A nation, One Nation Under God, is falling away from the very source of power that created it and will pay a terrible price very soon.  2 Chronicles 7:14 is the answer but too many Christians are failing to seek the right answer.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility give to me by almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

May 29, 2012

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1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama – Part V

  1. Since President Obama came to office the long-term unemployment rate has tripled from 9.5% to 29.5%.
  2. Half of new college graduates will not be able to find meaningful long-term work under the president at the current rate.
  3. Although the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%, that is because so many able-bodied adults have given up looking for work. The labor force participation rate dropped to the lowest since 1981.
  4. The U3 unemployment rate, which accounts for population growth, is actually at 11.3%.
  5. When thirty-year old Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke claimed that students on her Catholic college campus were unable to afford birth control, President Obama found it important to call her as an act of support. It turns out she was a Democrat activist.
  6. The Obama campaign launched a fabricated “War on Women,” which alleged that Republicans are anti-women. After DNC operative Hilary Rosen went on CNN and said stay-at-home mom Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life,” Mitt Romney reversed his sizable deficit among women to a statistically significant lead.
  7. After the mainstream media attacked Mitt Romney for taking his dog Seamus on vacation in a carrier strapped to the roof of his car, it turned out that Barack Obama once confessed to actually eating a dog. The distraction campaign was effectively neutralized.
  8. At a meeting in South Korea, Barack Obama tells then Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after his last election to negotiate more favorably on the Russians’ behalf on such matters as ABM defense in Europe.
  9. President Obama called to congratulate incoming authoritarian Russian president Vladimir Putin, while Russia was the scene 0f many civil uprisings with hundreds of thousands protesting the presence of widespread and serious election fraud.
  10. In May 2012, U.S. and Russian troops run joint exercises together. In Colorado.
  11. The Obama administration in May 2012 made the unprecedented move of allowing the Chinese to avoid the bond market and gain fast track access to the Department of Treasury to buy debt bonds.
  12. In another failed public relations ploy, the Obama campaign launched a website for an imaginary girl named “Julia,” who goes through life only by the grace of Obama’s welfare programs, and who would languish under a Mitt Romney regime. The PR stunt was widely condemned as insulting to women.
  13. Although saying while a president candidate that marriage is between a man and a woman, Obama claimed to have “evolved” to advocate same-sex marriage legalized by the states.
  14. The gay marriage reversal announcement came after campaign funds were being withheld by bundlers, who have been cited as nearly one in six gay.
  15. Obama was subsequently called by Andrew Sullivan as “the first gay president.”
  16. As  an Atlantic article pointed out, Obama has also been called the “first female president.”
  17. And the first Jewish president.
  18. And the first Asian-American president.
  19. After the tragic shooting of young black teenager Trayvon Martin, who was killed by local community watchman George Zimmerman, the president added fuel to the fire by making the racially charged comment, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” It turns out that there is strong evidence that Martin assaulted Zimmerman before being shot.
  20. When presented with the Keystone pipeline proposal, a multi-billion dollar project that would create thousands of jobs and eventually lead to lower energy prices by improving supply chain efficiencies, Obama refused to immediately approve it.
  21. Future projections show a decline in U.S. production and an increase in imports. On March 8, 2011 the EIA published new projections that show a decline in total U.S. crude oil production of 110,000 barrels per day in 2011 and 130,000 barrels per day in 2012.
  22. In 2011, the Obama administration claimed that domestic oil production had increased 10% under Obama. Environmentalists claimed that this proves that “Drill, baby, drill” doesn’t work (as if “supply and demand” is a theory up for debate). But according to 2007 projections, the production of oil under Obama was 16% less than forecast. Oil production under Obama can be shown to be less than what it would be under alternative regimes.
  23. The slight increase in onshore production from federal lands is due to lease sales approved by previous Administrations—not the Obama Administration. Since taking office, the Obama Administration has slowed onshore energy development on public lands and issued fewer leases. The total onshore acreage leased under the Obama Administration are the lowest in over two decades, stretching back to at least 1984.
  24. Gas prices have gone up 103.79% under Obama.
  25. Among young adults 18-24, only 54.3% have a job.
  26. From 2010 to 2011: “Public four-year universities charged residents an average of $8,244, up 8.3% from last year, while public two-year schools charged an average of $2,963, up 8.7%.”
  27. The consolidation of student loans under Obama’s plan would provide monthly savings of less than $10 for the average student. “Using these values as the high and low bounds of average student debt over the last ten years, the monthly savings for the average student loan borrower would be between $4.50 and $7.75 per month. Clearly, this isn’t going to save the economy. While borrowers with bigger balances would save more, this is the average.”
  28. According to the BLS: “The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was little changed at 5.1 million in April. These individuals made up 41.3 percent of the unemployed.”
  29. Also reported by the BLS, the unemployment rate for women was actually lower than men at 7.4% to 7.5%, respectively. This defies the “war on women” narrative.
  30. The unemployment rate for Hispanics was flat at 10.3 percent in April 2012.
  31. The unemployment rate for blacks was at 13.0 percent in that same month.
  32. The civilian labor force participation rate declined in April to 63.6 percent. The rate has precipitously and steadily dropped since Obama took office with little abatement.
  33. According to a study cited by the USA Today, 70 of a 100 of the most populous metropolitan areas saw significant declines in traffic due to “rising fuel prices; lackluster gains in employment and modest increases in highway capacity because of construction projects completed under the federal stimulus program.”
  34. As pointed out by Human Events, Obama projected robust economic growth of 5.23 percent in 2011; although actual growth was a dismal 1.61 percent.
  35. According to the same article, Obama “trumpeted a report by the then-chairman of his Counsel of Economic Advisors projecting that the unemployment rate would be down to 6 percent by now; it’s actually 8.1 percent, even higher than the 7.8 percent during the recession, when Obama was sworn in.”
  36. Furthermore, “Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in four years; instead, this year’s deficit ($1.3 trillion) will be five times the CBO’s projection ($264 billion, including the Bush bail-outs).”
  37. The same article points out that ten percent of Americans are involuntarily out-of-work, as 6.3 million not counted in the labor force “currently want a job.”
  38. Additionally, real earnings have  fallen by $10 a week under Obama, after adjusting for inflation.
  39. Also, the average household’s yearly income has dropped by $4,300 during his administration.
  40. More than 14 million Americans are on food stamps than when Obama took office. (Admittedly, some on the left would tout this as a huge success.) That is a 41% increase.
  41. As an extension of the Obamacare law that is being decided on by the Supreme Court, the administration sought to make a rule “to requires employers — even those affiliated with religions — to provide health insurance covering contraceptives under the new health care law.”  The University of Notre Dame recently sued the Obama administration over being mandated to promote activities that violate Catholic teachings.
  42. The president also mandated that all insurance companies provide contraception “free of charge.” This clearly violates Fifth Amendment-protected property rights (viz., “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”)
  43. Although the president joked about legalizing weed on the Jimmie Fallon show,  Penn Jillette pointed out that one in six inmates in prison are there for marijuana-related crimes, and that if Obama had been prosecuted and incarcerated for such crimes, he would not be President of the United States (let alone have attended a premiere college).
  44. Obama once claimed to have read a story in Life magazine about young black men who bleached their skin white. So Obama “discovered” his otherness through a magazine article? In any event, archivists at the publication deny such a story exists. When asked about the discrepancy, Obama said in an interview, “It might have been an Ebony or it might have been … who knows what it was?”  But archivists at Ebony searched their past articles, and none of them matched what Obama recalled.
  45. President Obama appeared on The View and rattled off all manner of contemporary celebrity trivia. For example, he knew which Kardashian was only married 72 days, and could name an amazing three superheroes from The Avengers. He also mentioned that he watches “Mad Men” and “Homeland” on long flights, when there is time to study briefing books with ‘hours left over.’
  46. In the backdrop of Memorial Day weekend coverage on MSNBC, where panelists debate calling our nation’s fallen soldiers a “more neutral” term than “heroes,” Obama calls Bob Dylan and other cultural icons “heroes” at an award ceremony.
  47. At the same awards ceremony, bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Obama confuses the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).
  48. He then granted a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. The DSA refers to itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”
  49. While giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, an anti-Nazi resistance hero, he offensively calls Nazi concentration camps “Polish death camps,” causing a media uproar in Poland.
  50. After Obama caved to Moscow on hosting an ABM-defense site in Poland, famous Solidarity leader and former Polish President Lech Walesa refused to meet with President Obama.
  51. After initially snubbing the Dalai Lama, despite the latter being a class warfare-monger who stands on behalf of “social justice,” the president finally meets the spiritual leader, before leading him out the White House back door near the trash.
  52. Before the meeting, the president was warned by America’s big government financier China of the political fallout of meeting with the Dalai Lama.
  53. Obama once mistook an Oval Office window for a door. (Maybe he was born Caesarian?)
  54. In the middle of a meeting with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in 2010, in which Obama was unable to exact written “concessions” from Netanyahu on Israeli settlements, the American president walked out of the meeting, leaving the president of one of our strongest allies ‘humiliated.’
  55. As Obama once put it, “Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.”
  56. According to a Smith Research poll sponsored by the Jerusalem Post, only 24% of Israelis surveyed view President Obama as pro-Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian feud.
  57. When a November 2009 poll was taken showing only “six to eight percent” of the Israeli public supported Barack Obama, the American Jewish Congress national director Henry Siegman essentially brands the Israeli people defective and their opposition to Obama’s ‘peace-making’ efforts “pathological.”
  58. Obama has long-standing ties to Arab American Action Network (AAAN) vice president Ali Abuminah of Electronic Intifada. As David Horowitz’ DiscovertheNetworks points out, the website called Israel’s creation a “catastrophe.”
  59. Abuminah had the following to say of his relationship to Barack Obama, “I knew Barack Obama for many years as my state senator — when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time. I remember personally introducing him onstage in 1999, when we had a major community fundraiser for the community center in Deheisha refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. And that’s just one example of how Barack Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation.”
  60. Abuminah said on another occasion of his relationship with Obama, “The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing. As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, ‘Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.’ He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and U.S. policy, ‘Keep up the good work!’”
  61. While at the University of Chicago, the adjunct lecturer and future president Obama became close to PLO-connected professor Rashid Khalidi. The Obamas reportedly were frequent dinner guests of the Khalidis.
  62. At an AAAN-sponsored event in honor of Rashid Khalidi, President Obama is said to have toasted Khalidi, who was being heralded as the heir to anti-Israeli scholar Edward Said. Other guests speaking that night included American-terrorist-turned-“respected”-professor William Ayers.
  63. The vice president of the AAAN Ali Abuminah revealed he had a photo of himself having dinner at an earlier 1998 event with the Obamas and Edward Said.
  64. The LA Times, which has a tape in its possession documenting the event, refuses to release the tape to become part of the public record.
  65. In April 2009, President Obama appointed Los Angeles deputy mayor Arif Alikhan as assistant secretary for policy development at the Department of Homeland Security. According to DiscovertheNetworks, Alikhan, who once called the jihadist terror group Hezbollah a “liberation movement,”  had participated in a fundraiser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  66. Obama also appointed Dalia Mogahed — a pro-Sharia Muslim — as his chief adviser on Islamic affairs.
  67. The flotilla organized in 2010 by the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) intended to block an Israeli naval blockade erected to intercept weapons smuggling was backed by Obama’s associates William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, and Code Pink leader Jodie Evans. The flotilla was forcibly dismantled by Israeli defense forces, which received live fire from the activists.
  68. After the debacle, President Obama offered an additional $400 million in “aid” to the Palestinians, in addition to the $600 million yearly we had doled out to the Palestinian authority up to that time.
  69. Obama bypasses Congress and gives $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood. Congress had halted military aid to Egypt until the country could be vouchsafed as respecting basic human rights.
  70. As Obama had said earlier in regards to the economy, “Well, what we’re going to have to do is continue to make progress on the economy over the next several months. And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.”
  71. As Democratic Senator Pat Leahy commented, “I believe [sending the aid] would be a mistake. The new [restrictions were] intended to put the United States squarely on the side of the Egyptian people who seek a civilian government that respects fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to clearly define the terms of our future relations with the Egyptian military.”
  72. Thanks in part to President Obama’s assistance in removing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a 9/11 “truther” now leads Egypt’s presidential election race.
  73. Obama the “Peace Prize President” sent U.S. ground forces to Yemen, although he suspended their mission during a period of domestic turmoil in the country. After the autocratic leader Ali Abdullah Saleh was replaced in democratic elections, the mission was reinstated.
  74. President Obama issued a video address on behalf of well-known abortion mill Planned Parenthood, in which he stated that Mitt Romney would ‘get rid’ of federal funding for the group. Speciously framing the matter as a “women’s health” issue, Obama had the following to say: ““(W)hen some professional politicians casually say that they’ll ‘get rid of Planned Parenthood,’ don’t forget what they’re really talking about: eliminating the funding for preventive care that millions of women rely on and leaving them to fend for themselves.”
  75. According to an undercover operation targeting Planned Parenthood vehemently described by the left as being “discredited,” but nonetheless reported by local newscasts, donations to the organization could be earmarked as racially specific.
  76. A subsequent operation focused on Planned Parenthood shows that donations could be made to the organization based on specific gender.
  77. Planned Parenthood later apologized, in the process of which, they admit that there are “human rights” issues involved with carrying out abortions. Ironically, the group condemned gender bias and racial discrimination against inanimate (the opposite of living) ‘blobs of cells.’
  78. Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization that received $487.4 million in 2011, recently ran a political attack ad against Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney.
  79. The president launched an all-out offensive against Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, in keeping with his track record of class warfare pandering.
  80. Meanwhile, Obama’s target audience for such attacks, his darling Occupy Movement, has racked up nearly $30 million in damage to “the public.”
  81. As The Hill mentioned, President Obama received the most of any candidate in campaign donations from hedge funds and private equity firms in 2008.
  82. The propaganda blitz encountered resistance, however, not only from Republicans, but from Democrats like Harold Ford Jr. and Cory Booker.
  83. After Cory Booker received scathing “feedback” regarding his derisive comments on Obama’s attacks on private equity, he quickly backed off his criticism. (Back to the Democrat plantation for you, Mayor Booker.)
  84. The President lambasted Romney for helping to force the Bain-owned company Ampad to make severe layoffs before going out of business, while Romney was no longer with Bain capital.
  85. Someone who was an executive at Bain capital at the time of the Ampad layoffs: top Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine, also a co-owner of the Boston Celtics.
  86. Although President Obama has focused on Romney’s track record of investing private equity while at Bain, writer Marc Thiessen has drawn attention to Obama’s miserable track record “investing” “public equity.”
  87. Thiessen cites the case of Raser Technologies. As he put it, “In 2010, the Obama administration gave Raser a $33 million taxpayer-funded grant to build a power plant in Beaver Creek, Utah. According to the Wall Street Journal, after burning through our tax dollars, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012. The plant now has fewer than 10 employees, and Raser owes $1.5 million in back taxes.”
  88. Just as shocking is the example of ECOtality (nice name), as Thiessen relates: “The Obama administration gave ECOtality $126.2 million in taxpayer money in 2009… (and) even hosted the company’s president, Don Karner, in the first lady’s box during the 2010 State of the Union address as an example of a stimulus success story. According to ECOtality’s own SEC filings, the company has since incurred more than $45 million in losses and has told the federal government, “We may not achieve or sustain profitability on a quarterly or annual basis in the future.”
  89. Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP) received $98.5 million in loan guarantees and is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  90. First Solar received $3 billion in loan guarantees and is suffering significant financial distress, leading the firm to propose firing 30% of its workforce.
  91. Abound Solar received $400 million in loan guarantees and has stopped production.
  92. Beacon Power received $43 million in loan guarantees and filed for bankruptcy.
  93. Sun Power got $1.2 billion in such “taxpayer guarantees” and now owes more than its worth.
  94. BrightSource was given $1.6 billion in guarantees and has lost $177 million. So far.
  95. Hoover Institution scholar Peter Schweizer reported in his book, Throw Them All Out, that an astounding 71 percent of the Obama Energy Department’s grants and loans went to “individuals who were bundlers, members of Obama’s National Finance Committee, or large donors to the Democratic Party.”
  96. Thiessen notes in the above-cited article that, “Collectively, these Obama cronies raised $457,834 for his campaign, and they were in turn approved for grants or loans of nearly $11.35 billion.”
  97. Recently, Obama blasted the Republicans for running up “wild debts.” Surreally, this is what he said: “I don’t know how they’ve been bamboozling folks into thinking that they are the responsible, fiscally-disciplined party. They run up these wild debts and then when we take over we have to clean it up. And then they point and say, ‘Look how irresponsible they are.’ Look at facts, look at the numbers. And now I want to finish the job…”
  98. As the USA Today showed, the actual federal deficit under Obama in just 2011 was $5 trillion, if one disregards the budgeting gimmick of discounting government pension programs, like Social Security, Medicare and other retirement programs, which ran red ink of around $3.7 trillion.
  99. According to this analysis, the government’s spending tallied around $42,054 by household. The median household income is $49,445.
  100. As the nation’s top-selling newspaper noted, “The typical American household would have paid nearly all of its income in taxes last year to balance the budget if the government used standard accounting rules to compute the deficit.”

This is the fifth in a ten part series. Continued here


Kyle Becker writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN. He can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1.

Obama Gov’t: Eat Your Peas.

First Lady, Michelle Obama has a new book out, American Grown. The book is about her White House garden and including children in growing vegetables. She believes, as do many parents, that the more children are involved in shopping the better food choices they will make.

A closer look at two of the interviews Tuesday does raise an interesting question. Is Mrs. Obama using her platform as First Lady to push for additional government intervention into family diets? Is the private restaurant industry being intimidated to change its menu? Here are two clips, the first from Good Morning America and the second, only hours later on The View. You be the judge.

Michelle Obama ABC Interview (quote begins at 2:45)

“This isn’t about government telling people what to do,” she said. “What we know we need to do is give parents, communities and families the tools and information they need to make choices that are right for them. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.”

Contrast this statement to the interview on The View (quote begins at 2:39)

“We’re asking everybody to step up to the plate. We’ve seen grocery stores and manufacturers reformulate their product. We’ve seen restaurant chains change their kids’ menus. We’ve got a new nutrition, nutrition legislation passed in Congress. We’re going to see, the first changes in 30 years, the standards of school lunches. They’re going to be implemented this fall.”

No one argues that healthier menus at home and when dining out are good but are these changes being made due to consumer request or due to pressure from this administration? Even the First Lady seems to be conflicted.


Chavez Lovefest & the Medal of Honor

Never missing an opportunity to praise socialists, President Obama awarded Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America Dolores Huerta with the Medal of Freedom, traditionally the highest civilian honor bestowed upon American citizens.

Huerta, who works under the direction of Labor Secretary (and open borders advocate) Hilda Solis, has spent a lifetime praising socialists and communists like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. She pals around with other socialists and communists like Jodie Evans of Code Pink, Van Jones and terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers is significant in the love affair with Hugo Chavez in many ways.  For one, Ayers spoke at the World Economic Forum in Caracas in 2006 and praised Chavez for the Bolivarian revolution claiming that Venezuela was leading the world to “fundamental change” in education. Remember, it was in Bill Ayers’ living room that Barack Obama got his political start.

New Medal of Freedom recipient Dolores Heurta seems to have quite the affinity for President Chavez as seen in a video here at the

Chavez, a self-proclaimed socialist well on his way to communism, has been writing the playbook for the Obama administration by expropriating private business and industries like food and energy production.  Shortly after Chavez forced privately owned Minneapolis-based Cargill to turn over its rice mill to the Venezuelan government, GM  and Chrysler fell victim to the same fate in America.  Chavez has also taken control of other private businesses like Hilton Hotels, steel production and the banking industry.

Huerta has made a lifelong career of forcing union demands on American companies and taxpayers.  She is co-founder of the United Farm Workers’ Union, has worked with AFL-CIO and has led protests, walkouts and boycotts on American industries.

Hugo Chavez must be proud to know her.  In 2009, Chavez took a page out of Huerta’s playbook and told oil industry workers in Venezuela that if they refuse to join the state-run unions they would be fired from their jobs.

It seems socialists all have the same agenda, control everything and tell the people it’s for their own good.  Now that’s freedom for ya.


Ted Cruz Underdog Victory in Texas Primary

AUSTIN, Texas, May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a true Tea Party vs. establishment showdown, fiscally conservative candidate Ted Cruz forced establishment candidate David Dewhurst to a runoff election.  The runoff election is expected to take place in late July.

“For the past year FreedomWorks for America has been preparing activists and building grassroots communities across the state so that Texas Tea Partiers were ready to support Cruz in this race,” commented Ryan Hecker, Chief Operating Officer of FreedomWorks for America.

“This is an incremental, but important victory for the limited government grassroots movement in Texas.  We have helped maximize our 100,000 Texan activists’ efforts by providing materials, phone banking, and walking map technology.  The activists have risen to the challenge and run a sophisticated ground game on behalf of Ted Cruz.”

FreedomWorks for America was one of Ted Cruz’s earliest endorsements, announcing support for the constitutional conservative in June 2011. Since the endorsement, FreedomWorks for America hosted 26 “Get out the Vote” events and established 35 distribution centers across the state to distribute approximately 46,000 door hangers, 8,600 yard signs, and 7,500 bumper stickers.

Hecker continued, “Ted Cruz’s success in Texas is yet another example of a larger national movement to support fiscal conservative House and Senate candidates like Dan Liljenquist in Utah, Richard Mourdockin Indiana and Josh Mandel in Ohio. Cruz would not only be a strong addition to take back the majority in the Senate, but also to strengthen the cohort of fiscal conservatives who will take leadership on crafting serious reform and advancing pro-growth economic policy.”

Open Ceilings Rain Supreme

Is a ceiling a ceiling if you continue sealing another dealing of that ceiling?
It is quite misleading and frankly steeling, yielding a revolting feeling.
That a ceiling can’t be a ceiling if it’s concealing a faults dichotomy.
Faults bottoms have rock limits, but “the sky is the limit” is no economy.

Obama’s Rich Bashing Is Backfiring

President Obama and his team thought they could deliver a headshot to Romney with the grossly inaccurate Bain ad that detailed how they closed GST Steel.  Well, Romney left Bain in 1999 and GST Steel folded in 2001.  Not to mention, Bain’s managing director, Jonathan Lavine, was still at Bain when GST closed its doors. Mr. Lavine also happens to be an Obama bundler raising between $100-200,000 for the president’s re-elect campaign.  I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.

However,the president continues to push this anti-Bain narrative, which isn’t sticking and killing his chances at winning the affluent vote.  Yes, bashing the rich may seem like the “cool” and “liberal” thing to do, but, as Michael Barone aptly pointed out, the last class warfare president that won was Harry Truman in 1948.  The same could be said about Obama’s populist vein.  The last populist president elected was Andrew Jackson.  History seems to be against him.

Barone wrote:

Today there are a lot more affluent people. The 2008 exit poll told us that 26 percent of voters had household incomes over $100,000. Half of them voted for Obama. He needs those votes again. My hunch is that Obama’s attacks on Bain will strike most affluent voters as offputting and that Romney’s calm responses will strike them as reassuring. If you want more jobs created, you don’t go around attacking job creators. Most affluent voters believe that free markets, appropriately regulated, tend to produce fair outcomes. They see investors not as vultures but as creators of jobs and promoters of innovation that increase national productivity and make everyone better off. They see class warfare as attacks on themselves.

Furthermore, Barone cites areas where the president is probably already doomed.  Especially, in states he needs to win this November to continue his agenda of dependency and big government policies.  Policies that have not reduced the high unemployment rate, gave us consecutive trillion dollar deficits, and added another $5 trillion dollars to the national debt.   The rich, and Americans in general, see Obama as ineffectual and totally antithetical to the values he promised to bring to Washington.  This is starting to have an effect no matter how much Obama tries to pivot on the matter.  Barone continues by listing how the president is losing his grip on this demographic that he needs to win again to ensure re-election.

Here’s evidence that Obama has already lost many affluent voters. The popular vote in House elections is a good proxy for presidential and party support, and voters with incomes over $100,000, evenly split in 2008, voted 58 to 40 percent for Republicans in 2010.

Northern Virginia, which Obama carried 59 to 40 percent and which provided 95 percent of his statewide popular vote margin, went 52 to 47 percent for House Republicans in 2010. Nine suburban Denver counties voted 53 to 46 percent for Obama but switched in 2010 to 54 to 42 percent Republican.

Virginia and Colorado are on everyone’s target state list. But Obama also hurt the Democratic brand among affluent voters in other states.

The four suburban counties outside Philadelphia voted 57 to 42 percent for Obama but 52 to 47 percent Republican in 2010. The six suburban counties outside Detroit voted 54 to 45 percent for Obama but 53 to 44 percent Republican in 2010. That means Pennsylvania and Michigan could be in play.

Affluent suburbs outside the South trended heavily toward Democrats in from 1992 to 2008. Now they seem to be trending Republican.

All we need is Romney, who finally clinched the nomination in last night’s Texas primary, to stay focused and hammer the president on the economy, the debt, deficit, high unemployment, and the rest of his dismal record.  However, expect this 2012 election to be the dirtiest since 1824.

Church & State. . .Separation? Or Not?

It seems like only yesterday that church leaders were being strongly cautioned about the divide between church and state; that ministers should not speak their opinion about a presidential candidate; that the church must be particularly careful when sharing its political beliefs. In particular, protestant religions were warned not to endorse a specific candidate because if they did they might well lose their non-profit religious status.

So then, religious members and leaders may be surprised to learn that this administration is meeting with a particular religious group. Additionally, the Department of Justice staff, under Attorney General Eric Holder, is working with them so that they can rally their members to vote.

The following video appears to indicate that the Congressional Black Caucus will be meeting with black religious leaders solely. The line between church and state seems to be very blurred tonight.



Romney Clinches GOP Nomination, not everyone’s excited

After months of heated debate, ad campaigns, news stories and commentary, the race for the GOP nomination for the President of the United States is over and Gov. Mitt Romney is the winner.

Romney won enough delegates from the Texas primary to reach the required 1144 delegate votes needed to become the nominee. Tonight’s tally effectively ends all conversation of a brokered convention and allows the election to focus on the two plausible candidates for the top seat in American government: Obama and Romney.

Americans are largely looking at this year’s Presidential race as a race between the lesser of two evils. In a Rasmussen Reports poll released today, 46% of  likely voters polled said that this is simply a choice between the lesser of two evils while 44% are excited about their political choice. 10% couldn’t decide whether they were excited or not by their choices for President.

For non-Obama voters, the poll had some other interesting information. While 64% of Democrats are enthusiastically supporting Barack Obama, 59% of Republicans and 53% of unaffiliated voters will be voting for Romney simply as a vote against Obama.

Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports felt that it illustrated the the different motivations for voters this election year, “Democrats are more excited about their candidate but Republicans are more excited about the election. Despite misgivings about Romney, the GOP still has the edge on intensity.”

More succinctly, the election is lining up to be a referendum on Obama, his administration and its policies. Liberals will be voting for Obama and the rest of America will be voting against him.

Homophobic Contradictions: The Government, Darwin And Jesus



A T-shirt slogan that caught my attention last week, “Jesus is not a homophobe” so intrigued me I googled the word homophobe and according to internet lore it was coined in the sixties by George Weinberg, a Gay activist and psychologist who defined it as an irrational fear of homosexuals, a contagion of sorts. Boy, how things have changed. I don’t fear catching the lifestyle, but wrath from the LGBT agenda, now that’s another story.

The word Homophobe has since evolved from it’s clinical definition to the role of a de-humanizing slang-shooting weapon when referring to people of faith; particularly Christians by those in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community, and now recently the Obama administration has joined in on the assault. Is it not always the case that the folks most involved in helping those who are hurting often seem to get the brunt end of the stick ?

So exactly what should governments role be in the matter ? Let me borrow a phrase from Jay Warner Wallace at Please Convince me. Should the government permit Gay marriage ? Should they even go further and promote it ? Or simply prohibit it ? Those are all questions for all of us to figure out, but each one of those questions have consequences. I think we can figure them out right out of the gate.

I see a contradiction in our government supporting the LGBT community and Gay marriage while holding fast philosophically to Darwinian Evolution. A belief in Darwinism is a belief against same sex marriage, and the Gay community–no way around it. Remember The United States government made a philosophical commitment to Darwinian Evolution starting in 1962-(63) when they essentially threw out school prayer and the Bible, thus Creationism as a popular view of our origins began its steep decent. So no surprise we are discussing this.

Let’s think about science for a moment. The very definition of Darwinian Evolution concerning humanity essentially says; mankind evolved from a combination of genetic drift, mutation, and natural selection in such a way so that the survival of the fittest is afforded the right of reproduction. All those in the animal kingdom failing to reproduce the right genes will disappear into extinction. Not a pleasant thought.

So hear this clearly: according to Natural Selection, the major stanchion of Darwinian evolution; is also the damming component that makes support for same sex relationships as a continuing advancement to civil society,  biologically futile. Bottom-line is that same sex couples can not reproduce and thus have no future from a purely Darwinian evolutionary perspective. The Obama administrations support for same-sex relationships is purely political and nothing else.

If your in the LGBT community this is bad news— according to Darwin extinction is the Gay communities destiny; and in the interim they are being played like chess pieces by the Obama political machine. To say it another way–your’e being punk’d.  Yet, the very people you despise–Christians, have been telling you the truth–that Gay and Lesbian behavior is just that–behavior that can and should be changed not according to me, but according to the Creator of the Universe.

Jesus promoted a heterosexual lifestyle. The Bible is chock full of both warnings against this behavior and many others as well. However it is also filled with encouragement, and a way out of the same-sex bondage. Please hear me–there is a way out! Our current government, and Darwinism are not filled with anything but tyranny, strife, and extinction if you take them seriously—I don’t for most of it, but the inability to reproduce from same-sex couples is a fact as well as the Biblical immorality of it. Please think through your decision making and turn from the Gay life style.

Finally, as I think back to the slogan, “Jesus is not a homophobe” I do agree that he was not, and no one who follows Jesus should be either. I can’t say I have been perfect in this. I certainly have my list of sins I have wrestled with, but if I want to follow Jesus’ example then I need to tell the truth even if it is not popular. No, Jesus is not a homophobe  he is a straight talking savior.  Promoting marriage between a man and a women makes biological and ethical sense, don’t you agree ?








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