Chavez Lovefest & the Medal of Honor

Never missing an opportunity to praise socialists, President Obama awarded Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America Dolores Huerta with the Medal of Freedom, traditionally the highest civilian honor bestowed upon American citizens.

Huerta, who works under the direction of Labor Secretary (and open borders advocate) Hilda Solis, has spent a lifetime praising socialists and communists like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. She pals around with other socialists and communists like Jodie Evans of Code Pink, Van Jones and terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers is significant in the love affair with Hugo Chavez in many ways.  For one, Ayers spoke at the World Economic Forum in Caracas in 2006 and praised Chavez for the Bolivarian revolution claiming that Venezuela was leading the world to “fundamental change” in education. Remember, it was in Bill Ayers’ living room that Barack Obama got his political start.

New Medal of Freedom recipient Dolores Heurta seems to have quite the affinity for President Chavez as seen in a video here at the

Chavez, a self-proclaimed socialist well on his way to communism, has been writing the playbook for the Obama administration by expropriating private business and industries like food and energy production.  Shortly after Chavez forced privately owned Minneapolis-based Cargill to turn over its rice mill to the Venezuelan government, GM  and Chrysler fell victim to the same fate in America.  Chavez has also taken control of other private businesses like Hilton Hotels, steel production and the banking industry.

Huerta has made a lifelong career of forcing union demands on American companies and taxpayers.  She is co-founder of the United Farm Workers’ Union, has worked with AFL-CIO and has led protests, walkouts and boycotts on American industries.

Hugo Chavez must be proud to know her.  In 2009, Chavez took a page out of Huerta’s playbook and told oil industry workers in Venezuela that if they refuse to join the state-run unions they would be fired from their jobs.

It seems socialists all have the same agenda, control everything and tell the people it’s for their own good.  Now that’s freedom for ya.


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  1. Does anybody else feel the way I do? I’m socially conservative, religious, and middle of the road fiscally. I find myself in limbo because the party I most likely identify with constantly promotes this type of discourse. Really? We go from the Clinton’s “whitewater murders” to this. Using the chrysler analogy depicted above; my first house was government owned granted I qualified for an FHA loan. When they repay the loans with interest it will be called capitalism. Or rather… When Obama is no longer president he will be praised for this decision just like Republicans now praise Clinton and continue to worship Reagan ( despite his rather deep Hollywood ties which are now so despicable). I wish you guys stopped usurping the term ” conservatives” as it denigrates it.

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