A Call To All Women

By | March 16, 2012


Let me begin by telling you I am not Catholic. But today I join many who stand with the Catholic Church. Women, in particular need to speak up and take action.  As you know, one part of the new Affordable Health Care Act mandates that ‘free’ contraception be provided by all employers. The Catholic Church objects to this as it goes against their teachings. Other churches and religions are standing with the Catholics in support of religious freedom.

In the meantime through, the media and feminist groups changed the narrative to all women should have the right to free birth control. Many women have been watching from the sidelines not knowing how to speak out. Here is your opportunity.

Helen Alvare JD is an associate professor at George Mason University and has been very involved in Pro-Life activities. She wrote an open letter to President Obama, Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius and Congress reminding them two things: that religious freedom is a right that is being threatened and that feminist groups do not speak for all women. Her letter can be found here:


The letter has been signed by over 18,000 women to date and they want to spread the word. If we do not speak up our freedoms will be taken.

If you have friends who have only heard biased media reports there is an interview on EWTN from last week with Helen Alvare. The interview clarifies the true issue and discusses the attempt to divert the public from it. Professor Alvare’s segment begins at the 24:30 point.

World Over – 03-08-12 – Jim Towey, Helen Alvare, and Terry Jeffrey with Raymond Arroyo – YouTube.


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