Bob Beckel: Liberals Created A Dependent Society With Welfare

By | January 18, 2012

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One thought on “Bob Beckel: Liberals Created A Dependent Society With Welfare

  1. coyote libertad

    I once heard Bob yell ‘what have Republicans ever done for black?!!.” The others just sat there looking stunned. The highly educated couldn’t’ answer. I was yelling at the TV. The civil fights act, the voter rights act, we didn’t lure them into welfare with lies, we didn’t put a boot on their necks through dependency for votes etc… Absolute silence from the four, he got away with it. It was embarrassing. I too like Bob personally. But he needs to learn about Unions and communism and the link from the time the first organizers came from east Europe. I looked it up and communism ran through every site. He has mellowed a lot and I’ve always wondered what happened to make him change in such a short time.

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